Could your Air Conditioner be Causing your Cough?

Do you have a persistent cough? It may have started with a cold or allergies, but if you have a chronic cough that has been plaguing you for weeks, it’s not normal. Sometimes a cough is due to poor indoor air quality, which could be directly related to your central air system. If your home has ductwork and air vents, you have a central or forced air system in your home. The air that blows out of your vents is primarily the air that you breathe, and when that air isn’t clean, your health can suffer. Beat the cough once and for all with Reidsville air conditioner repair. 

Indoor Air Quality: The Hidden Health Influencer 

You may not give much thought to the air quality in your home. You may assume that you’re more likely to experience air pollution outside, when the opposite is actually the case. When your home air is compromised it can cause allergy symptoms, chronic respiratory issues, and aggravate asthma. So if you’re suffering from a cough you can’t seem to shake or other ear, nose, and throat issues, your home air is possibly the reason. 

Your Central Air System is the Biggest Factor in Home Air Quality 

Now you’re probably wondering why your home air quality could be bad. Poor air quality is the result of a few different factors, mostly related to your HVAC system. When working properly, your central air system uses filters to keep dust and dirt out of your ducts and indoor unit. When the filters get overly dirty or clogged, dust and other allergens like pollen can get through.  

Another concern is with your furnace, which can release carbon monoxide into your home when not working properly. Furnaces create heat using natural gas, propane, or heating oil. When these fuels are burned, carbon monoxide is created. A properly functioning furnace will vent these fumes out of your home. If there are problems, such as holes or leaks in the ventilation system or other malfunctions that cause your furnace to produce too much CO, it can enter the air in your home. Your CO detector will only alert you if the CO level gets dangerously high. However, even low levels can cause serious health problems. 

Improve Your Health with Reidsville Air Conditioner Maintenance and an Air Purification System 

The most important step you can take in improving your indoor air quality and your health is to schedule biannual HVAC maintenance. Preventative maintenance is a tune-up for your furnace and air conditioner involving cleaning, inspecting, repairing, lubricating, and generally restoring your system to its best condition. This will keep your Reidsville air conditioner running efficiently and blowing cleaner air.  

Want the cleanest indoor air possible? Consider an air purification system. Fitted directly onto your current HVAC system, an air purifier will remove the finest particles from the air before they pass through the vents into your home. State of the art technology not only cleans the air, but creates new clean air molecules.  

Kick that cough by calling Carolina Fuels for Reidsville air conditioner maintenance: (336) 273-8663. 

Why (and What) is My Air Conditioner Leaking?

If your air conditioner seems to be leaking, you probably have a lot of questions. Why is it leaking? What is leaking from it? What should I do? Rest assured that leaks are quite common and it’s likely an easy fix. But if you see excessive moisture coming from your air conditioner you should definitely call an HVAC service in Greensboro to come and take a look.

What is the Liquid that’s Leaking from my Air Conditioner? 

Most likely it is just water from condensation. As warm air moves over the cold evaporator coil, condensation or water forms. This water is supposed to go outside through a drainage system when your air conditioner is working right. When it isn’t, the water ends up inside underneath the AC unit.  

In some cases, your system may leak refrigerant. It can be difficult to tell the difference between a water leak and a refrigerant leak. The common signs of a refrigerant leak include ice on your outdoor unit or on the evaporator coil, warm air coming from your vents, and sometimes a lack of airflow in general. If any of these symptoms accompany your leak, there’s a good chance it’s not just water.  

Why is it Leaking? 

If your AC is leaking water, it is likely because the drainage tube is blocked in some way so that water isn’t getting out like it should. It could also mean that the drain pan or drainage tube is cracked, causing water to leak. It could be that a malfunction of your system is causing excess moisture to build up faster than it can be drained out. Your air conditioner also works as a dehumidifier for your home during hot, humid summers. If you notice that your home feels more humid than it should like if windows fog up when it’s hot outside, it indicates that your AC is not working properly. You could prevent a leak before it starts if you pay attention to the early warning signs.  

Air conditioners leak refrigerant if there is a crack or hole in the evaporator coil. Strange as it seems, a lack of refrigerant can cause ice to form on the coil or the outside of the AC unit.  

What Should I Do About It? 

When you’re sure the water is coming from your air conditioner and not your plumbing or elsewhere, you should contact your HVAC service in Greensboro. Rely on the experts at Berico to accurately diagnose the problem and repair it properly.  

The same thing applies if you suspect your system is leaking refrigerant. The coil will need to be repaired or replaced and recharged with the proper amount of refrigerant, which is a job for a trained HVAC technician. 

How can I Prevent Leaks Before they Start?

Yearly maintenance for your air conditioner can prevent leaks and other problems from ever happening. Avoid water damage to your home from water and refrigerant leaks by having your system inspected, cleaned, and repaired every spring before the weather gets hot. Berico offers maintenance contracts that include AC and furnace maintenance along with other perks like discounted repairs and priority service. A Comfort and Protection Service Plan from Berico keeps your entire HVAC system (furnace and air conditioner) working efficiently throughout the year, keeping your home comfortable in any weather. Take the most important step in preventing heating and cooling problems. Call for Berico HVAC service in Greensboro: (336) 273-8663.  


What to do if Your Air Conditioner Ices Over

Ice on your air conditioner on a hot summer day? It hardly makes sense, but it’s actually quite common. If you experience this it can be confusing and you may wonder what to do. Taking the proper steps in this situation can make all the difference when it comes to the cost of repairs and the overall lifespan of your air conditioner. Chances are you are simply in need of a thorough AC tune-up in Burlington, NC. 

  1. Turn off your AC. Any time your air conditioning isn’t working properly, the first step should be to turn it off. Whatever is going wrong will only continue to worsen as long as the system is running. This protects your air conditioner as well as your home and family.  
  1. Check your filters. Extremely dirty or clogged filters can impede air flow into your HVAC system. Your air conditioner is supposed to take in warm air which blows over the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil contains refrigerant which absorbs the heat from the air and transfers it outside. The cooled air is then blown out through the vents in your home. When not enough hot air is blowing over the evaporator coil, it will get too cold and start to form ice. If your filters are dirty, replace them. 
  1. Turn your AC back on and check air flow. If dirty filters were the problem, air flow through your vents should improve. You should feel a strong flow of cool air. If this is not the case, it may indicate a different problem. 
  1. Turn your AC back off and call your HVAC service. Unless you have professional experience with HVAC systems, filters are the only maintenance item you should attend to yourself. If dirty filters are not the reason your system is frozen over, there is likely an internal problem such as a dirty evaporator coil or not enough refrigerant in the coil. Experts can clean the coil and the rest of your system as well as recharge the refrigerant level. Low refrigerant can be due to a leak which will need to be repaired. There are other possible causes of ice on your AC unit that your HVAC technician can diagnose and repair.  

Protect your AC from Further Damage, Prolong its Life, and Save Money by Acting Fast 

If you see ice on your outdoor AC unit, don’t ignore it. Ice is a sign of a malfunction that will only get worse if left unattended. Having it repaired at the first sign of a problem can prevent further damage and costly repairs. It can also prevent full system failure and expensive system replacement. Continuing to run your frozen air conditioner will also waste a lot of energy, which will cause your bill to go up significantly.  

Prevent a Freeze Over with an AC Tune-up in Burlington, NC 

Want to avoid this entire unpleasant situation? Schedule regular yearly maintenance for your air conditioner to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. A thorough inspection and cleaning of your system will help you to avoid unexpected problems with your AC on hot summer days. Call Alamance Oil for an AC tune-up in Burlington, NC. (336) 273-8663.  

What is that Smell Coming from my Air Conditioner?

Have you started to notice an unusual odor coming from your air conditioner? At first, you may wonder if it’s really something new, or if it’s something you’ve never noticed before. But no, it persists and you know it’s not normal. It may be time to call your HVAC company for AC repair in Reidsville. 

How to Identify the Smell and the Cause 

If your air conditioner smells like: 

  • Mildew. If the smell is musty, like mildew or mold, that is likely exactly what you have growing somewhere in your AC unit. This should be addressed immediately. Mold and mildew can cause all sorts of health problems from allergies to more serious respiratory issues. Your HVAC company can remove the mold and repair the source of excess moisture in your system that is likely the cause. 
  • Stinky feet. If the smell coming from your AC smells like dirty socks or stinky feet, this is another indication of a moisture issue. Your filters may be dirty or your drainage system clogged, causing too much moisture or standing water in your AC unit that eventually starts to smell like sweaty feet. Call your HVAC technician to diagnose and repair the problem.  
  • Burning. If you notice any type of burning smell, sometimes similar to gunpowder or an electrical burning smell, turn off your system immediately and call a heating and cooling expert. The smell could be from a variety of issues from a burned out motor to an electrical wiring problem. Take extreme caution in this situation and call an HVAC professional immediately.  
  • Exhaust. It may seem odd to smell exhaust fumes, similar to that of a car, coming from your AC unit. But the motor for a central air system requires similar fluids to run and when these leak out, it can smell just like a car engine. This is not normal and requires professional AC repair in Reidsville.  
  • Rotting. Unfortunately, this is most likely just as it smells. There is probably a dead animal somewhere in your system or ductwork that needs to be removed. Call an HVAC technician who has the training to get into your air conditioner or ducts without causing damage.  

Freshen Up your Home with AC Repair in Reidsville 

Does it seem like your home doesn’t smell fresh? If the air is stale or you’ve noticed strange odors lately and can’t find the cause, it’s likely that your air conditioner needs a tune-up. Regular maintenance keeps your AC running smoothly and efficiently, which prevents bad smells and other problems. HVAC experts recommend AC maintenance every spring and furnace maintenance every fall. In between these tune-ups, you can change your filters monthly or quarterly to keep dirt and dust out of your system and ensure proper air flow. In addition to keeping odors at bay, you will save money on your energy bills.  

Looking for a way to make your indoor air fresher and healthier? Try an air purification system. Easily installed in your current central air system, an air purifier will remove fine particles from the air inside your home and even create new clean air molecules to keep your home smelling fresh year round.  

Call Carolina Fuels for AC repair in Reidsville: (336) 273-8663.  

Mold in Your Home? Your AC Unit could be the Culprit

Do you struggle to keep moisture at bay in your home? Have you noticed mold growing on walls or a musty odor in the air when you walk in? It could be that your air conditioner is failing to keep the indoor humidity under control. It’s possible that you received faulty air conditioner installation in Greensboro. Learn the early warning signs of too much moisture in your home and how to prevent it.  

Signs You May Have Mold Growth in Your Home: 

  • You have allergy symptoms. If you start to experience allergy symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes, and nasal congestion or if these symptoms suddenly worsen, it could be that there is mold growing in your home that you are unable to see.  
  • You smell a musty odor. Mold has an odor that smells musty or similar to the way mold smells when it grows on food. 
  • You see signs of water damage or leaks. If you notice new water stains on ceilings or walls you could have a water leak somewhere. Water damage leads to mold growth.  
  • You notice condensation on windows and metal surfaces. When there is too much humidity in your home you may notice that windows and mirrors fog up and that moisture gathers on metal surfaces. This is also an early warning sign that your home is at risk for mold growth.  

A Malfunctioning AC Unit Can Cause Mold Growth 

A properly working air conditioner also works as a dehumidifier for your home. It pulls excess moisture from the air and drains it outside of the home. When your AC has a blocked drainage tube it can cause water to leak inside which can lead to mold growth when not noticed or repaired quickly.  

Another way your air conditioner can fail to dehumidify your home is when it has a lack of refrigerant due to a leak. The evaporator coil can freeze over and your home will not cool down as it should. Unwanted moisture will remain inside as the airflow over the coil slows or ceases. 

Preventing Mold Growth Due to Air Conditioner Failure 

Keeping moisture at bay and preventing the growth of mold comes down to two basic things: 

  1. Regular Maintenance. Prevent mold and mildew damage before it starts by keeping your AC unit professionally maintained. This means scheduling preventative maintenance with your HVAC company every year to ensure your air conditioner is running smoothly and efficiently. Maintenance includes inspecting, cleaning, and lubricating your system as well as recharging refrigerant to the proper levels.  
  1. Proper Air Conditioner Installation in Greensboro. When your air conditioning unit is first installed it must be done correctly. Improper installation of the system or the ductwork can cause problems with humidity and indoor moisture control.  

Trust the Installation and Care of Your Air Conditioning System to Berico 

If you have reason to believe your AC isn’t properly managing the moisture in your home, have a Berico technician check your system. It’s better to prevent the growth of mold before it starts rather than trying to remove it has already taken hold. Need new air conditioner installation in Greensboro? Be sure it’s done right by hiring Berico to do the job. Call (336) 273-8663.  

Are Air Conditioner Filters Recyclable?

It’s recommended that air conditioner filters be replaced at least every 3 months. Filter replacement is part of typical AC maintenance in Burlington. If you have regular maintenance in the spring and fall, your filters will be replaced every 6 months, so it’s a good idea to change them out yourself in between tune-ups. You can even change them monthly for best results. That’s a lot of trash being generated that may just end up in another landfill. Can AC filters be recycled? Well, it depends. 

Can I Put My Used Filters in My Curbside Recycling Bin? 

Unfortunately, no, unless you want to meticulously separate the polyester or fiberglass mesh from the cardboard border and recycle just the cardboard. But that process is tedious and it releases all the dust mites and allergens that your filter has removed from the air in your home, exposing your respiratory system to toxins. If you have allergies, asthma, or any other respiratory illness, the potential harm is just not worth it.  

Where Can I Recycle My Used HVAC Filters? 

There are a couple of options for recycling air filters.  

  • Mail-in recycling services will send you prepaid envelopes in which to place your dirty filters to send in for recycling.  
  • Contact your HVAC service and ask about filter disposal/recycling for those filter changes in between your twice-annual HVAC tune-ups.  

Of course, the easiest method is to simply throw them away in your curbside trash can. However, taking the time to avoid adding more trash to landfills is a noble cause. 

Reusable HVAC Filters Eliminate Waste Altogether 

Another way to keep filters out of landfills is reusable filters. Reusable filters can be cleaned periodically and last for years. The price is higher than disposable filters, but you’ll avoid repeatedly paying for disposable filters every 3 months. And you’ll eliminate waste while still keeping your indoor air clean and healthy.  

Cleanup is easy: 

  1. Turn off your HVAC system. 
  2. Remove filters from intake vents. 
  3. Vacuum or hose off filters until dust and debris is removed. 
  4. If you use water, be sure to let filters dry completely (this step is very important, otherwise unwanted moisture ends up in your HVAC system and mold can grow).  
  5. Put filters back in the intake vents.  

These filters will last for years, eliminating particles and allergens from your home air and keeping your HVAC system clean. 

Alamance Oil Handles your Filter Replacement with AC Maintenance in Burlington 

All of your filter changes can be handled by Alamance Oil. You can order filters at for replacements in between tune-ups. Otherwise, your filter replacements can be handled by Alamance Oil during your regular appointments for AC maintenance in Burlington. Sign up for a Comfort and Protection Service Agreement and your filter changes and disposal are included. Keep your heating and air conditioning system running efficiently with full system care from Alamance Oil. Call (336) 226-9371.  

Why is Timing Important When Scheduling AC Maintenance and Repairs?

spring flower blossomsDid you know there is a time of year that’s best for scheduling HVAC maintenance? Experts recommend yearly maintenance for both your furnace and your air conditioner to keep it running efficiently and to prevent unexpected and potentially expensive problems. This means two separate appointments are needed each year. So, when should you schedule this annual maintenance to avoid costly HVAC repair in Burlington, NC?

Air Conditioning Maintenance Should Be Done in Late Winter or Early Spring

Late Spring is a very busy time for heating and cooling companies. As the weather starts to warm up, homeowners start turning on their air conditioners for the first time, and many will be met with the unfortunate situation of a system that isn’t working properly. Either it won’t come on at all, or when it does it makes weird noises, or it won’t blow enough cool air. If you wait too long in Spring to schedule your spring maintenance, you’ll hit the busy season when it’s more difficult for your technician to find a time that suits your schedule. The earlier you call, the more flexible and easier scheduling will be. By calling early, you know you’ll be prepared for hot weather; that your air conditioner is in excellent working order and will run efficiently and consistently.

Furnace Maintenance Should be Scheduled in Late Summer or Early Fall

For the same reasons that AC maintenance is best done in spring, furnace maintenance should be done in late summer or early fall. Avoid the rush and the busy season for HVAC companies by being proactive and making sure your furnace will be ready to handle that first cold fall night. Another thing to consider about furnace maintenance is propane or heating oil refills. If your furnace runs on propane or oil, your tank needs periodic refills to avoid running out. Purchasing heating fuel ahead of schedule helps you to get a better price and avoid shortages that can sometimes occur during particularly cold winters. You can knock out both maintenance and fuel delivery in one appointment when your HVAC company and fuel supplier are one in the same.

The Benefits of Calling Alamance Oil for System Maintenance and HVAC Repair in Burlington, NC

  1. Save Money. HVAC maintenance saves you money in many ways. A well-tuned system runs more efficiently, thus uses less energy, resulting in lower energy bills. By keeping your system well-maintained, you avoid unexpected problems that could lead to after-hours and emergency repair fees. Being on a regular maintenance agreement means discounted repairs when needed, among other perks like priority scheduling and waived after-hours and emergency fees. And filters are included in the total price of the maintenance.
  2. Avoid System Failure. Don’t suffer in the sweltering heat or freezing cold while you wait for repairs. Your system is already in great shape following preseason maintenance.
  3. Get All-in-one Home Comfort Service. Alamance Oil combines fuel delivery with HVAC repair in Burlington, NC so that you receive a discount on your fuel and you save time by making one call to schedule just one appointment.

Call today to schedule your spring AC maintenance: (336) 226-9371.

Your Home’s Foundation Impacts your Heating and Cooling Costs

basement crawl spaceHouses are built on many different types of foundations. Whether crawl space, basement, slab, or another type, the foundation of your home affects the amount you pay to heat and cool it each month. No one type is better than another, but each needs to be handled differently when it comes to heating, cooling, and insulation. It’s also important to consider your foundation when choosing a new system for AC replacement in Burlington, NC.

Extra Insulation in your Crawlspace Foundation Can Save You Money

Do your floorboards feel cold in the winter time? If you have forced air heating and a crawlspace foundation, you may find that your feet are always cold and your heating bill is high. Without proper insulation, your crawlspace could be letting in cold air during the winter and hot air during the summer. Your HVAC system then has to work harder to achieve the desired indoor temperature, using more energy and increasing wear and tear on your furnace and air conditioner. Sealing and insulating your crawlspace keeps the outside air where it belongs—outside.

Sealing your Basement Can Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs

Basements can be cold and damp. They can also be hot and stuffy, lacking ventilation. Properly sealing your basement can keep moisture and cold out, making it easier to keep it warm and cozy during the winter. Your furnace will require less gas, propane, or electricity which saves you money during the winter. Excess moisture and humidity in your basement can be an added challenge for your air conditioner during the summer months as well. Keeping basement humidity under control allows your air conditioning to cool the space more efficiently, also lowering your energy bill.

Slab Foundations Should Also be Insulated to Save Energy

In very warm climates, slab foundations are sometimes not insulated. But in climates where the winter months reach freezing temperatures, insulation is extremely beneficial. Both cold and warmth from the ground can impact your indoor temperature. Insulation keeps the air temperature in your home more even, making it easier to heat and cool consistently from room to room. Your HVAC system will require less energy to make your home comfortable, and the energy is what costs you money.

Less energy usage results in a lower energy bill. It’s that simple.

Evaluate your Foundation Insulation Before AC Replacement in Burlington, NC

If you are thinking about replacing your air conditioning system or if it dies and leaves you with no choice, be sure to check your foundation and insulation before you choose a system. It’s also important to get an accurate number of square feet that needs to be heated and cooled. If you recently finished your basement or attic or added on to your home, your new HVAC system may need to be larger to accommodate the additional space. Make sure your basement is sealed and your crawlspace or slab is insulated before you go through with AC replacement in Burlington, NC. Alamance Oil can perform an energy audit on your home and let you know if outside air is getting in due to insufficient insulation. Expert technicians can install a new HVAC system that is properly sized to heat and cool your home efficiently, saving you money each month. Call (336)226-9371 for a free home energy audit or AC replacement estimate.

Gas Log Installation

Living room with fireplace burningAre you interested in gas logs for your home? Gas logs can be installed in an existing wood fireplace or a fireplace that was designed for gas logs. They can add warmth and ambiance to your home with a relatively simple installation. Some types don’t even require an actual fireplace to be in place. The versatility of gas logs is one of their biggest benefits. But choosing the right type for your home is important. Before you decide on gas logs for sale, consider some of the following things.

Choose Between Using Propane or Natural Gas Logs

If you already have natural gas access in your home, gas logs are most likely the easiest choice. However, some homeowners still choose propane because they can operate the logs separate from their other gas appliances. If natural gas is not available in your area, propane may be your only choice when it comes to having a gas log fireplace.

The Next Choice: Vented or Vent-Free Gas Logs

Vented Vent-Free

·       cost less to purchase

·       offer ambiance more than heat

·       realistic flame

·       no CO detector needed

·       no smell


·       create more heat (can heat a full room)

·       less pollution

·       use less fuel

·       no ventilation necessary, more flexible use


·       produce less heat

·       use more fuel

·       need a chimney or other ventilation


·       may increase indoor humidity

·       depletes oxygen in the room

·       requires oxygen depletion and CO detectors

·       less realistic flame

·       slight odor released


Choosing your ventilation type may also depend on your home. If you already have a wood or other vented fireplace, installing vented logs may be the easiest choice. If you lack a ventilated space, vent-free logs can be installed in a cabinet or other space that is able to withstand the heat created. Heating a full-size room is easier for a vent-free fireplace, but a vented fireplace offers supplemental warmth for an already heated space.

The Advantages of Gas Logs over a Wood Burning Fireplace

  • Gas logs burn clean, leaving no ashes behind to shovel and no chimney to sweep.
  • You won’t have to cut, haul, or purchase wood.
  • You’ll experience fewer allergy symptoms from all the particles released into the air when wood is burned.
  • Gas log fireplaces are safer for your home and family.
  • Enjoy the ambiance of a fire at the flip of a switch.

Gas Logs for Sale and Quality Installation by Carolina Fuels

Once you’ve decided to purchase gas logs, whether or not you’ve decided on a type yet, go ahead and contact Carolina Fuels at (336)273-8663. Expert technicians have experience installing all kinds of gas log fireplaces and can help you choose the best type for your home. Whatever kind of fireplace you have in your home and even if you don’t have one at all, Carolina Fuels can help you achieve the glowing warmth a fireplace brings to a home.

Things to Be Aware of Before Hiring an AC Company

ac thermostatIt’s likely the biggest, most expensive appliance in your home that uses the most energy: your heating and cooling system. It may be one complete system, it may be a separate furnace and air conditioner, but all together it’s what keeps your home comfortable. It requires proper installation, regular maintenance, and may one day need to be replaced. For all of these services, you need the help of a stellar HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) service. If you don’t currently have a trusted heating and cooling company, it can be hard to know which one to choose. But all it really takes is a little research to find quality AC installation in Greensboro, NC.

Read Reviews from Multiple Sources. It’s easy to find online reviews of businesses online, but the key is to use multiple sources. Don’t write off a potentially good company because of one less than stellar review on one website. Check with reliable sources like the Better Business Bureau and look at the reasons and comments behind the ratings.

Look for Proper Credentials. Be sure that any company you consider has all the required certifications such as state licensure and that every technician is properly trained and receives continued training. Not every HVAC company is a licensed contractor for installation of heating and cooling equipment. Before you hire anyone for an installation job, be sure they are properly certified.

Pricing Can Be Deceiving. Be careful when it comes to pricing. Choosing the lowest price is not always the wisest choice. Ask yourself why their price is lower than the competition. Is it because they are starving for business? Or is it a legitimate reason such as the fact that they are a smaller, lesser-known business? Get multiple estimates so that you have a general idea of what the average price range is for the service you need.

Ask for References and Actually Call Them. Any reliable HVAC company will have a list of references you can contact. Before a big project like AC installation in Greensboro, NC, be sure to call the references provided and get a feel for the type of business you are hiring. Listen for qualities that you want in an HVAC service. Ask questions about the things you’re most concerned about.

Nothing Beats Experience. The longer a company has been in business, the more reliable they tend to be. Years and years of experience make a business solid at what it does. However, beware of companies that seem to be stuck in the past, using old practices and not keeping up with current technology. A successful business must be progressive, always changing and adapting with the times.

Hire Berico for AC Installation in Greensboro, NC

Berico has every quality a reliable HVAC company should possess. Years of experience, proper licensing and certification, an A+ accredited business with the BBB, competitive pricing, positive reviews, and stellar references. If you’re in need of a new heating and air conditioning system, whether residential or commercial, Berico is up to the task. Call (336)273-8663 for a free estimate.