How a Broken Furnace can Pollute the Air in your Home

HVAC Burlington - Indoor Air PollutionHow’s your indoor air quality? Is everyone breathing easy? Or do you and your family suffer from allergy symptoms, asthma, dry nose and throat, chronic cough, or other respiratory illnesses? Your furnace may be the source of poor air quality in your home. You may think it’s working properly, but there may be some underlying issues with your HVAC in Burlington, NC that you’re not aware of. Here are some ways a malfunctioning furnace could create indoor air pollution.

Dirty, Dusty Furnace and Ducts

One of the biggest sources of problems with forced-air heating systems is dirt and dust that gets in past the filter. This can happen when the filter hasn’t been changed often enough and gets clogged. Air can’t get through when it needs to and the furnace works harder to compensate, pulling particles through or around the filter that would normally be stopped. Dust and allergens that get into the ductwork will end up blowing out through the vents into your home. It can also get into the furnace which can cause problems and impede efficiency. 

Poor Ventilation of Carbon Monoxide

If you have a furnace that runs on natural gas, propane, or heating oil, it creates carbon monoxide (CO) when it burns those fuels to create heat. A properly working furnace has a ventilation system that vents the carbon monoxide outside of your home. However, if there is a problem with the furnace or the ventilation, CO can be released into your home instead of outside. CO poisoning is a serious issue that can cause symptoms such as dizziness and headaches and can be fatal if not recognized and treated. CO monitors are needed in any home with a fuel furnace. 

Lack of Proper Humidity 

Is the air in your home extremely dry during the winter when your furnace runs a lot? A little dryness is normal, but severely dry air is a sign that your furnace may not be operating properly. If you experience a higher than normal amount of static electricity in your home and you suffer from dry nose and throat, your furnace may not be operating properly. Your furnace should be able to control the humidity in your home and keep it at a normal range. It won’t be as humid in the winter as it is in the summer, but it shouldn’t feel like a desert indoors. If you see a tumbleweed blow through your living room, it might be time to service your HVAC in Burlington, NC. 

Clear the Air with Furnace Maintenance 

An inspection and tune-up can usually correct these issues with your HVAC in Burlington, NC. In many cases just changing your filters can eliminate a lot of pollutants from the air. A thorough cleaning of your furnace should help to remove dust and dirt from the system as well. And repairing any holes or leaks in your ventilation system should prevent excess carbon monoxide from entering your home. 

Call Alamance Oil today at (336) 226-9371 to schedule an appointment for an HVAC tune-up in Burlington, NC to eliminate indoor air pollution.

5 Reasons to Quickly Call a Furnace Repair Expert

5 reasons to call a furnace expert - hvac maintenanceIs your HVAC system acting strangely? If you notice anything unusual about your heating or cooling system, it’s best to call your HVAC company right away. The longer you let the problem go, the more damage may be done and the more difficult and expensive it could be to repair. Some situations are even dangerous. Call for HVAC maintenance in Greensboro if you notice any of these 5 things. 

1. You smell gas or propane

If you smell gas or propane (a rotten egg or dead animal type of smell), get out of your home immediately and call a furnace repair expert from a safe distance. Your furnace should not be leaking fuel and neither should your propane or oil tank. But if they are, you will surely smell it and the danger is very real. If you can’t get your HVAC company on the phone, call 911. 

2. Your heat won’t turn on

If you can’t get your heat to turn on when it’s cold, you’ve got an emergency. Make sure your system has power and that your thermostat is set to a temperature that is higher than the current indoor temperature. If it still won’t come on you may have a malfunction with the furnace itself, and that’s not something to take lightly when it’s cold outside. 

3. Your heat won’t turn off

Conversely, if your heating system is pumping out heat and your thermostat is way over it’s desired temperature setting, you’ve got another type of problem. Make sure your thermostat is set to the off position for heat and call a furnace repair expert right away. Your home can reach an uncomfortable temperature very quickly and is also wasting fuel at an alarming rate if this is going on. 

4. Your carbon monoxide detector is beeping

It’s necessary to have a carbon monoxide detector if you have a furnace that runs on natural gas, propane, or heating oil. If your CO detector is beeping or making any noise, you may have a dangerous level of carbon monoxide in the air in your home. Get out of the house and call your HVAC company as soon as possible from a safe distance. If you can’t get them on the phone, call 911. 

5. The circuit breaker keeps tripping

If the circuit breaker your HVAC system is on trips more than once, it’s a sign there is something wrong with the electrical portion of your system. An occasionally tripped breaker may be normal, but it if happens repeatedly, you should call your HVAC company. Electrical issues could be serious if not corrected. 

Prevent Emergency Issues with Regular HVAC Maintenance in Greensboro

As with any working machine, mechanical problems can occur. But the chances of such problems happening can be greatly reduced when you keep up to date with yearly HVAC maintenance in Greensboro. Your furnace and air conditioner need to be inspected, cleaned and tuned up regularly to avoid problems and to keep them running at peak efficiency. When you forgo this crucial service, you are putting your HVAC system and your home at risk. Call (336) 273-8663 today to schedule your yearly tune-up.

10 Ways to Keep your Heating Bill Low

Are you already dreading the cold weather because it means you’ll have to pay your heating bill? Heating costs can be a drain on your budget, but there are ways to keep your bill lower. Consider these ten ways to reduce your heating bill this year and in the years to come. 

Furnace maintenance

The best way to keep your heating costs low is to make sure your furnace is operating efficiently. Schedule with Carolina Fuels in Eden, NC, furnace repair or tune-up before the weather gets cold.

Lower the temperature on your thermostat

The colder you can stand to keep it inside your home, the less heating energy you will use. Setting your thermostat to 68 is considered to be the optimal temperature for comfort and energy savings. 

Seal up your home

Look for any holes or places that air can get in or out. Look for gaps in weather stripping around doors and windows, close the fireplace flue, and shut the garage door once you’re inside. These are all ways that cold air can get in and cause your furnace to use more energy.

Have your ducts inspected for leaks

The ductwork for your furnace is one of the most likely culprits for lost energy. Any holes or leaks could mean losing a lot of heat that should be coming out through the vents to warm your home. 

Don’t block or close vents

Vents blocked by furniture, rugs, or curtains can diminish the effectiveness of heat distribution. Just like, closing some of the air vents causes uneven heating and issues with airflow. 

 Change your filters

This could be the mantra of HVAC companies everywhere. The first step in HVAC improvement is always to change your filters.

Add or Improve insulation

You could save energy by improving your insulation. You can either add more or upgrade to a higher quality type of insulation.

Use humidifiers around your home

As you know by the way the humidity makes you feel on a hot summer day, moist air retains more heat than dry air. Using humidifiers in your home can help your home stay warmer.


Use thermal window treatments to keep cold air out. If you have an older home with non-insulated windows, consider replacing your windows to keep cold air out and warm air in.

Make use of ceiling fans

It may seem counterproductive to turn on ceiling fans when it’s cold, but when set on low and circulating air toward the ceiling, it will help push warmer air down toward the floor. 


Eden, NC Furnace Repair by Carolina Fuels Saves you Money

The amount of money you’ll save on your heating bill significantly outweighs the cost of an inspection and tune-up for your furnace. Carolina Fuels in Eden, NC, offers furnace repair that is affordable and saves you money with heating fuel discounts and repair fee discounts. Call (336) 623-9741 today to schedule a furnace maintenance appointment or request service here.

4 Thermostat Tips and Tricks that can Reduce your Energy Bill

As the weather begins to change and you contemplate whether or not to turn on the heat on that first cold night, you may be hesitant for a good reason. No one wants to start paying to heat their home unless they have to. Heating energy can be costly. 

However, there are ways to reduce your energy bill, and some of them can be done simply by making some adjustments to your thermostat. Carolina Fuels, your Reidsville furnace repair service, wants you to be aware of these 4 thermostat tips and tricks that can help keep your heating costs lower this winter. 

Adjust the temperature when you’re away

Why heat an empty house? Consider turning the thermostat down when everyone’s going to be at work or school. It’s especially helpful if you’ll be gone for a few days or more to turn down the thermostat and save some energy.

Some people even prefer to sleep in cooler temperatures and just snuggle up under the covers, making it possible to turn the thermostat down a few degrees overnight. 

Install a programmable thermostat

Don’t want the hassle of turning the thermostat up and down all the time? Is it hard to remember to do so? Consider installing a programmable thermostat in your home. A programmable thermostat allows you to set specific temperatures for specific times of the day. The thermostat keeps the time and adjusts itself accordingly, so you don’t have to. Your Reidsville furnace repair company, Carolina Fuels, can install your programmable thermostat and teach you how to use it. 

Consider changing the location of your thermostat

You’ve probably never given much thought to the location of the thermostat in your home, but it can have a major effect on your home’s energy usage. A thermostat near a door that opens frequently can misinterpret the temperature and overheat your house. Try relocating your thermostat to a more central location away from doors and windows for a more accurate reading. If moving the thermostat isn’t an option, make your desired temperature a few degrees lower.

Implement zone heating in your home

 Does the upstairs always feel warmer than downstairs in your home? Do you prefer your bedrooms to be cooler than your main living areas? Zone heating allows you to set different temperatures for different areas of your home. Common configurations for zone heating are an upstairs and a downstairs zone. Other arrangements are possible as well, like bedrooms and living area zones. Each zone has it’s own thermostat for optimal temperature control.

Reduce your Heating Costs with Reidsville Furnace Repair

One of the best ways to keep heating costs low is to schedule preventive maintenance with your Reidsville furnace repair service. Routine maintenance at the start of the heating season will ensure your furnace is operating efficiently, which can reduce energy usage and cost. It can also help you avoid unexpected furnace problems once the cold weather sets in. 

Call Carolina Fuels today at (336) 623-9741 to discuss thermostat options and schedule furnace maintenance or request service here

5 Ways Furnace Maintenance can Save you Money

Why don’t you have your furnace inspected, cleaned, and tuned up every year? Is it because you don’t want to pay for maintenance? It worked just fine last year, it will be fine again this year, right? 

But what if it isn’t fine? What if the collected dust, soot, and moisture from the summer humidity has caused damage to the heat exchanger or clouded up the heat sensor? What if there is some other issue that may keep it from running properly and you don’t find out until you need to turn on the heat on a cold night? 

There are a lot of important questions here. Instead of questioning, know for sure that your furnace is working properly. The cost of maintenance is not only worth it, but it can mean you’ll pay less for heating this year. 

Here are 5 ways furnace repair in Greensboro can save you money:

Energy Efficiency

The biggest everyday cost associated with your furnace comes from the heating energy it uses. Whether it runs on gas, electricity, propane, or oil, a well-maintained furnace will use the least amount of energy, saving you money on your monthly bills. 

Avoid Emergency Repairs

If your furnace breaks down on a cold night, you may find yourself in need of an emergency repair. Emergency and after-hours fees are usually higher for most HVAC companies. If you had your furnace inspected and repaired before the cold weather set in, you most likely could have avoided these fees. 

Lengthen the LifeSpan of your Furnace

A regularly maintained furnace and tuned up will run for many more years than one that sits neglected. Furnace replacement is expensive, and yearly furnace repair in Greensboro by an experienced HVAC service can add years to your furnace’s life span. 

Heating Fuel Discount

If your furnace runs on propane or oil, Berico offers a package deal including HVAC maintenance and discounted heating fuel. Sign up for a Comfort and Protection Service Plan and you’ll save money in multiple ways. 

Preferred Customer Perks

HVAC companies offer additional benefits when you sign up for regular yearly maintenance. At Berico, these added benefits include priority service, 20% discount on repairs and diagnostic fees, bonus bucks toward new equipment, waived emergency and after-hours fees, and more. 


Still Not Convinced? Consider the Current Specials

In addition to all the ways listed above that furnace repair in Greensboro can save you money, Berico offers seasonal specials that make repairs, maintenance, and heating fuel more affordable. Check out the current specials for more ways to save on heating costs this year. Call (336) 273-8663 to schedule furnace maintenance today. 

6 Warning Signs that it’s Time for Furnace Repair

When was the last time you had your furnace repaired? If it’s been so long you can’t remember or more than a year – it’s time to have it looked at by an HVAC certified technician. HVAC experts recommend yearly maintenance for furnaces before or at the start of the cold weather season. 

What signs do you need to look out for before you schedule heating repair in Burlington? These are the six major signs that could spell out trouble.

Strange Noises

Are there strange new sounds coming from the furnace? You may hear a groaning noise that could mean the bearings are wearing out. If you hear a high pitched squeal or whining sound, it could indicate an air leak. A loud clicking or clacking sounds could mean a cracked heat exchanger. There are lots of unusual sounds that can come from a furnace that needs repair. 

Cycling on and off repeatedly

Does your furnace seem to start up, stop, and then start up again? Does your thermostat never seem to reach the desired temperature? This could mean a few different problems, possibly something as simple as a dirty heat sensor that needs cleaning, or something more serious. It is not normal, and it means your furnace needs heating repair in Burlington. 

Rising energy costs

Have your energy bills been higher and higher each month? Depending on the type of furnace you have, this could mean your natural gas bill or your electric bill. If your furnace uses propane or oil, you probably buy your fuel in bulk or pay for it monthly at a predetermined price.  Whatever energy source you use, if your heating costs are getting higher, it indicates that your furnace is not working efficiently. 

Bad smells

Have you noticed a burning smell coming from your furnace? This could be the result of a soot buildup in the heat exchanger or on other parts that come in contact with flame or extreme heat. If you smell a musty smell, it could be that there is moisture collecting somewhere that it shouldn’t be and it’s growing mold or mildew. 

Uneven heating throughout your home

Do some rooms feel warmer than others? This inconsistency points to the furnace operating improperly. As your furnace gets older, it struggles to heat the same square footage correctly. This could result in a simple repair or replacement of the furnace.

Your furnace is more than 20 years old

Most furnaces have a life expectancy of 15-20 years at the most. Many last much longer, but others fall short of the 20-year mark. If your furnace is getting up in age, there’s a good chance it could use inspection and tune-up to make sure it is still operating properly. 


Call Alamance Oil for Heating Repair in Burlington

Have you noticed any of these 6 signs? Call Alamance Oil at (336) 226-9371 to schedule heating repair in Burlington or request service here. The sooner you call the better to ensure your furnace is ready for winter. 

4 Reasons Propane is More Efficient than Other Heating Fuels

4 Reasons Propane is More Efficient than Other Heating FuelsThe most common heating fuels used in Burlington are Propane and Natural Gas. Oil is also used, but not as much in recent years. In comparison, propane is more efficient than natural gas for a variety of reasons. If you are debating between choosing propane or natural gas for heating, here are four reasons that propane is more efficient.


It burns hotter

When it burns, propane burns at a higher temperature than natural gas, which is the reason it takes less propane than gas to get your home heated to your desired temperature. The high heat capacity of propane allows your home to heat faster so that it feels comfortable much sooner on a cold day or night. If you tend to turn your heat down when no one is home, propane heat will recover much faster so that you feel the heat sooner once you get home and turn up the thermostat. 

Less is More

Propane is more concentrated than natural gas. It produces more than twice the energy of the same amount of natural gas. In BTU’s (British Thermal Units), it is approximately 2,516 per cubic foot of propane vs. 1,030 per cubic foot of natural gas. Mathematically, propane yields more energy. 

Propane is a pure gas

Propane is a gas extracted from natural gas. It is separated during the production of natural gas and sold to suppliers as a pure fuel. Natural gas contains propane, methane, butane, ethane, and pentane. While natural gas gets its name from the fact that it occurs naturally to some extent, it is also processed before it gets to consumers. Natural gas is a greenhouse gas, but propane is not. Its purity is one of the reasons behind its efficiency.

Propane heat feels warmer

You can actually set your thermostat lower because the warm, radiant heat of propane feels warmer than the heat you get from natural gas. You’ll feel cozier and may require fewer blankets or extra layers of clothing. When it comes to a gas log fireplace, propane is more efficient here as well, providing a greater warmth and ambiance. Some homeowners even choose to fuel their gas logs with propane when the rest of their home appliances run on natural gas, simply because it feels warmer. 

Burlington Propane is Convenient

Not only is propane highly efficient, it can be conveniently delivered right to you. A common myth about propane is that it is not as convenient as natural gas, but it is more so. Not every home has access to natural gas lines, but Burlington propane can be made available to anyone, anywhere. A propane tank can be placed on your property or buried underground if you prefer. You can even receive automatic propane refills to ensure you never run out. 

Call Alamance Oil today at (336) 226-9371 to schedule propane delivery and experience the efficiency for yourself. 

4 Propane Safety Tips for Families with Small Children

4 Propane Safety Tips for Families with Small Children

Propane is a highly safe source of energy. It is non-toxic, clean-burning, and it only ignites at extremely high temperatures. Although safe, homes with small children should manage fuels with proper safety precautions. Here are some safety tips that can help teach little ones how to be safe around propane in Greensboro. 

A wonderful resource for children is This is an interactive site with games, printable activities, and other information about propane safety for kids. 

Do a Home Propane Inspection

Familiarize your children with the ways propane is used in your home. They should know which appliances use it, where the tank is located, and where the propane enters your home. Explain to your children the importance of never touching or playing with the propane equipment or tanks. You can use this checklist as a guide. By involving your child in the process of checking your home’s propane equipment, they will be actively learning and are more likely to remember. 

Introduce your Children to the Smell of Propane

When your supplier makes a delivery, ask them to allow you and your children to smell the propane to know the odor. If a refill isn’t needed, describe the smell of propane to your children. The smell is like rotten eggs or a skunk. Make sure they know to tell an adult if they think they smell propane.

Designate a Family Emergency Meeting Place

For a multitude of safety purposes, your family should have an emergency meeting place outside of your home. Ideally, this place is off-property, but nearby and within sight of your home. This emergency meeting place is adequate in case of a propane leak. Review this meeting place with your children, or establish a meeting place if you don’t already have one designated.

Have a Propane Safety Drill

Make sure your children know what to do in the event of a possible propane leak. Go over safety steps and then hold a practice drill. Here are the appropriate steps to take if someone smells propane in or around the home. 

  • If a child smells propane, the child should tell an adult.
  • If an adult smells propane, first extinguish any flames, such as candles or stove burners.
  • The adult should then turn off the propane at the tank by turning the valve clockwise until it stops. If you are unsure how to do this, skip this step.
  • Everyone must leave the home and property. An adult should make sure everyone is out, including pets.
  • Once everyone reaches the emergency meeting place, the adult should then call the propane supplier or 911 if the supplier cannot be reached.
  • No one should reenter the home or area until a propane professional has deemed it safe to do so.

Practice these steps with your children so that they will know what to do and will not be frightened if a propane leak occurs. 

Get a Propane Inspection from your Supplier of Propane in Greensboro 

Lastly, scheduling regular propane inspections from your supplier maximizes your home’s safety. Every time you receive a delivery of propane in Greensboro, have your tank and gas lines inspected. For the utmost safety, have your propane appliances inspected as well for proper function because faulty appliances are often the culprits of propane leaks. 

Call Berico today at (336) 273-8663 to schedule a propane inspection to make sure your home is a safe place for your family.

On the Fence about Propane? Here’s what you Need to Know

Have you been thinking about switching to propane but you’re still undecided? It’s normal to have some uncertainties if you’ve never used propane before. Many households and businesses use propane in Eden, Reidsville, and the surrounding area for a variety of positive reasons. Here are some facts about propane that may help you to make your decision.  

What You Should Know About Propane: 

  • Propane is Affordable. When compared with other energy and heating sources, propane is an affordable option. It’s efficient – producing a lot of heat and energy with just a small amount of fuel. It’s versatile – able to power other appliances in addition to your furnace, such as your stove/oven, clothing dryer, water heater, and more. You can reduce your monthly power bill by using propane.  
  • Propane is Safe. Propane only ignites at extremely high temperatures, making it a non-volatile fuel. It is non-toxic/not poisonous and stored in a tank outside of your home. You have no reason to worry about the safety of propane.  
  • Propane is Easy on the Environment. Its non-toxic nature also means it does not harm the environment. It won’t contaminate water or soil and it releases no greenhouse gases. Using propane can actually reduce your household or business’s impact on the environment.  
  • Propane is Reliable. If the power goes out, propane still works. Your home and your family will still be warm, be able to take hot showers, cook meals, and dry clothes. Propane can even power a generator to keep your electrical appliances running, like your refrigerator.  

What You Should Know About Propane in Eden from Carolina Fuels: 

  • Deliveries can be Automatic. You never have to worry about running out of propane or remembering to call and request a refill. Carolina Fuels times your deliveries based on your household usage, the weather, and other factors.  
  • You Can Save More with Pricing and Maintenance Plans. Price protection plans, HVAC maintenance plans, and other combined services can make your propane deliveries more affordable. A Comfort and Protection Service Plan combines maintenance with propane deliveries for a discount. 
  • Emergency Service. If you ever need an emergency delivery or furnace repair, Carolina Fuels is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. You’ll get priority service and no emergency fees if you’re a Comfort and Protection Service Plan customer.  
  • Locally Owned and Operated Propane Company. An important fact to keep in mind about Carolina Fuels is that the company is local. They operate in Eden, Reidsville, and the surrounding area. A local supplier can get fuel to you faster in an emergency and can offer lower prices because transportation is not a huge expense. 

Still on the Fence about Propane? 

If you’re still not sure, call Carolina Fuels at (336) 623-9741 to speak with a representative about the benefits of using propane. You’ll get honest, factual information that you can easily understand. Become a propane customer with Carolina Fuels today and start experiencing the benefits.  

7 Questions to Ask When Buying a Home with Propane Heat

new houseWhen buying a home, one of the biggest things to consider is what kind of heating system it has. If you’re considering buying a home with propane heat you’ll want to ask a few questions, such as who has been handling their propane delivery in Greensboro, among other maintenance questions. Before you purchase a home with propane heat be sure you know the important details by asking the following questions: 

  1. What Propane Supplier Owns your Tank? It’s important to know the owner of the propane tank that exists on the property. You can choose to keep using the same supplier or choose a new supplier. If you decide to switch, choose a company that will swap out your tank for free.  
  2. Where are the Tank and Gas Lines Located? It’s not always obvious where the tank is located. Some are buried under the ground, others are above ground. Knowing where the gas lines are buried is very important so that you can protect them when doing any landscaping or home improvements.  
  3. How Much Does the Tank Hold? This information is vital. The capacity of the tank will determine refills and the amount of propane needed.  Tanks come in different sizes based on the size of your home and the amount of propane you may use. The previous owner may have needed a larger or smaller tank than you will. Your supplier can give you a sizing recommendation.  
  4. How Old is the Tank? Older propane tanks can wear out or rust. This can be a serious problem. If the current owner is unsure of the age, have a propane supplier inspect it. 
  5. Are There any Other Appliances that Run on Propane? Find out which appliances in the home run on propane other than the furnace. The water heater, stove/oven range, clothing dryer, fireplace, or other appliances all may use propane as well. It’s important to know this information ahead of time so you can plan accordingly.  
  6. What Maintenance has been Performed in the Past? If the current owner has a record of past propane tank and furnace maintenance, that information is helpful. When you know the date of the last service you can time your next maintenance appointment accordingly. And you can get a better idea of the condition of the current furnace and propane tank. 
  7. What is the Efficiency Rating of the Furnace? Asking about the efficiency rating of a propane furnace provides you with necessary information about the propane usage to expect as well as the worth of the furnace.  

Embracing a Home that Heats with Propane 

If you’ve never lived in a propane-heated home before, you may not be aware of all the benefits. Don’t turn down a home you like simply because it uses propane for heat or other appliances. Keep in mind that propane is an affordable, clean-burning, and non-toxic heating fuel that many prefer over natural gas and electric heat because of the radiant warmth it creates and its efficiency.  

Propane Delivery in Greensboro by Berico  

No matter what supplier owns the tank, it’s easy to switch to a reliable provider such as Berico. Berico offers free tank swap-outs for new customers, making the switch easy and painless. Berico also offers propane pricing deals, payment plans, and automatic delivery plans to make propane service affordable and convenient. Call (336) 273-8663 to discuss propane delivery in Greensboro with the experts at Berico.