Are Gas Logs Expensive to Use?

A fireplace is a desirable feature to have in a home. On a chilly night, few things are as enjoyable as getting a fire started and relaxing in the living room with friends or family. While wood-burning fireplaces certainly lend charm and authenticity to the situation, they are a lot of work to start and maintain. For that reason, many people have turned to gas logs in Greensboro as a desirable alternative – but is this option expensive? The article below will examine that question.


If you would like to add a gas fireplace to your home and need the perfect set of gas logs for the project, Berico is ready to serve you. Get in touch today to learn more about the options, or pay a visit to the showroom to see them for yourself.


A One-Time Purchase

As far as the logs themselves, you’ll only need to make that purchase once, so the expense will not continue to add up over time. Sure, you’ll pay more for quality gas logs than some basic firewood, but these logs will be used over and over again for years. The value of investing in gas logs is particularly notable when you buy from a company like Berico that offers quality products for fair prices.


Minimal Fuel Consumption

While a gas fireplace looks great and puts out a nice amount of warmth into the room, it doesn’t actually burn that much fuel along the way. It’s only a slight stream of gas into the fireplace that is required to keep it going, and you can even dial down the size of the flames if you want to use as little gas as possible.


Of course, you should only have your gas fireplace on while you are actively in the room to enjoy it. So, if you are going to turn it on for a couple of hours at night while relaxing with family and friends, you’ll use minimal fuel, the cost will be negligible, and you’ll get to enjoy a comfortable experience throughout the winter.


So Many Other Advantages

You should find that owning and using a gas fireplace is not an expensive experience, and it’s a great feature to have in a home. Beyond the modest cost, what else is there to like about this type of fireplace? Consider the following –


  • They are clean. One of the biggest complaints about natural wood fireplaces is the mess they can make inside the house. There will be ash and soot produced when you burn wood, and some little bits of bark and debris are sure to come off of the wood when it is moved into your home.


  • Little maintenance. There isn’t much at all that needs to be done to a gas fireplace, other than the occasional cleaning of the glass front. Wood fireplaces, by contrast, demand a lot of ongoing attention.


  • Having an open fire burning in your home, even when in a fireplace, does pose some safety risks. With a gas fireplace, you can enjoy the warmth and ambiance of the fire without that associated danger.


Don’t let questions or concerns about gas logs pricing or the cost of fuel to run your fireplace stop you from exploring this nice addition to your home. A gas fireplace is an affordable feature to add and use, and it’s something that your family will love having all winter long. Turn to the team at Berico today to get started.

Is Propane Bad for the Environment?

With any type of fuel you burn, it’s important to think about the impact that the fuel is going to have on the environment. This is true when you choose a vehicle that you are going to drive, and it’s also true when selecting a furnace that will keep your house warm. If you have chosen a propane furnace, or are thinking about doing so, you might be wondering about the impact that you’ll be having on the environment. The content below will help set the record straight.


For the best propane delivery Burlington has to offer, reach out to Berico right away. You can be sure that you’ll get great prices on your Burlington propane when ordering from the Berico team, and top-notch customer service is standard. Call today to get started.


A Lot to Love About Propane

In a world where it seems that so many of the things we are used to using have a negative impact on the environment, it’s nice to get some positive news for a change. That’s the case with propane, as it burns clean and is generally considered to be safe for the environment. If you opt for a propane furnace in your home, or if you already have one and are thinking about switching for environmental reasons, you can put your concerns to rest – propane is a good choice.


When propane is burned for energy to create heat in your home, it does not produce the same kinds of air pollutants as some other fuel options. Therefore, it has been tabbed as a low-emission fuel by the government, and opting for propane over other choices is a great move for someone who is environmentally minded.


An Excellent Safety Record

Like any gas, there is some inherent risk when using propane – but it is extremely low. This is a safe product to work with and use in your home, especially if you partner with a professional team like that at Berico to make sure you receive safe deliveries and confirm that your equipment is in good condition. Safety should always be near the top of your priority list, along with environmental concerns, and propane checks out nicely on both of those points.


Even a Spill Isn’t Too Damaging

Fuel spills can be disastrous for the local environment and the plant and animal life that inhabit the area of a spill. Not all fuels are created equal, however, and a propane spill will actually have minimal impact on the area where it occurs. Spilled propane will quickly vaporize and won’t linger in the groundwater or anywhere else it could do damage. Of course, a spill is quite unlikely anyway when propane is handled properly, but even if that event did happen, your use of propane would still not be putting the environment at risk.


If you are looking for a propane supplier in Burlington that will exceed your expectations time after time, Berico is the right selection. Take a moment to get in touch today and you’ll quickly see what you have been missing.

How to Lower Utility Bills in Winter

By the end of a long, hot summer, the arrival of fall – and then winter – can seem like a welcome relief. The cooler weather is a nice change of pace, and you might even find yourself spending more time outside than you did when the temperatures were soaring. Of course, along with that change comes the need to use your furnace to keep the house warm, and rising utility bills are the result of colder weather.


This article will take a look at some simple tips for how you can lower those utility bills in the winter months. If you have a furnace in High Point that needs some maintenance or repair to run its best this winter, be sure to turn to Berico for assistance with that project. Call today to learn more.


Add a Smart Thermostat

Proper management of your furnace throughout the winter is one of the best ways to control your utility costs. These days, smart thermostats are an affordable way to gain control of the temperature in your house from day to day, and within each day. Upgrading to a smart thermostat will make it easier to control your system, you can set up programs to make sure the heat is coming on at just the right time, and more.


Strive for Maximum Efficiency

It’s easy enough to assume that your furnace is running fine as long as it is on and keeping the house warm. But when was the last time any maintenance was performed on the unit? If it’s been a while, it’s likely that the efficiency of the system has degraded, and you are using more energy than is necessary to get the job done. By having maintenance performed on a consistent basis – annually is appropriate for most situations – you can keep the furnace running nicely and get great results in terms of efficiency.


Consider a New Furnace

Continuing with the theme of efficiency, it’s also possible that your best bet at this point is to replace your old furnace with a new one. Newer models run far more efficiently than those from a decade or two ago, so you might be amazed at the utility savings that are available when you upgrade to a new furnace. And not only will you enjoy savings month after month, but you’ll also appreciate the boost in performance and the comfortable temperature that the new system is able to maintain all winter long.


Check Your Vents

One other important point to note is that you should go around your home to confirm that all of the air vents are open while using your furnace. If any of the vents are closed, you’ll simply be producing warm air only for it to collect inside the ducts, rather than being released into your rooms. This is an easy mistake to make, but it only takes a moment to go around the house and make sure everything is set as it should be.


It will always cost something to run your HVAC in High Point, but you can bring those costs down by managing your system smartly. Berico is a reliable partner for all of your furnace needs, and when winter ends and summer comes back around, the Berico team can also help with AC repair in High Point. Whatever your needs happen to be, the first step is to get in touch to schedule an appointment right away.

Will Propane Prices Go Down?

Fuel prices of all kinds are always in flux. Whether it’s gasoline at the pump or the propane to power your furnace, these prices are never set in stone. And, while prices are inconsistent, consumers are always watching the market and looking for signs that those prices will start to remain constant.  Is that going to happen with propane anytime soon? This article will look closer at that important question.


No matter what the price may be at the moment, it’s always important to work with propane companies like Berico that have your best interests in mind. Get in touch with the Berico team today to learn how they can save you money on propane.


A Market Like Any Other

The unfortunate, and unsatisfying, answer to the question of whether propane prices will go down is that no one can know for sure. The propane market, like all others, is unpredictable. Sure, it’s possible to make educated guesses based on various factors and past history, but those will always just be guesses – you can’t know in advance how it will actually play out in the real world.


With that said, the general forecast in this market is for prices to continue to rise in the short term. Anyone who has been buying propane over the past year or more knows that the prices have been relatively high, and there isn’t much evidence to support the hope that they will go down in the near future. By planning for a slight rise in propane costs, you won’t be caught off-guard and could be pleasantly surprised if prices do ease down in the future.


A Focus on Efficiency

Whether prices are high or low, it’s always a good idea to use fuel as efficiently as possible. Bringing down your consumption of propane is always going to reduce your bill, no matter what the propane price looks like at the moment.


If you are running a propane-powered furnace in your home, for example, making sure that the furnace is operating at peak efficiency is an important step to take. Some ongoing maintenance to keep the furnace clean and properly functioning can help you trim your propane consumption while still keeping the house warm and comfortable all winter long.


Getting a Good Deal

You can’t control the price of propane on the open market, but you can choose where you buy your propane and what kind of service you receive. By working with a propane company that is always going to give you a competitive market price and will offer good discounts and rewards programs for being a loyal buyer, you can make sure you are getting a fair deal even when the market price is high.


Are you looking for a new partner to offer affordable and reliable propane delivery? Simply put, you won’t find a better option than Berico to serve your needs. While propane prices will always go up and down, the service Berico delivers will remain steady and you’ll always get great value for your money. Don’t wait any longer to get started!

How Can I Keep My Heating Bill Down?

Winter can get expensive. It’s not just buying holiday gifts that will burn through your budget, but also the prospect of paying for whatever form of fuel your furnace happens to burn throughout the cold months of the year. There isn’t anything you can do about the temperatures outside, but there are some steps you can take to keep your heating bill down to a reasonable level until spring rolls around once again.


If you are looking for furnace service in Greensboro to make sure your home stays comfortable all winter long, Berico is the right partner for the job. As one of the best furnace repair companies in the area, Berico has built an excellent reputation one customer at a time. Make an appointment today to get started!


Use a Lower Set Temperature

Perhaps the most obvious way to bring down your heating bill is simply to heat your home to a lower temperature. If you can bring the standard temperature that you use in your home down by even a degree or two throughout the winter, you are sure to see savings.


Of course, that means it will be colder inside the house. You might consider getting used to wearing more clothing around the house or sitting under a blanket when you settle in to watch some TV at night. It will take a bit of experimentation to figure out where the sweet spot is for you and your family, as you aim to balance comfort with cost savings.


Consistent Furnace Maintenance

You could be forgiven if you don’t think too often about furnace maintenance. Life is busy, and it’s certainly easy to get wrapped up in everything else that you have to do day after day. Furnace maintenance probably doesn’t live high on your priority list, and that’s okay.


With that said, if you’d like to move toward lower energy bills, think about having your furnace serviced annually. Doing so will make sure the system continues to work efficiently, and a system that is working efficiently will use less fuel than one that is working hard to produce warm air. Team up with Berico for your annual furnace maintenance and the job can be done quickly and for an affordable price.


Address Duct Leaks

One of the quickest ways to lose efficiency in your system is to have leaks in your air ducts. When there is a leak in the ducts, you’ll be losing some of your heated air to spaces like the attic that don’t need to be heated. As a result, the furnace is going to work even harder to warm the living areas of the house, and you’ll run up a bigger bill.


To determine if you have a leak, listen to the system as it operates. Specifically, pay attention to any whistling sounds you might hear, as those could indicate air sneaking out of the ducts. The work that needs to be done to repair or replace the ducts will depend on the design of your home but working with a professional contractor like Berico is always going to be your best bet.


Change the Air Filter

Consistently replacing the air filter that serves your furnace is one of the best things you can do as a homeowner. The filter needs to be fresh so it can pull particles out of the air that is heading in to be heated. Dirty air is going to build up inside the furnace and gradually degrade the efficiency of the whole system.


Air filters are both affordable and easy to swap out, so this is something that you should be able to address without any help from a professional. Make it a habit to keep a couple of extra air filters on hand and change them out as soon as you notice the old one getting too dirty.  Berico has a partnership that will deliver the right filter to your home on a regular basis so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with when to replace it or even have to shop for the right filter.

Sign up for the Berico filter service here:


Take a Closer Look at Your Windows

Windows are a major source of energy loss in your home. A large piece of glass is going to allow more heat exchange with the outside than will a wall, so any room with a bunch of windows is going to be harder to keep warm. To mitigate this issue, think about covering most or all of your windows with blinds or drapes to help keep more warm air inside.


Also, if you live in an older home, upgrading your windows to new models can help with this problem. Older windows typically had just a single pane, which performed very poorly for energy efficiency. Modern, double-paned windows do much better, and will likely be sealed up tighter around the edges.


Consider Upgrading to a New Furnace

At some point, the best way to proceed may be to simply have a new furnace installed. New equipment is always going to be more efficient than older systems, so it will use less energy to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. And, if you have been finding that you have to pay for frequent repairs on your old system anyway, the upgrade to a new model is going to make a ton of sense all the way around.


Add a Humidifier to Living Spaces

This last tip is something you might not think of immediately when considering furnace efficiency, but it can actually work wonders. In the summer, this part of the world is quite humid, and the last thing you would want to do is add more moisture to the air. However, in the winter, the air dries out, and dry air has trouble holding onto heat. By adding a humidifier to some of the spaces in your home, you can make it easier for the air in those rooms to hold onto the heat that your furnace is creating. That will mean a boost in efficiency, and you might find your house more comfortable, as well.


Is it time for some Greensboro furnace repair work in your home? Heating repair in Greensboro is best handled by the team at Berico, so you don’t need to look any further for a contractor who is up to this challenge. As a leader in Greensboro HVAC, you can trust Berico to do quality work at an excellent price time after time.

How Often Should You Clean Your Furnace Ducts?

When was the last time you had your furnace ducts cleaned? If you don’t have a quick answer to that question, don’t worry – you aren’t alone. This is something that many people never think to address, but it’s actually an important part of the ongoing maintenance of your home. This article will highlight the importance of furnace duct cleaning and discuss how often this task should be completed.


Whether it’s furnace duct cleaning you need, or anything else related to heating and cooling, Berico is the right partner for the project. One of the best in High Point HVAC, Berico is the easy choice for great value and excellent service.


Stay Ahead of the Game

If you want to make sure you and your family are able to enjoy clean air throughout the year, going with an annual furnace duct cleaning is a good practice. You can have this work completed when you have the rest of your HVAC system serviced, and you can be sure that the air coming out of your ducts will be fresh and clean for the next twelve months.


The nice thing about having your furnace ducts cleaned annually is that this job is affordable and doesn’t take long to complete. When you work with a partner like Berico who has the powerful equipment needed to thoroughly clean the ducts in a timely manner, you can have the project checked off of your to-do list in no time at all.


Signs That Duct Cleaning is Needed

As an alternative to setting up an annual duct cleaning, you might also watch for signs that your furnace ducts are dirty and need to be addressed. There are a few signs that you can watch for which might point out the need to have the ducts cleaned, such as the following –


  • Accumulating dust. There will always be some dust that builds up in a house or any other type of building, but more dust than usual could point to a problem with the HVAC system. Specifically, if you are seeing big piles of dust accumulating in just a short period of time, that could point to dirty ducts that need to be cleaned as soon as possible.


  • Using more energy. Dirty ducts not only take a toll on the air quality in your home, but they can also make the system less efficient. If you notice that your energy bill has been climbing in recent months without any other explanation (like a major cold snap), it might be that dirty ducts are requiring the furnace to work harder than it would otherwise.


  • Mold near the registers. If you see mold growing near the registers that serve your ducts, be sure to have the system cleaned right away (as well as inspected). Mold can pose a serious health threat if the matter isn’t addressed properly by a professional team.


It doesn’t matter if you have a propane furnace or a unit that uses any other type of fuel, having your ducts cleaned is always an important maintenance step to take. As a leader in furnace repair in High Point, Berico is ready to jump into action on this project, so reach out today to get started.

How Much is an HVAC Service Call?

Although your HVAC system typically runs in the background at your home without so much as a second thought, there will likely be a time when the need pops up for a service call. If you do have to call in an HVAC technician for a repair, how much will that call cost? This article will provide some clarity on that point.


When you need the best HVAC repair Burlington has available, Berico is the smart pick. As the leader among Burlington HVAC companies, Berico offers a wide range of services, fair prices, and reliable service. Take a moment to get in touch today to discuss your needs and a member of the friendly team will be happy to assist.


A Range of Answers

It’s simply impossible to apply a single price to every different type of HVAC service call. What you wind up paying when an HVAC contractor responds to your home to work on your system is going to depend on how long that work takes, what parts are required, and many other factors. With Berico service calls starting as low as $79, it’s possible to spend less than $100 for a very simple fix, or you may spend several hundred dollars – or more – if more work is required and costly parts have to be ordered.


While you always want to get a good price on this kind of work, it’s important to remember that the key here is to have the work completed correctly the first time. You don’t want to have to go back and have more work done anytime soon – so getting a contractor you can trust should always be your primary concern. Reaching out to Berico allows you to have access to professionals who are always up to the challenge while getting fair pricing at the same time.


Remember the Value of Preventative Maintenance

One thing that should always be mentioned when talking about the cost of an HVAC service call is just how much money can be saved when you opt for preventative maintenance on a regular basis. Having your system cared for periodically while it is still working is a great way to protect its condition and avoid potentially expensive repair work later on.


Berico makes it easy to have your system cared for each year without breaking the bank. Signing up for a Comfort & Protection Service Agreement allows you to save money on basic maintenance services and get discounts on any other work that comes up later. So, for example, if you have a Premium Plan and also need some other repair or diagnostic work, a 20% discount will be applied to those additional jobs.


There are too many variables involved to accurately nail down a specific price for every HVAC service call you may need to make. One thing can be said for certain, however – when you need HVAC service in Burlington, Berico is the easy choice. You’ll be in good hands right from the start with the Berico team, so reach out right away to get started!

How Often Should a Propane Furnace Be Cleaned?

Propane is an excellent fuel to keep a home warm throughout the winter months. If you have a propane furnace, you can likely speak to how well it performs throughout the cold season – but it can only maintain that level of performance if it is cleaned regularly. So, how often should a propane furnace be cleaned? That question, and more, will be answered below.


Do you need a propane supplier to keep your furnace powered up all winter long? Berico is a leader among NC propane companies and would be proud to serve you with reliable propane delivery service and more. Take a moment now to get in touch with the Berico team and get more information about the many services available.


Why Does a Furnace Need Cleaning?

There are a variety of components that need to work properly for a propane furnace to do its job day after day. Over time, those components are going to need attention, or they won’t be able to continue to play their role within the system. And, if even one component can’t get the job done, the whole system may come to a halt.


The basic accumulation of dirt and debris is reason enough to have your furnace cleaned regularly. When your furnace is cleaned, the surfaces will be freshened up and everything will be able to work better than it did before. Also, it is during this time that the technician can notice any wear and tear that has developed, and parts may need to be replaced before they fail.


A Standard Interval

As a good rule of thumb, consider having your propane furnace cleaned once per year. An annual cleaning is enough for most systems to remain in good working condition well into the future. Berico is proud to offer annual maintenance plans that make it easy and affordable for customers to keep their systems working nicely. If you’d like to know more about the Comfort and Protection Service Plans that are available, please contact Berico directly for more information.


Watch for This Sign

It’s a good idea to have your propane furnace maintained annually to stay ahead of the game and keep it in good working order. In addition to taking that step, it’s also smart to watch for signs that your furnace might need some attention from a professional. One such sign is energy bills that are rising without explanation. You probably know roughly how much you have to spend each month to heat your home during the winter – if that bill starts to go up and the underlying rates for propane haven’t changed, it’s possible that your system is running less efficiently and burning more fuel to get the same results.


It’s easy enough to keep up with regular propane furnace cleaning when you have Berico on your side. Make your first appointment today and you can look forward to a full winter of reliable heating performance to keep your whole family comfortable. Berico can’t wait to serve you.

Does Propane Burn Clean?

gas stove litAs more and more attention is paid to environmental concerns, and more and more people become aware of how their actions impact the world around them, a critical eye has been turned toward the kinds of fuels that are used to heat houses. If you have a propane furnace in your home, you might be wondering about how the burning of that fuel is impacting the environment and whether you should consider switching to something else.


On that point, we have good news – propane is a clean-burning fuel and one of your best options for heating a home. Using propane in Greensboro to stay warm during the winter is an excellent choice, and Berico is the best bet in this area for reliable and affordable propane delivery. Take a moment to reach out to Berico today to learn more about the delivery process.


Yes, Propane Burns Clean

To get right to the answer to the question in the title of this article, yes, propane is a clean-burning fuel. Anyone who is concerned with their environmental impact and wants to make responsible choices can feel good about using propane as a source of heat. As the propane furnace in your house runs to keep you and your family warm all winter, you don’t have to worry about doing unwanted damage to the environment.


When talking about which fuels are best to use for the environment, it’s also important to think about what would happen in the case of a spill. Most of the propane that is produced and sold is going to be burned, of course, but spills are always possible and should be considered as part of the supply chain. In this case, there is more good news – if released into the air, propane vaporizes and doesn’t do the same kinds of damage that can be done by other fuels.


For instance, when some other types of fuel spill, they can contaminate groundwater, harm marine habitats, and more. So, even in the event of an accident that causes un-combusted propane to make its way out into the environment, no notable damage will be done to the surrounding area.


Electricity Might Not Be the Answer

If you have been thinking about how to reduce your carbon footprint and leave a smaller ecological impact on the world, you might have considered switching to electricity as the power source that keeps you warm. Many people think that using electricity is going to be better for the environment, but it’s not nearly that simple.


The energy to create electricity has to come from somewhere, and the sources of power that are used to convert it into electricity might not be as clean as you would like. Plus, as electricity is being transmitted from the source to your home, much of it is lost along the way to resistance. In the end, having propane delivered is likely to have a far lower environmental impact, especially since you now know that it burns clean and isn’t putting harmful byproducts out into the air.


Outstanding Efficiency

One of the keys to keep in mind when picking out fuel to use for any purpose is how efficient that fuel is at completing the task at hand. The more efficient a fuel is, the less of it has to be used in the process, and the lower the overall impact on the environment. This is another area where propane measures up quite nicely. It is known to be more efficient than many other fuels that are currently used, such as liquefied natural gas and ethanol.


Enjoy Many Other Benefits

Using propane because it burns clean is a great motivation to opt for this fuel in your home, but that’s only one of many advantages that you will enjoy. Still looking for a little more motivation to use propane? Consider these points:


  • Save on fuel costs. You certainly don’t want to spend any more money than is necessary to keep your home warm throughout the winter. While propane isn’t free, it is often more affordable than the other options that you’ll find on the market. And, since it registers impressive performance in terms of efficiency, you won’t go through it too quickly – even when a cold stretch of weather moves into the area. If you feel like you have been spending more money than necessary on fuel, consider making a move to propane to solve that problem.


  • There is something about storing a tank of fuel on their property that makes some people nervous. That nervousness, however, is misguided and usually comes from a lack of information. The use of propane as an energy source is very safe and you’ll have nothing to worry about in that regard, especially when you work with a professional team like Berico to deliver the propane and manage your tank properly.


  • Impressive performance. If you set everything else to the side – things like environmental benefits, cost savings, and more – you still may come back to propane simply because of how well it works. You’ll get outstanding performance from a system that relies on propane, and you might find that it is a significant upgrade over what you were using previously.
  • Simple delivery process. You shouldn’t have to deal with any headaches or frustrations when trying to get fuel to your home, and there will be no such worries when ordering propane – as long as you do so with Berico. These deliveries arrive on time and are carried out by a professional staff that always places safety as the top priority.


For many reasons, propane is an excellent option to heat your home. In addition to the fact that it burns clean, it is also relatively affordable compared to other fuels, and it is easy to fill a propane tank when you work with Berico to get on a regular schedule of deliveries. Contact the Berico team today to learn more about the service and to get started right away.

Do HVAC Companies Offer Financing?

It’s no secret that HVAC work can be expensive. Whether it’s an extensive repair or the installation of an entirely new system, the bill can rack up quickly – even if you are working with a trusted, honest provider like Berico. With that in mind, you might be wondering about financing options that would allow you to spread out the cost of your HVAC work over an extended period while being able to enjoy the benefits right away.


This article will look at the possibility of HVAC financing and how that might work in your situation. If you need High Point furnace repair, or any other kind of HVAC repair in High Point, your first call should be to Berico. With an excellent reputation in the industry and a long list of satisfied clients throughout the region, you’ll be in good hands right from the start with the Berico team. Don’t wait any longer to get started!


The Simple Answer is Yes

To get right to the answer to the title question of this article, yes – many HVAC companies offer various forms of financing. While there are certainly companies out there that don’t make financing available to their customers, there are plenty others that do. In fact, if you are working with a proven, established HVAC company that has been in the business for many years, there is a good chance that some type of financing is available.


For example, at Berico, there are multiple financing options available, and those will be discussed in more detail below. Whether you need financing to help spread out the cost of a big new equipment purchase, or if you just want to even out the payments you are going to make for fuel deliveries, options are presented to make your experience a good one.


Why Use HVAC Financing

A properly working HVAC system is one of those things that you just can’t wait around to get up and running. If you need to install new equipment, you aren’t going to be able to wait until you have saved up the money to pay cash for the purchase – you need to get it in as soon as possible so you can deal with the hot or cold weather that is soon to arrive. Likewise, if you need to have your system repaired, those repairs probably can’t wait any longer than is absolutely necessary.


HVAC financing, like any other kind of financing, allows you to make a purchase sooner than you could have otherwise. It’s the same story for houses and cars, and it certainly applies to things like furnaces and air conditioners. Leveraging financing allows you to speed up your timeline while getting what you need in the short term. Using financing strategically and making sure the monthly payments fit nicely into your budget is a great way to approach a large purchase or sudden expense.


Using HVAC Financing Makes the Process Simple

There are plenty of different entities that are willing to offer qualified borrowers the money they need to make a variety of purchases. However, when you are dealing with HVAC, you may find it easiest to work directly with your chosen contractor, assuming they offer some financing programs for you to consider.


The big advantage here is the simplicity of the whole process. Their programs will be designed specifically around providing financing for HVAC projects, so there will be no confusion as to what is going on or how the money will be used. Also, the HVAC company will understand the potential urgency of the project and will help you secure the financing quickly so the work can get started as soon as possible.


You might also be impressed by the terms that are offered through the financing programs that are available. As compared to putting the purchase on a credit card, for instance, you may see that your HVAC financing offers are more affordable and will serve you better in the long run.


Checking Out Berico Financing

Earlier, it was mentioned that Berico has a couple of different types of financing options available for customers to explore. This section will look a little closer at what those programs are and how they might benefit you. Even if you aren’t sure that you’ll want to use financing on an upcoming purchase with Berico, it’s a good idea to know what your options are so you can make an informed choice.


The first is an EZ-Pay program that offers the ability to split up the bill for fuel delivery into monthly payments. A large delivery of fuel can come with a significant bill, and if it has to be paid all at once, that expense can place an undue burden on the customer. So, to avoid issues with such a large expense coming up suddenly, customers can choose to use EZ-Pay by getting credit approved. With this approval in place, the bill can be divided up into manageable chunks that are paid each month.


If you’ll be purchasing new HVAC equipment, there is a program available through Berico that uses the Wells Fargo Home Projects credit card. Once approved, you’ll have access to competitive interest rates on the financing that is needed to buy equipment like furnaces or air conditioners. The application process for this card is quick and easy, allowing you to get on with the project right away.


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