HVAC Repair vs. Replace: 3 Reasons to Consider Either

HVAC Repair vs. Replace: 3 Reasons to Consider EitherAre you faced with the difficult decision of whether to repair or replace your HVAC system? There are a few factors to consider when your heating or cooling system is on the fritz. There are definite advantages to both options, and what’s best will depend on your individual situation. If your technician recommends replacement during a service appointment or routine HVAC maintenance in Madison, consider the following reasons for each option to help you make the right decision. 

Reasons to Repair Your HVAC System:

Save money in the short term

You may choose to repair your HVAC system rather than replace it if the cost of the repair is less than the cost of a new system. It’s important to keep in mind that if your system is old or there are signs that it needs to be replaced, you may be faced with more frequent repairs in the future. 

Faster resolution to the problem

A simple repair for which the technician already has the part required can be much faster than a full system replacement. Sometimes a system replacement requires new equipment to be ordered and the installation will take longer than a repair. 

Put off replacement to a more convenient time

Is now just not a good time for HVAC replacement? If life is too hectic or you’d rather wait for better weather to replace your system, repairing it, for now, maybe in your best interest. 

Reasons to Replace your HVAC System:

Save money in the long term

Replacing an old system may be more expensive now, but it will help you avoid costly repairs. Also, with inflation, new equipment will only get more expensive as time goes on. Replacing now could save you some money in the long term. 

Also, save money in the short term

Replacing your old system with a new high-efficiency HVAC system can result in immediate, noticeably lower energy bills. New systems are significantly more efficient than older systems and the monthly savings can help pay for the new system. 

Increase your home’s resale value

By upgrading your HVAC equipment you are investing in the value of your home. If you sell any time in the next few years, the fact that your HVAC system was recently replaced is a positive selling point.

Listen to your HVAC Company’s Advice 

A trustworthy HVAC company will make a recommendation on repair or replacement based on knowledge and experience. Any company that wants to establish a long term positive relationship with its customers will not try to push you into making a bad decision. Whether a technician is there because your system needed emergency repair or if it was just a routine appointment for HVAC maintenance in Madison, if there are warning signs that your system needs to be replaced, they will let you know.

Have your System Evaluated by Carolina Fuels

Think your HVAC system may be on its last legs? Call Carolina Fuels for HVAC maintenance in Madison and have a technician thoroughly inspect your system for signs of age. Call (336) 623-9741 today to schedule an inspection or request service here

5 Reasons for your High Energy Bill and How to Lower it

5 Reasons for your High Energy Bill and How to Lower itIs your energy bill getting higher and higher each month? It’s a common problem and it can leave you wondering why. Stop wondering and get to the bottom of the issue so that you can correct it and get your energy bills down. From paying too much for propane delivery in Burlington to poor insulation, here are 5 reasons your energy bill is too high. 

You need a new propane supplier

Not all propane companies charge the same price for propane. If your supplier keeps raising prices or charging you extra fees, your bill will reflect that. It may be time to find propane delivery in Burlington that also offers fair prices, price-lock plans, and monthly payment options to make your propane more affordable. 

Your furnace needs maintenance

When was the last time your furnace had a tune-up? Your high energy bills could be the result of a dirty, worn-out furnace that is using more energy than it should be. All you need to do is schedule a maintenance appointment with your HVAC company and your furnace will be running at top efficiency. Your bill will be noticeably lower as a result. 

Your furnace is old

Is your furnace more than 15 or 20 years old? If so, you have a much less efficient furnace than the newer models available now. It may be time for an upgrade to a new heating system that uses less energy to keep your house warm and cozy. The money you will save on your energy bills will offset the cost of a new furnace.

You need better insulation

Sometimes the culprit in an energy audit is the insulation. When the existing insulation is insufficient, cold air leaks in and warm air leaks out. During the heating season, a lot of energy can be lost through the walls, floor, ceiling, windows, and doors. Consider adding or upgrading your insulation and sealing any cracks or gaps around doors and windows. 

You need to switch to propane

If you have electric heat, you can likely save money by switching to propane. Electricity is known to be one of the least efficient energy sources for home heat, and you’ll see it in your monthly power bill. Switching to propane for home heat is easy and the savings are worth it. 

Alamance Oil Can Help You Lower your Energy Bill

Whether you’re looking to switch to a new propane supplier or start using propane for the first time, Alamance Oil provides propane delivery in Burlington as well as complete HVAC maintenance and system replacement. Get a free home energy audit to determine the different areas where your home could be more efficient. 

Call (336) 226-9371 today to speak with the experts at Alamance Oil about propane delivery in Burlington and other services to help lower your energy bills.

7 Winter Tips for your Home

7 winter tips for your homeIs your home winter-ready? When the weather turns cold there are certain maintenance steps you should take to protect your home from the effects of winter weather. From refilling your heating oil to protecting your pipes, here are 7 winter tips for your home. 

Refill your Heating Oil or Propane Tank

If your home runs on heating oil or propane, your tank will need to be refilled from time to time. Do you know if you have enough fuel in your tank to get through the winter? Don’t wait until you run out to call for a refill. Call your supplier of heating oil in Burlington for a delivery sooner than later. 

Check Your Heating System

Whatever type of heating system you have, whether it’s a furnace, heat pump, radiator, or any other type, it needs to be inspected and tuned up yearly. Schedule maintenance with your HVAC company or heating oil supplier in Burlington to ensure your heating system is operating properly and efficiently. A well-maintained heating system saves you energy and money. 

Inspect/Add Insulation

Check the insulation in your home, especially in the attic and unheated spaces in your home. Those are the places where cold air may leak in and warm air may leak out when insulation is insufficient. Add insulation where needed and consider upgrading to better quality insulation if you feel certain areas of your home are drafty. 

Seal Cracks

Another problem that can be indicated by draftiness is cracks in the walls or around windows and door frames. If you notice that your home is colder near windows and doors, they may need to be sealed. Add or replace weather stripping if what’s there is worn or insufficient. 

Get a Generator/Inspect your Generator

Winter weather can often cause power outages. Consider getting a propane or gas generator to power certain electrical appliances such as your refrigerator when the power goes out. If you already have a generator, test it to make sure it works or have it inspected to ensure it will operate properly when you need it to. 

Clean/Inspect your Fireplace and Chimney

If you use your fireplace, whether, with wood or gas logs, it’s important to maintain both the fireplace and chimney. Wood burning fireplaces need to be cleaned out and the chimney needs to be swept yearly. Gas log fireplaces need to have the logs themselves and the ventilation inspected. </span

Prep your Plumbing

In extremely cold weather water can freeze in your pipes and cause them to burst. One way to avoid this is to allow your faucets to drip when the weather is extremely cold. A better solution is to insulate your pipes to prevent freezing, which conserves water. Newer homes are usually designed so that the plumbing is in the internal walls rather than external walls so to keep pipes warm. 

Alamance Oil Can Help You Get Prepared for Winter

Many of the tips above can be handled by the experts at Alamance Oil. When you need a heating system tune-up, fireplace maintenance, generator inspection, or other home comfort services, Alamance Oil is ready to help. Call (336) 226-9371 today to make a service appointment today or request service here

10 Habits that are Costing you Money on your Energy Bill

habits to improve your energy billDo you feel that your energy bill is too high every month? No one likes to have high bills, especially not energy bills. You may think you are being careful and conservative with your energy use at home, but you may have some energy-wasting habits you’re not aware of. From leaving the lights on to neglecting furnace repair in Eden; here are 10 common habits that may be costing you money on your energy bill. 


Leaving chargers plugged in when not in use. Do you leave your cell phone charger plugged into the wall even when you’re done charging your phone? Believe it or not, those chargers are still using energy even when no device is plugged in. Take one extra second to unplug the charger too. 


Overusing lights. Only turn on the lights that you need in the rooms that are being used. Don’t leave lights on in empty rooms or the porch light on all night. Turn off the lights when you leave the house. 

Sleeping with the TV on. This is not only a waste of energy, but sleep experts say it’s not good for you. You don’t get quality sleep when the sounds from the TV are filtering into your subconscious. 

Washing clothes in hot water. There’s really no need to use hot water when washing clothes. Detergents are made to be used in cold water and your clothes will get just as clean. Hot water is even known to set stains rather than remove them. 

Taking long, hot showers. Luxurious showers are wonderful, but your water heater has to use more energy to keep up. Shorter, cooler showers are also better for your skin. 

Poor thermostat management. Do you keep your thermostat set high in winter and low in summer? You can save a lot of energy by adjusting your thermostat just a few degrees. Get a programmable thermostat and program it to maximize energy usage. 

Forgetting to change your HVAC filters. Experts recommend changing your filters every 6 months at the very least and quarterly for better results. Dirty filters can lower the efficiency of your HVAC system and waste energy. 

Forgetting to schedule HVAC maintenance. Heating and cooling accounts for around half of the total energy usage in most households. Regular furnace repair in Eden can ensure that it is running efficiently and using the least amount of energy possible. 

Running the dishwasher too often. Try and wait until the dishwasher is full to run it. If you run it after every meal or even every day, a lot of hot water and electricity is wasted. 

Using old appliances. Newer household appliances use less energy than older ones. By upgrading your appliances, you can save enough money on your monthly energy bill to pay for the new appliances in the long run. This is especially true when it comes to upgrading your HVAC system. 

Save Money on Your Energy Bill by Scheduling Furnace Repair in Eden

Regular maintenance for your HVAC systems is one of the best things you can do to reduce your household energy usage. A clean, well-tuned system runs at optimal efficiency. Call Carolina Fuels today at (336) 623-9741 to schedule furnace repair in Eden.

4 Warning Signs of Trouble with Your Propane Tank

warning signs with your propane tankDoes your home run on propane? If you have propane heat or use propane for any other appliances in your home, you have a tank on your property somewhere. Some tanks are above ground and others are buried. Most of the time propane tanks don’t require much maintenance other than periodic refills. However, if there is a problem with your propane tank, you’ll most likely notice one or more of these 4 signs. If you notice any of the following, contact your propane supplier right away. 

You smell propane gas

The smell of propane is often described as rotten eggs or a decaying animal. It’s not a pleasant smell, and it is added to propane to make it detectable by people. If you smell gas, get yourself and everyone out of the home, including pets, and call your propane supplier from a safe distance. If you cannot get your propane supplier on the phone, call 911. Do not return to the home unless a professional informs you that it is safe to do so. A propane leak is rare but can be very serious. 

The pilot light on your furnace won’t stay lit

If it seems that your pilot light is always going out, especially if it happens with multiple appliances in your home – you most likely have a problem with your propane tank. If there’s a leak, an automatic safety feature will cut off the gas supply. There could also be a problem with the gas line, such as a blockage. Contact your propane supplier if your pilot lights keep going out. 

The burner flames are any color but blue

The proper color of a burning propane flame should be blue. If your stove burners or pilot light flames are yellow or orange, it may indicate a problem with your tank. If the flames on multiple appliances are the wrong color, you’ll know it’s not the appliance itself that is having a problem, but that there is a problem with the propane supply to your home. 

Your tank is rusty

Is there extensive rust on your propane tank? A little rust in a few places may not be any cause for alarm, but large patches of rust, especially if they appear to go deep or it looks as if the tank is dented in at the rust spot, is a sign that a new tank may be in order. Rust can become deep and go all the way through to the interior of the tank. Leaks can happen and moisture can get into the tank, which can cause all sorts of problems. 

Having Problems with your Propane Tank?

If you notice these or any other unusual signs from your propane tank, call your propane supplier immediately. Berico is a leading supplier of propane in Greensboro and the surrounding area. Berico can help even if your tank belongs to another company. The tank swap out process is free and easy for new customers. 

Call Berico today at (336) 273-8663 to speak with a knowledgeable representative about any problems with your propane tank. 

What’s the Best Time of Year to Service your HVAC System

Best time of year to service your HVACThere is not a clear cut answer to this question. The best time of year for HVAC maintenance in Greensboro depends on a variety of factors. In general, in a climate where there all four seasons are represented, it is best to service your HVAC system twice a year: once in late summer or early fall for your heating system, and once in late winter or early spring for your cooling system.

Fall Heating Maintenance Prepares your System for Cold Weather

No matter what the forecast is for the weather this winter or what the farmer’s almanac has to say about the chance of snow, you can expect some cold weather in North Carolina. Is your furnace, heat pump, or other heating system ready to battle cold temperatures and keep your home feeling cozy?

If you’re not sure what condition your heating system is in, you could find yourself with a frigid house, in need of emergency service. Without central heat, your home can get cold quickly and become unlivable. During a cold snap, it is quite common for many people to experience problems with their heating system at the same time. You could be waiting a while for service. After-hours services, you have to pay higher fees.

Another reason to be proactive and schedule maintenance in the later summer or early fall is to save money. HVAC maintenance in Greensboro can help your heating system run more efficiently, which will reduce your energy bill, whether you use natural gas, propane, heating oil, or electricity.

Spring Cooling Maintenance Prepares your System for Hot Weather

Just as a fall maintenance appointment gets your heating system ready for winter, a spring maintenance appointment gets your air conditioning ready for summer. You don’t want to wait and find out that your AC won’t work on the first hot day of the season. Just as the first cold day, the first really hot day is when many customers find out that their AC needs service. You can avoid a long, sweltering wait and emergency service fees by scheduling maintenance early in the spring.

Maintenance of your air conditioner and furnace is important for energy efficiency. It’s amazing what a simple cleaning can do to save energy and lower your bill in the summer.

Why is it Important to Schedule Maintenance Early in each Season?

It comes down to scheduling. If you want to be able to schedule a maintenance appointment at a convenient time for you, you’re more likely to be successful if you call early in the season. Reliable local companies, such as Berico, are in high demand as the weather begins to change. Don’t settle for a cut-rate company just because they can show up immediately. Ask yourself why their schedule is so wide open.

Call Berico today at (336) 273-8663 to schedule HVAC maintenance in Greensboro or request service here. Make sure your furnace is ready for the season and save yourself some money on your heating bill this year.

4 Reasons Why A Regular Propane Delivery Schedule Will Make Your Life Easier

Propane DeliveryAre you looking for ways to make your life easier? Does your home run on propane? If you answered yes to both of those questions, there’s a solution. Your propane delivery in Burlington can be set up on a regular schedule so that you never have to think about requesting refills. There are many reasons why automatic deliveries will make your life easier. 

Less Stress

Do you feel like you have a never-ending to-do list of errands you must run, calls you must make, and things you must get done? Take one item off that list and sign up for a regular propane delivery schedule. You’ll never have to worry about calling for a tank refill or worrying that you’ll run out if the weather is colder than usual. Alamance Oil calculates how much propane you will use based on your typical household usage, the size of your home, the number of propane appliances you use, and the weather. Your deliveries will be timed accordingly. 

Save Money

Signing up for automatic deliveries is often accompanied by a price protection plan, meaning you won’t suffer the effects of fluctuating national propane prices. You lock in one low price that won’t change. In many cases, you can pay for your propane in monthly installments rather than all at once when you get your tank refilled. And you’ll avoid the extra fees that accompany a refill of an empty tank if you run out of propane entirely. Which brings us to reason 3. 

Never Run Out of Propane

Automatic refills ensure you’ll never run out of propane. Not only is it frustrating to run out and suffer in the cold while you wait for a refill, but letting your tank get empty can cause damage to the tank, valve, or gas lines due to lack of proper pressure. The tank is prone to leaks after it runs empty and a thorough inspection needs to be done to see if any extra repairs are necessary before refilling. 

Combine with HVAC Maintenance

Regular propane deliveries can be combined with your routine HVAC maintenance appointments in one affordable package. Alamance Oil’s Comfort and Protection Service Agreements are designed to benefit regular customers who want to bundle their services. Customers get discounted propane deliveries and twice-yearly maintenance appointments, among other perks that include a 20% discount on diagnostics and repairs, priority service, waived emergency and after-hours fees, and even credits toward new equipment. 

Effortless Home Comfort you Don’t have to Think About

The ultimate reason to sign up for regular propane delivery in Burlington is for your peace of mind. Let Alamance Oil handle your home comfort and don’t give it another thought. Your home heat source will always be there and your HVAC system will be inspected, cleaned, and tuned up twice a year. Sign up for a Comfort and Protection Service Plan today with Alamance Oil. Call (336) 226-9371 or schedule service here

Top 5 Reasons to Enroll in Automatic Propane Delivery

Propane tank refills are a necessary part of using propane as a household energy source. You receive a finite amount in a tank that will eventually run out if not refilled. Propane is one of the most commonly used heating fuels in Greensboro. You may think you have many different suppliers at your disposal and that there’s no need to worry about a refill until you run out. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and you may find yourself out of propane with no available delivery times for days or even weeks. Instead of taking this risk, consider the top 5 reasons to enroll in automatic propane delivery. 

  1. Save Money. Propane prices fluctuate due to a variety of reasons from weather to supply and demand, to the price per barrel of crude oil. Depending on when you order refills, your price could be drastically different. Automatic refills eliminate this worry by leveling out the cost of your propane refills. You can even pay on a monthly basis to make propane more affordable. 
  2. Avoid Running Out. Running out of propane is not only inconvenient on a cold day, but it can even result in higher fees and damage to your tank, valve, and fuel lines. You should never let your tank get completely empty, and automatic refills ensure that will never happen.  
  3. No Worries. You can stop worrying about checking your propane tank gauge and trying to determine how much is left and if you need to schedule a refill. Berico calculates how much propane you will need based on typical household usage, the number of appliances you have that run on propane, and outside temperatures. Your deliveries are scheduled accordingly.  
  4. Combine Services. Besides propane deliveries, your furnace also needs periodic maintenance to run safely and efficiently. When soot builds up in the heat exchanger and clouds the pilot sensor, your furnace won’t operate properly. Your home won’t get warm and your furnace could experience further damage. Propane deliveries can be combined with routine furnace maintenance in one affordable package.  
  5. No responsibility. Berico times your deliveries very accurately, but in the extremely rare case that you run out of propane due to a tank leak or appliance malfunction, you are not responsible for the fees or repairs associated with that.  

Feel the Freedom that comes with Automatic Delivery of Heating Fuels in Greensboro  

Out of all the benefits that come from automatic propane delivery, peace of mind encompasses them all. You can put your home heating fuels in Greensboro completely out of your mind, knowing that refills will be taken care of, ensuring that you never run out of fuel. Don’t end up at the mercy of crude oil prices that cause the price per gallon of propane to increase. Don’t wait to schedule your propane refills during a cold snap when everyone needs propane and the demand causes prices to rise. And when you combine automatic fuel delivery with furnace maintenance, you get Berico’s Comfort and Protection Service Agreement, which offers you the added peace of mind that comes from knowing that your furnace has been inspected, cleaned, and tuned-up to run smoothly and efficiently. Call Berico today to enroll in automatic propane deliveries: (336) 273-8663.

Propane Options for Space Heating

Are there some areas of your home that your central heating system doesn’t reach well? Maybe you’d like to heat your garage only when you’re working on the car. Perhaps you have a sunroom that needs extra heat in the winter. There are different types of propane space heaters available. To get the propane you need to heat your extra spaces, call the top heating oil suppliers in Greensboro, Berico Fuels. Berico supplies propane, heating oil, kerosene, and more to homeowners and business owners.  

Propane Space Heaters Come in Many Types to Suit your Needs 

  • Radiant space heaters, or infrared space heaters, use propane to heat coils that in turn heat the air in the room. Heat is transferred to an object which transfers the heat to the air in the room.  
  • Circulating space heaters, or blue flame heaters, use propane to ignite a small flame that heats air. That air is then circulated through the room with a blower mechanism.  
  • WallMounted space heaters can be either radiant or circulating, but are designed to be mounted on the wall. Proper installation is crucial for safe operation of wall mounted space heaters.  
  • Vented space heaters draw air in from the outside, heat it, disperse it throughout the room, and then vent the fumes from the burning fuel outside through a flue.   
  • Unvented space heaters take in air from the room itself and vents back into the room as well. Unvented space heaters are safe when used correctly.   

Safety Guidelines for Indoor Propane Space Heaters 

Propane space heaters are a safe way to heat indoor spaces, but only when installed and operated correctly. Follow these guidelines if you plan to heat any indoor spaces with propane heaters. 

  1. Never leave a space heater unattended. Don’t leave a space heater running in an unoccupied room. An unattended space heater is a greater fire risk. 
  2. Have propane space heaters inspected periodically. A licensed propane technician should inspect your propane space heater yearly to ensure safe operation. 
  3. Always install propane space heaters on a non-combustible surface. It may seem obvious, but don’t sit a propane space heater on carpet, rugs, towels, or cardboard boxes. Wall-mounted units should be installed on non-combustible wall surfaces. 
  4. Do not install unvented space heaters in small bedrooms or bathrooms. Bathrooms and small bedrooms are confined spaces with limited air. The safety risk is much higher in these situations. There are exceptions to this rule: 
    • A bathroom wall-mounted space heater is allowed as long as it doesn’t exceed 6,000 BTU/hour and is equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor that will automatically turn off the heater if low oxygen levels are detected. 
    • A bedroom wall-mounted space heater is allowed as long as it doesn’t exceed 10,000 BTU/hour and is equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor that will automatically turn off the heater if the low oxygen levels are detected. 

Installation by Experienced Propane and Heating Oil Suppliers in Greensboro is Recommended for Space Heaters 

Safe operation is crucial when using a propane space heater, and proper installation is key to achieving that. The best way to ensure proper installation is to hire qualified propane and heating oil suppliers in Greensboro. Berico Fuels is a leading supplier of heating fuels to Greensboro and the surrounding area. Have your propane space heater installed and periodically inspected by Berico and sign up for automatic propane deliveries so that you’ll never run out. Call (336) 273-8663.

Understanding the 80% Fill Rule for Propane Tanks

Do you ever wonder why your propane tank gauge never shows more than 80% full, even after a refill? There is a reason for that, and it requires just a simple scientific explanation. When it comes to heating fuels in Burlington, propane has some unique properties that set it apart from other fuels. Read on to learn why your tank should never be filled to 100%. 

Propane Expands with Heat 

The entire explanation revolves around this one fact: propane expands with heat. This is true of most substances, but with propane, there is an extra factor to consider. You probably know that water expands some when heated. Apply the same amount of heat to propane, which is also a liquid, and its volume increases 17 percent more than water. So what does this mean for your propane tank? 

Overfilling a Propane Tank Doesn’t Leave Room for Expansion 

Propane suppliers know they must leave space in the tank for propane to expand. Overfilling the tank could lead to problems when the propane expands, such as leaks or even explosions. By federal regulation, every tank must be installed with an OPD (over pressure device) to alert the user if the pressure inside the tank reaches a dangerous level.  

Tank Location Affects the 80% Fill Rule  

If your propane tank is buried underground it is partially insulated from the heat. Due to this fact, your underground tank may be filled a bit over the typical 80%. Don’t worry, there is no cause for alarm in this case. 

Tank Size Does Not Affect the 80% Fill Rule 

No matter the size of your tank, it is still safer for it to be filled to no more than 80%, even a small cylinder such as the ones typically used for backyard grilling. In fact, a tank used for a backyard grill is more likely to come in contact with extreme heat from the grill itself and the outside heat, so the risk for expansion is greater.  

Tank Percentages in Gallons 

Use this chart to determine what 80% in gallons would be for your tank size. Make sure your tank is not negligently overfilled.  

Tank Size (gallons) 


80% (gallons) 
120  96 
150  120 
200  160 
250  200 
500  400 


Why You Should Get your Heating Fuels in Burlington from Alamance Oil 

If you currently (or plan to) heat your home, cook your food, or run any of your other household appliances with propane, consider making Alamance Oil your regular supplier. Alamance Oil abides by the 80% fill rule with every refill to keep you and your family safe. You can count on quality and consistency when it comes to your tank and heating fuels in Burlington when you choose Alamance Oil as your supplier. You don’t have to worry that you’re not getting the full amount of fuel for your money, as you will only be charged for the number of gallons your tank receives in a delivery. Regular deliveries ensure you will never run out of propane. Call Alamance Oil today: (336) 623-9741.