Bryan Park

Get ready for a day of great golf at Bryan Park. You can find this great golf course at 6275 Bryan Park Rd. Brown Summit, NC 27214. Home to two golf courses, players can take their choice of enjoying the Players Course or the Champions Course. Both of these courses offer 18-holes of pristine views and great golf for beginners and professionals alike.

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The Golf Courses

Bryan Park is best known for the two golf courses that visitors can choose from. Both are 18 holes courses and many challenges that can make them more unique than some of the other golf courses you may have tried. The two golf courses available at Bryan Park include:

The Players Course

The Players Course opened in 1974 and was designed by George Cobb. In 1988, Rees Jones modified the course to its modern look and design. The course includes eight lakes and ponds as well as 79 bunkers. Most visitors to this golf course come for the sheer enjoyment of golfing, but it will only take a few minutes on this course to really that it is a challenge to your golfing skills. It’s a Par 72, course and has plenty to offer golfers of every level.

The Champions Course

The Champions Course is newer than the Players Course, opening in 1990 and is a masterpiece of Rees Jones. This golf course has 18 hold and features seven holes that border Lake Townsend, numerous hollows and grass bunkers, and a total of 97 sand traps. It was ranked as the runner-up for the Best New US Public Course by Golf Digest in 1990 and has consistently ranked high ever since. This 72 Par golf course will give you a run for your money and can be a challenge for everyone who comes to visit.

Golf Rates

Rates for a game of golf will vary depending on the day, whether you are a resident of Greensboro, and the time of day. For example, weekends and holiday rates are $64 per golfer while twilight hours during the week are $41 per golfer. Residents of Greensboro County get a $5 discount per golfer.

Hosting Events at Bryan Park

Bryan Park is the perfect place to host your next big event. Many couples choose to have their wedding or reception at Bryan Park, enjoying the scenic views of the lake and a unique atmosphere that they are not able to enjoy anywhere else. Let Bryan Park take care of the details of your wedding or big event, with facility rentals including foundation set-up of tables and chairs, a sound system, podium, and your own Event Host to help make the night go off without any problems. Corporate events, special occasions, and more are welcome at Bryan Park.

Whether you want to try a challenging course or get out and enjoy the weather, an afternoon at Bryan Park is a great option. You can visit at 6275 Bryan Park Rd. Brown Summit, NC 27214.

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