Guilford Courthouse National Park

When you are ready to learn more about Guilford County and the important part that it played in the Revolutionary War, then you should visit the Guilford Courthouse National Park. This area marks a critical spot of a major battle, where General Cornwallis, and General Nathanael Greene met on March 15, 1781. You can find this historic site at 2332 New Garden Road in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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Visitors will have plenty of opportunities to tour this historical site, with open hours between 8:30AM to 5:00 PM every day, excluding major holidays. If you wish to stop at the Visitor Center, the hours are slightly different. This Center is open from 9 AM to 5 PM, Wednesday through Sunday. Visitors are able to visit this historical spot for free, making it a great way for everyone to learn more about the History of the United States and the struggles of our forefathers in forming this country.


Explore the Guilford Courthouse National Park


There is something for everyone to enjoy when they come to the Guilford Courthouse National Park. This historical landmark is a key part of the Revolutionary War and visitors will have a chance to learn more about the battle along with the historic people who took place in the action on that day back in 1781. The park offers many opportunities to explore, from the beautiful forests nearby to an opportunity to follow the footsteps of the soldiers who helped form our country.


While you are at the Guildford Courthouse National Park, you will be able to find different activities that are designed for youth, individuals, adults, and families. Everyone should consider starting the tour right at the Visitor Center. This area provides more facts about this Guilford Battle and visitors can get a map that will lead them through the battlefield. Park rangers are available to answer any questions that you may have.


Tours Available


Visitors to Guilford Courthouse National Park will be able to choose to take a tour of this historical site. There are both walking and driving tours available depending on how you would like to see the park.


Those who choose the walking tour can follow in the very same footsteps that soldiers and generals did all those years long. This tour will begin at Hoskins Farms and takes 1.75 miles to complete. The audio portion will last for 38 minutes, and guests should expect the whole thing to take them 90 minutes to finish.


For visitors who do not want to walk, there is also a driving tour. This tour takes up 2.5 miles and will have slightly more audio at 42 minutes. This tour will only take an hour but will explore many of the same stops as you could find on the walking tour.


If you are an American History buff, then the Guilford Courthouse National Park is a great place to visit on your bucket list. There is a lot of history that is sure to captivate everyone and with beautiful scenery that you are going to love, this is a day well spent. Come visit Guilford Courthouse National Park located at 2332 New Garden Road in Greensboro, North Carolina 27410

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