Archdale Recreation Center

The Archdale Recreation Center at Creekside Park, located at 214 Park Dr, Archdale, NC 27263, is a popular destination for recreational activities and community events in the Archdale area. The center features a wide range of facilities and programs that are designed to promote health, wellness, and community engagement.
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Main Attractions

One of the main attractions at the Archdale Recreation Center is its aquatic center, which features a 25-yard indoor pool, a therapy pool, and a water slide. The aquatic center is open year-round and offers swim lessons, aquatic fitness classes, and open swim sessions for visitors of all ages. The pool area is also available for private rentals and birthday parties.

The center also features a state-of-the-art fitness center, which is equipped with a variety of cardio and strength training equipment. The fitness center offers personal training sessions, group fitness classes, and wellness programs that are designed to help visitors achieve their fitness goals.

Recreational Facilities

For those who prefer outdoor activities, the Archdale Recreation Center offers several outdoor facilities, including tennis courts, basketball courts, and a soccer field. The center also features several miles of walking trails that wind through the surrounding woods and wetlands, providing a beautiful and peaceful setting for outdoor recreation.

Community Events and Programs

In addition to its recreational facilities, the Archdale Recreation Center also hosts a variety of community events and programs throughout the year. These events include holiday celebrations, cultural festivals, and community outreach programs that promote health and wellness.

The center’s commitment to community engagement is reflected in its many partnerships with local schools, community groups, and businesses. The center works closely with local schools to provide after-school programs and summer camps for children, as well as educational and cultural events for adults. The center also partners with local businesses to provide wellness programs and employee fitness initiatives.


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