Alamance Battleground State Historic Site

The Alamance Battleground State Historic Site at 5803 NC-62, Burlington, NC 27215 is a great place to visit and learn about the history of the United States and the causes behind the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Read More


The History


During 1771, a group of backcountry farmers known as the Regulators battled with the Royal governor William Tryon and his militia. The spot of that battle is now the Alamance Battleground State Historic Site.


Due to a growing anger from increasing cost of land, issues with taxes, and the collusion between public officials and creditors, many small farmers in the area wrote petitions, formed associations, and sought a peaceful way to handle their grievances. The British government refused to respond to these farmers which led to more frustration and ultimately to violence which is now called the Battle of Alamance.  Some historians consider this battle first salvo of the Revolutionary War even though it was several years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.



While the Regulator movement was defeated at Alamance, their struggle was enough to send shockwaves, not only through North Carolina, but also through the whole of Colonial America. This created tensions that help fan the flames which resulted in the Revolutionary War.


Facilities to Visit

While you are at the Alamance Battleground State Historic Site, you will be able to visit a number of facilities to learn more about the history of this battle. Some of the places to visit include:


  • John Allen House: This home includes a smokehouse and pieces from this time period.


  • Visitor Center: This area houses different exhibits along with an audiovisual program that talks about The War of the Regulation.


  • Trails, Monuments, and Outdoor Exhibits: On the grounds, you will be able to find a ¾ mile nature rail that will walk you to different parts of the battlefield, including the James Hunter Monument.


There are also a number of areas that are handicapped accessible including picnic facilities and a gift shop. Visitors to the area will be able to enjoy programs and group activities throughout the year. The biggest one is the Recreation of Battle of Alamance, held on May 16, that shows a unique glimpse of life during colonial life. Group and individual tours are encouraged around the historic site as well. Explore more




The Alamance Battleground State Historic Site is Open Tuesday to Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Guided tours are available at 11 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM.  The site is closed on Sunday and Monday, as well as any major holidays during the year. Admission into the park is free for all visitors, though donations are greatly appreciated to help run the park and keep it running as a great place for families and learn more about history and the beginning of the Revolutionary War. If you are looking to do a guided tour, these are available for the Allen House, but it is best to make a reservation ahead of time.


When you are ready for a unique experience that is educational and fun, then visit the Alamance Battleground State Historic Site at 5803 NC-62, Burlington, NC 27215.