Proehlific Park

The Proehlific Park at 4517 Jessup Grove RD, Greensboro, NC 27410 is a full-service gym and sports training facility popular among the residents of Guilford County and surrounding areas. Proehlific Park is home to many programs including an After School Program for kids, family and adult memberships, summer care, sports training, recreation leagues, and Christian Ministry.   The Proehlific Park mission is “to inspire, cultivate and ignite the P.O.W.E.R. within each of us no matter our age using sport, exercise, play and spirituality as tools for life and to help others.” Learn More


Fitness Options


Proehlific Park includes fitness options that can work for you, no matter your age or situation. Members can choose to join a variety of group exercise classes or work with a personal trainer to develop a custom personal fitness regime. All memberships to the facility will include a free one-hour fitness consultant that can help you learn where you currently stand and which programs would work the best for you.


Some of the fitness programs available include, cardio and strength, and mind and body exercises that help improve overall fitness.




Proehlific Park is offers some of the best activities to keep kids moving and enjoying active play as opposed to video games.  Whether they join the facility for a few hours after school or spend the whole summer, Proehlific Park provides many great programs and camps to keep kids busy while their parents are at work. Parents can choose from After School Care, Summer Camps, and Drop-in Days based on their unique needs. Proehlific Park strives to provide parents peace of mind while keeping their kids happy and active.




Many people choose to join Proehlific Park because of the many sports programs. The goal here is to help kids and adults grow and learn through the POWER of Play. A membership can include both adult and youth leagues, sports camps, and even drop-in games to keep everyone moving and having fun, no matter the weather.


Whether you haven’t played a sport in a long time, want to learn something new, or are looking to keep active, the sports programs at Proehlific Park can help keep you moving.


Proehlific Sports Performance or PSP Services


As an athlete who is ready to take things to the next level, the PSP services at Proehlific Park are some of the best. PSP sports performance is a specialized training for athletes of any age who would like to work on enhancing their athletic development and skills. When you or your child are looking to learn new techniques to get better at the sport and to reach the next level in competition, the PSP services at Proehlific Park provide the help you need.


Check out the many amenities and membership options at 4517 Jessup Grove RD, Greensboro, NC 27410.

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