The Importance of Furnace Maintenance

HVAC maintenance and tune upWhen was the last time you had your furnace serviced? If it takes you a moment to remember, it has probably been too long. Your furnace, like any other working machine, needs occasional maintenance to operate properly and efficiently. There are many reasons why maintenance is important for your furnace in Greensboro.


Avoid Unexpected Repairs

No one wants to wake up or come home to a cold house in the middle of the winter. When the temperatures are freezing, you need your furnace repaired as soon as possible. That could mean you’re calling for service in the middle of the night or on a weekend, which typically results in higher fees for after hours or emergency service.


Would you rather avoid this uncomfortable, expensive situation? Regular furnace maintenance can reduce your risk of furnace failure at an inopportune time. Furnace maintenance includes inspection, cleaning, and repair of your system to locate any potential problems and repair them before they lead to a breakdown.


Increase Energy Efficiency

Would you like a warmer home with less energy usage? Regular furnace maintenance ensures that your system is operating efficiently and using the least amount of energy possible. You may have heard that brands and models of furnaces have efficiency ratings. Whether it’s a York furnace, a Lennox, Carrier, Goodman or another reputable brand, it can only achieve it’s advertised efficiency if it is regularly serviced and kept in good condition.


Experience a Higher Level of Comfort

When your furnace is operating efficiently, you can feel the difference. Your home will be noticeably warmer with an even heat across all of the rooms in your home. The warmth will last longer, meaning your furnace will run less often to keep the desired temperature. If you have an oil or propane furnace, keeping it well maintained can help you get more heat out of your fuel and allow you to achieve a higher level of comfort.



A furnace that is in need of maintenance can be dangerous. A dirty furnace with a build up of soot and dust can be a fire hazard. It can also release carbon monoxide into your home, which is a major health concern. It is important to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home. If it goes off, your furnace is most likely the culprit.


Save Money

Regular furnace maintenance can help you save money. A finely turned furnace will operate more efficiently and use less fuel. It will run less often to achieve the desired temperature. And a well maintained furnace is less likely to break down unexpectedly, which will save you from paying after hours or emergency fees. A furnace that is regularly tuned up will also last longer, allowing you to get the most years possible from your system before needing to replace it. When problems are addressed as soon as they are discovered, which is more likely to happen with yearly maintenance, it prevents small problems from becoming bigger problems.


Save More Money with a Comfort and Protection Service Plan from Berico

You can increase your savings by signing up for a Comfort and Protection Service Plan from Berico. The plan includes the following:


  • Two tune-ups per year, one for your furnace and one for your air conditioning
  • 20% off repairs
  • 20% off diagnostic fees
  • 20% off after hours fees
  • $50 bonus bucks
  • Priority service


These are just a few of the ways a maintenance plan can save you money. Berico provides maintenance for all makes and models, including York furnaces, Carrier, Goodman, Lennox, and other major brands.

Call (336) 273-8663 today to sign up for maintenance for your furnace in Greensboro or schedule service.

Is it Easy to Convert Electric Heat to Propane?

If you have lived in your home for a long time, or if you have recently purchased an older home, you may have electric heat in place. While electric heat is rarely used today, it used to be an option for some situations. If you are still operating electric heat and would like to move away from that system and its cost, it’s worth learning more about converting to propane.

Berico is the ideal partner to change your home from electric heat to propane heat. With a proven track record of excellent service and competitive prices, you’ll love what Berico has to offer.

Two Main Pieces of Equipment

To make this switch, you will need two main pieces of equipment installed on your property. The first is a propane tank – and no, not the kind that provides gas to your grill. This tank will be much bigger, as it will have to provide enough energy to heat your home, along with possibly running other appliances. This big tank will be installed outside, and it can even be placed underground if you would prefer.

Along with a propane tank, you are also going to need a propane furnace. This new furnace will convert the propane that runs into your home into heat, so you will no longer be reliant on electricity as your source of warming energy. A new propane furnace should be expected to perform far more efficiently than your old electrical unit or electric baseboard heating, allowing for better performance and cost savings.

Adding Other Appliances

You can run other appliances in your home off of propane beyond your new furnace. Depending on the age and condition of your appliances, you may be able to convert some of them to propane, or they may simply need to be replaced with a new unit. Some of the possibilities for propane appliances include your oven, your washer and dryer, and more. The same efficiency and performance gains you enjoyed with your furnace may be available by upgrading other appliances, so it’s worth your time to consider each of them one by one.

A Professional Job

No matter how you look at it, the conversion from electric heat to propane is a job that needs to be left to an experienced team like the one at Berico. Installing a large propane tank and a new propane furnace alone is the kind of work that should not be trusted to a company without extensive experience in the industry.  The equipment required, and the potential risks involved, all point to the use of a trusted team to do the work.

With that said, while this is a job for a professional crew, it is not a complicated task. To answer the question from the title of this article, yes – it is easy to convert from electric heat to propane. By pairing with the right contractor from the start of the job, and having a plan for which appliances you would like to include in this conversion, your home can be running on efficient propane energy sooner rather than later.

The Advantages of Modern Furnaces

HVAC maintenance and tune upFurnaces have been around for more than a century. The technology has come a long way since 1919 when the first central heating system was invented and it is constantly improving. If your furnace is more than 10 years old, chances are a new one will be more efficient.


Whether your furnace has quit or you’re thinking about getting a new one, here are the advantages of new furnace installation in Greensboro.


Modern Furnaces Offer:


  • Higher Efficiency. Modern furnaces are more efficient than those that are even 10 years old. Advancements in technology raise the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) which means that you can heat your home with less heating fuel.
  • Lower Heating Bills. Since modern furnaces are more efficient, you’ll notice lower heating bills after your new furnace installation in Greensboro. Whether your furnace uses natural gas, propane, or heating oil, you’ll save money with a new furnace.
  • Greater Comfort. Modern furnaces do a better job of making your home feel warm and cozy. By making the most heat possible out of a small amount of heating fuel and distributing it more evenly throughout your home, you achieve a greater level of comfort than you would with an older furnace.
  • More Reliable. Reliability is a quality that cannot be replaced with any other feature. When you need your home to be warm on a cold day or night, your furnace just has to work. The automatic pilot is just one way that modern furnaces are more reliable than older ones. Common problems that used to plague furnaces have been nearly eliminated with advancements in engineering.
  • Environmentally Friendly. The more efficient your furnace is, the easier it is on the environment. Using less fuel is one way, and the other is emitting less pollution into the air in the form of carbon monoxide and other gases. Modern furnaces are much more environmentally friendly than older ones.
  • Automatic Pilot Light. Most recent furnaces have an automatic pilot light. This means that the pilot, the small flame that ignites the heating fuel, does not have to stay lit all the time. An electric component lights the pilot when the thermostat calls for heat. No more waking up cold because the pilot light has gone out and needs to be relit. It also prevents wasted heating fuel that a constantly burning pilot light uses.


Ready for a Furnace Upgrade? Contact Berico for an Estimate 

If you want all the benefits of a modern furnace, it’s time for an upgrade. Berico provides reliable furnace installation in Greensboro and the surrounding area. The energy savings alone will help your new furnace pay for itself over time. Consider a free energy audit for your home as well to discover any areas where you’re losing energy. Upgrading your insulation can help you get even more energy savings out of your new furnace.

Call (336) 273-8663 today or request service. Berico can help you save money with a new modern furnace.

Top 5 Things to Do to Keep Your Furnace in Good Working Condition

Dirty AC FilterAs the weather cools, the sun sets earlier, and the nights get chilly, your furnace begins its busy season. Is your furnace operating efficiently? Is it ready to keep your home warm and cozy for the next few months? If you’re not sure, it may be time for some furnace maintenance. Some things you can do yourself at home, and other things may require the help of a Greensboro furnace repair service. Here are the top 5 things you should do to keep your furnace in good shape.


  • Replace your Filters. This is the equivalent to your computer guy telling you to turn off your computer and turn it back on again. Whenever there is a problem with your furnace, 9 times out of 10 you just need to replace your dusty, clogged filters. You should change your intake filters at least every 6 months or quarterly for best performance.
  • Consider your Thermostat. Check your thermostat settings the first time you turn the heat on. See that you have it set to an ideal temperature and that the furnace comes on when you switch it to heat for the first time. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, consider getting one. It can help you save energy when you’re home and when you’re out of the house by automatically adjusting the temperature setting based on the time of day. Many are controllable from your phone or another device.
  • Check your Vents and Ducts. Inspect all of the vents in your home and make sure they are open and not blocked by furniture, rugs, curtains, etc. Look over the ducts you can see, whether in your attic or basement and make sure there are no obvious cracks or holes. You may want to consider having your ducts cleaned and sealed if you haven’t done so in a few years.
  • Ensure Proper Ventilation. Make sure your intake and exhaust pipes are clear of leaves, debris, ice, nests, or any other potential blockage. If you are unable to access these areas on your own, consider having a Greensboro furnace repair service come out to inspect them.
  • Schedule a Furnace Tune Up. Speaking of Greensboro furnace repair, the absolute best thing you can do to keep your furnace in good working condition is to schedule professional maintenance every year. This inspection, cleaning, and tune up ensures your furnace is ready for the cold weather months.


Furnace Maintenance and Repair by Berico 

Your furnace is the most important appliance in your home during the fall and winter, but you may not realize it unless it stops working. Make sure your home is always warm and cozy on the coldest days and nights by keeping up with furnace maintenance.


Call (336) 273-8663 today for Greensboro furnace repair or schedule HVAC service.

How Does Your Furnace Work?

adjusting thermostat in your homeMost of us know that a furnace burns fuel to provide heat, but exactly what is going on inside our home heating unit.  If your home heat is sourced by natural gas, propane, or heating oil, your heating system would be considered a furnace.  Are you contemplating furnace replacement this year? If so, you may want to know how each type of furnace works. Here’s a breakdown of the different fuel furnaces.

Natural Gas Furnace

With a natural gas furnace, the gas enters your home through a gas line directly into your furnace. The gas is ignited and the flames heat up the heat exchanger. The air that is heated by the heat exchanger is blown into the ducts and out through the vents in your home. The cold air is then drawn back into the furnace via the intake vents and the process repeats. This will happen anytime your thermostat senses that the indoor temperature is lower than the desired temperature setting.

Propane Furnace

A propane furnace works the same way, except that propane is used instead of natural gas. Propane comes into your home from a tank that is stored somewhere on your property. You can have your tank refilled periodically to ensure you have enough propane to heat your home.

Oil Furnace 

An oil furnace works mostly the same way gas and propane furnaces do, except that it uses heating oil instead of gas. Heating oil is drawn into the furnace through a filter. It is then turned into a fine spray that mixes with the air when heating. Heating oil is also stored in a tank on your property and needs to be refilled periodically.

Berico Provides Fast and Efficient Furnace Replacement 

Are you in need of furnace replacement? Whether your furnace is getting old or needing frequent repairs, a new furnace will operate more efficiently than your existing one. Berico can help you determine which type of furnace would be best for your home.

Call (336) 273-8663 today or schedule service.

Signs You Need a Furnace Replacement and Not a Repair

HVAC maintenance and tune upAre you having problems with your furnace? Sometimes the problem requires just a simple repair. Other times there is a more complex issue with your system that needs to be addressed. How do you know when a furnace is worth repairing and when it should be replaced? There are some common signs that may indicate your furnace is on its last legs. If you notice any or a combination of the following, it may be time to find an HVAC contractor for furnace replacement in Greensboro.


Frequent Repairs are Needed

Have you had your furnace repaired more than once this year? One tune up or one repair should be all that is needed in a single heating season. If your furnace continues to have problems even after it has been repaired or tuned up, it may mean that it is time to replace it. Multiple problems in a short period of time suggest that your furnace may not be ready to handle a whole season of cold weather. And by continuing to repair it, you are sinking money into a furnace that may be a lost cause. Invest that money in a new furnace instead.


Your Furnace is More Than 15 Years Old

Furnaces have an average life span of 15 to 20 years. If your furnace starts to have problems and it is close to being 15 years old, it may not be worth repairing. Replacing your old furnace will likely operate much more efficiently than your old furnace, which will save you money on your heating bills and help offset some of the cost.


You Notice New or Strange Noises Coming From Your Furnace

Have you noticed noises you’ve never heard before coming from your furnace? If you hear a banging, whistling, scraping, squealing, or other noise from your furnace or the vents in your home, it is an indication that your furnace is not operating properly. The problem may be able to be repaired inexpensively. But if the noise indicates an expensive repair, especially if the repair is more than what your furnace is worth, it may be in your best interest to replace it.


Rising Energy Bills

Do your heating bills seem to be getting higher and higher each month? Is your propane tank requiring more frequent refills? It could be that your furnace is using up too much energy due to a mechanical problem. It could also be that your furnace is showing signs of age and is not working as efficiently as it once did. A thorough cleaning and a tune up could restore it to efficient operation, but if not, it may be time to replace it with a high-efficiency furnace that could save you money.


Cycling On and Off Repeatedly

Does your furnace turn on, run for a few seconds, and turn off again? Does this cycle keep repeating itself without reaching the desired temperature in your home? This is sometimes just an indication that your furnace needs to be cleaned. But it can also indicate a more severe problem that could be expensive to fix. If your furnace seems to be constantly running without sufficiently heating your home, it may be time to consider furnace replacement in Greensboro.


Your Home Has Warm and Cool Spots

Do some rooms in your home feel warm and cozy while others are cool and drafty? Uneven heating is another indication that a furnace is not operating as it should. For a new furnace, this can mean that it is simply not big enough to sufficiently heat the total square footage of your home. But if it is an old furnace, and the problem is new, you may need to upgrade to a new furnace.


Problems with the Pilot Light

Pilot lights are designed to light automatically in newer furnaces. When the thermostat calls for heat, the pilot light is electrically lit and the furnace fires up. If the pilot light won’t light for some reason, the furnace can’t create heat. Sometimes this is just a problem with the electric starter, but other times it is a deeper issue that can indicate that a furnace is close to breaking down.


Experiencing Furnace Problems? Berico Can Help

When your furnace isn’t working properly, it can be frustrating. You may hope that it can be repaired inexpensively, but sometimes an old furnace just needs to be replaced. Berico provides reliable furnace replacement in Greensboro if repair isn’t the best option.


Call (336) 273-8663 or request service today. Berico offers specials and financing to make your new furnace more affordable.

8 Advantages of a Propane Cooking Range

propane rangeKitchen ranges come in electric, natural gas, or propane configurations. People from amateurs to professional chefs have their preference when it comes to cooking fuels and appliances. There’s not a lot of difference between cooking with natural gas vs. propane. If your home is already equipped with natural gas for home heating, it’s easy to add a kitchen range or other appliances to that same energy source. When you don’t have access to natural gas, perhaps if you live in a rural area of North Carolina such as Eden, propane is an excellent alternative for home heating and other appliances. Consider the many advantages of a propane cooking range.


    • Even-Heat. When it comes to cooking, having an even distribution of heat is important. Propane allows you to cook food evenly over a flame on the stovetop as well as in the oven.
    • Save Money. A propane range may cost more up front, but the propane is a more cost-effective energy source. You’ll save more over time by cooking with propane.
    • Power Out? No Problem. Your propane range will still operate if the power goes out, making it possible to cook meals even when you don’t have electricity. In rural areas when the power goes out, it can take days to be restored. In the meantime, enjoy hot meals by candlelight.
    • Environmentally Friendly. Propane is a green gas, meaning it is non-toxic and does not release harmful emissions. Electricity is still primarily created by burning coal, which is much more harmful to the environment.
    • Instantaneous Heat. While electric ranges take longer to heat up, a propane range is ready in seconds. You’ll have heat right away so you can make meals quickly and efficiently.
    • Better Heat Control. Cooks like that the temperature on propane ranges can be adjusted more quickly. You have better overall temperature control than you do with electricity.
    • Safety. When you turn off your propane cooktop the heat goes away immediately, unlike electric ranges that stay hot for much longer, creating a potential burn hazard.
    • Keep your Kitchen Cooler in Summer. The second you turn off a propane range it cools quickly, which can be a life saver in the summer. Your kitchen cools off faster and your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard.

Carolina Fuels Provides Eden Propane and HVAC Services

Do you like the sound of all these advantages to cooking with propane? If you’re not already using propane in your home, there’s no time like the present to start. Carolina Fuels can deliver Eden propane to any home or business. Tanks come in a variety of sizes depending on the predicted usage per household or commercial building. Experts will recommend a refill schedule that will ensure your propane never runs out. You can enjoy all the benefits of cooking with propane even if you only have experience cooking with an electric range. Propane can also power other appliances such as clothing dryers, water heaters, and of course, furnaces. Call Carolina Fuels today to get more information about Eden propane: (336) 623-9741.

Design Your Dream Fireplace with Reidsville Propane

fireplace with flameA fireplace is one of the most important features in a home. Homebuyers are looking for them in real estate searches and homeowners who don’t have them are adding them. If you dream of having a fireplace, consider these design options and find the one that sets the tone you want for your home. Reidsville propane suppliers Carolina Fuels can help you choose the right style for you and install gas logs and a propane tank to keep your home cozy this winter.

The Traditional Fireplace Never Goes Out of Style – Whether brick or stone, the traditional living room fireplace complete with hearth and mantel is a classic look. Even an old wood-burning fireplace can be fitted with propane logs for convenience and cleanliness. The mantel allows room for decorative items and offers a place to hang Christmas stockings during the holidays.

Modern Fireplaces are Sleek and Stylish – The modern looking fireplace can be crafted with marble or polished stone tile and clear glass to showcase the beauty of the flames. Some are fitted with propane logs that mimic wood, but current trends are moving toward stones and embers that glow beneath the flames. The positioning of modern fireplaces in the home has even changed from the traditional style.

The Built-In Style Makes the Fireplace Look Like a Piece of Art on the Wall – Modern fireplaces can be built right into the décor of a room so that it looks like a piece of art on the wall, but with actual moving, warming flames. A propane fireplace can be built in a kitchen island or a support wall between two rooms. The ever-popular below-the-television style puts the focal point of the room in one location.

A Multi-Sided Fireplace Shares its Ambience with Multiple Rooms – Though the concept is not modern, the styles of today’s multi-sided fireplaces are. Built into a wall between rooms with clear glass encasing up to four sides, the beauty and warmth of the flames can be enjoyed from multiple rooms at once. This style is in tune with the open-concept floor plans that are so popular in homes today.

Ventilation Options Provide Versatility of Styles

One of the factors that have changed the look of propane fireplaces is new ventilation technology. Reidsville propane suppliers can help you choose the system that works best in your home. But in general, there are three basic options for venting your fireplace:

  • Natural – Utilizing an existing chimney with traditional masonry or a metal chimney pipe, the gases created during combustion are vented outside.
  • Direct Vent These sealed-combustion fireplaces draw air for combustion in from the outside and pump waste gases outside through a nearby wall or ceiling to minimize heat loss.
  • Vent-freeA catalytic converter cleans the air as it leaves the combustion chamber so that it can be vented directly into the room without releasing harmful gases. Vent-free technology has made many of the modern design options possible.

Contact your Reidsville propane supplier to make your fireplace dreams come true.

To be sure the equipment you want will work properly in the space you want to install it, and to make sure you get the safest and most efficient equipment, contact Carolina Fuels, your Reidsville propane supplier. Carolina Fuels will install your gas fireplace as well as the propane tank. Propane experts will estimate the size of tank you will need for the amount of propane you plan to use and can deliver propane on a predetermined schedule so that you never run out. If you’re thinking of getting a new propane fireplace, call Carolina Fuels today at (336) 623-9741.

Gas Logs Won’t Light? Tips from Your Propane Supplier in Greensboro

logs on fire

On a cold winter night or snowy day, a fire in the fireplace makes your home feel cozier. And if your power goes out, it may become a necessity. But when you go to turn it on, nothing happens. No flame, no warmth, nothing. Before you get all fired up, try these troubleshooting tips from your propane supplier in Greensboro.


  • Check Your Propane Tank: Is it possible your tank is empty? You may need to check. How do you know how much propane is in your tank? If you have an upright propane tank where the valve is on top, simply pour hot water down the side. Then run your hand down the side where you poured the water and you should feel a distinct spot where the temperature changes from hot to cold. That’s the level of propane in your tank. If you have a larger horizontal tank you may need your propane supplier in Greensboro to help you read the gauge and determine if a refill is necessary.


  • Make Sure the Propane is Turned On: During the off-season, you may have completely shut off the propane and not remember doing so. Check that the propane is turned on to your gas logs.
  • Purge the Air out of the Pilot Tubing: If the pilot won’t light, air may be trapped in the pilot tubing due to lack of use. You can purge this air by simply holding the pilot light down for a few minutes. Then try to light the pilot again.
  • Check the Igniter: When gas is coming out of the pilot (you should be able to smell it) but the pilot still won’t light, it could be a problem with the igniter. Try clearing out any debris between the igniter and the thermocouple. If your gas logs still won’t light, you may need a new igniter.
  • Check the Thermocouple: If the pilot lights but won’t stay lit, you likely have worn out thermocouple that needs replacing.



If you’ve tried all of these easy fixes and still can’t get your fireplace to light, it’s time to call in a propane supplier in Greensboro.

Berico Can Make your Home Feel Cozy Again with Expert Propane Fireplace Repair  

So when you’ve tried everything and you still don’t have a fire blazing, pick up the phone and call in the experts. Re-wrote the sentence to make it less DIY, but it still teeters on the brink of violating the rule and “experts” and “professionals” are awfully close. Berico specializes in propane and has decades of experience with propane fireplaces. A trained technician will inspect every aspect of your fireplace as well as your propane tank and gas line to locate the problem and repair it. Whether you simply need a tank refill or your thermocouple has gone bad, Berico can have your fire burning in one short visit.

Call Berico and get your fireplace working, day or night.

Berico provides emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Routine maintenance is also available to keep your propane fireplace operating properly and safely. Don’t get left in the cold on a winter day. Call Berico today (or tonight) at (336) 273-8663.