Debunking Heating Oil Myths

Among the different heating fuels and energy sources for home heating, people seem to have some misgivings about oil. However, oil is still in use and not just because there are old homes that still exist with oil furnaces. New homeowners are choosing to build custom homes with oil heat because of its efficiency among other benefits. In many North Carolina towns like Madison, heating oil is increasing in popularity. So let’s dispel some of the common myths about heating oil. 

Myth: Heating Oil is Expensive. 

Truth: Heating oil may seem to cost more at the time of purchase, but a little bit of oil creates a large amount of heat. Oil is actually one of the most efficient sources of home heat. It may seem to cost more when you pay for a tank refill, but you’ll feel differently when you see how long that refill lasts. 

Myth: Heating Oil Pollutes the Environment.

Truth: Heating oil is actually very clean. It produces so little emissions that the Federal Clean Air Act doesn’t even regulate it. Not only does it burn clean, but heating oil leaks or spills won’t pollute groundwater or soil. 

Myth: Heating Oil is Not a Renewable Resource. 

Truth: Oil is becoming more renewable as technological advancements have moved toward making heating oil a blend of renewable and non-renewable fuel. In time heating oil will be completely renewable. 

Myth: Heating Oil Creates Soot in Your Home.

Truth: A properly operating oil furnace does not create soot. If you have soot coming from your vents or you find a residue on your surfaces, it means your furnace needs to be serviced. It could be as simple as replacing dirty filters or having your furnace thoroughly cleaned. 

Myth: Heating Oil is Dangerous. 

Truth: There is no need to worry about the safety of heating oil. It only burns at extremely high temperatures and only through the complex conversion system that oil furnaces use to make heating oil combustible. 

Myth: Heating Oil is Only Used in Old Houses. 

Truth: It may surprise you to know that new homes are being built with heating oil furnaces. It’s not an outdated heat source that you only find in older homes anymore. The efficiency of heating oil and the warm, radiant heat it produces are just a few of the reasons this type of heat is making a huge comeback. 

Madison Heating Oil Supplier Carolina Fuels Wants You to Know the Truth

Don’t let the myths about heating oil make you choose a less efficient heat source for your home or cause you to avoid purchasing a home you love because it has an oil furnace. You can rest assured that you can still be earth-conscious and use heating oil and that your home and family will be safe. Now that you know the truth about heating oil, choose a Madison Heating Oil supplier you can trust. Carolina Fuels supplies heating oil to Madison, NC, and the surrounding area. Experts are always available to honestly answer any questions you may have. 

Call (336) 623-9741 today to schedule heating oil delivery or furnace maintenance.

10 Reasons to Choose Propane

Whether you’re choosing a home heating fuel, home energy source, grilling fuel, camping fuel, commercial fuel, fireplace fuel, or even a temporary fuel option, propane can do any and all of these jobs. From a premier propane supplier in Eden, here are 10 reasons to choose propane.

1. Efficient

Propane is highly efficient. It burns extremely hot which creates a warm, radiant heat for home comfort. It’s also ideal for water heaters as it allows the hot water to recover much faster than electric water heaters. 

2. Portable

Propane is transported as a liquid in tanks, making it possible to deliver to any location. From large whole-household tanks to small cylinders used for grilling, the portability of propane is one of its biggest advantages. 

3. Available

In rural areas where other energy sources may not be available, propane can still be delivered. It only requires a tank to be placed somewhere on your property, either above the ground or buried underneath the ground. 

4. Versatile

Propane can be used for so much more than just home heat. It can be used for cooking inside and outside, heating water, drying clothes, heating pools, and hot tubs, fueling fireplaces, heating campers, and more. 

5. Affordable

Propane is comparable to other energy sources in price, but it gives you more bang for your buck than some of the others. There are ways to save on propane refills with your propane supplier in Eden, such as automatic deliveries, price lock plans, and maintenance packages. 

6. Safe

There is no risk of explosion or fire with propane, as it requires extremely hot temperatures and a complex system to be converted from a liquid into a gas so that it can create the necessary heat and energy to operate appliances. 

7. Clean

Propane burns clean is non-toxic and doesn’t release any greenhouse gases. You can rest assured that your energy source is sustainable. 

8. Made in America

90% of propane that is used in the United States is processed right here in the country. 

9. Plentiful

There is plenty of propane available and it will continue to be so. It is gradually replacing gasoline consumption in commercial vehicles, which will increase production due to supply and demand.

10. Still Works When the Power Goes Out

If you lose power for whatever reason (weather, a fallen tree, an accident) you’ll still have heat, hot water, and the use of any other appliances that run on propane. Propane can also power a generator to offer temporary electricity when needed. 

Looking for a Propane Supplier in Eden?

Carolina Fuels provides affordable, reliable propane delivery services to Eden and the surrounding area. Wherever you live, propane can most likely be brought to you. Save money with the price lock plan, automatic deliveries, and a Comfort and Protection Service Agreement. An added benefit to choosing Carolina Fuels as your propane supplier in Eden is that you have an HVAC specialist at your disposal as well to keep your furnace and air conditioning system working properly and efficiently.

Call (336) 623-9741 today to request a propane delivery or schedule HVAC service. New customers benefit from the free tank swap program. 

5 Benefits of a Propane Delivery Service

5 Benefits of a propane deliveryIf your home runs on propane, you know that periodic propane tank refills are necessary. Do you have a go-to company for propane delivery in Greensboro? There are some definite advantages to having a regular propane delivery service. Consider these 5 benefits.

1. Never run out of propane

Running out of propane on a cold winter day is unpleasant. But what’s worse is that when your tank gets empty it can cause problems that need specific attention. Your tank and gas lines will need to be inspected before the tank is refilled because when the amount of propane in the tank gets too low, the pressurization is disturbed. 

2. Bundle propane delivery and HVAC services

When your propane supplier is also an HVAC specialist, you can have your furnace inspected and tuned up with each propane delivery. This ensures your system is working properly and efficiently, which helps you avoid unexpected furnace issues and save money on heating fuel. 

3. Avoid fluctuating propane prices

As you probably know, the price of propane fluctuates based on the price of crude oil just like gas prices do. You can’t guarantee what the cost will be when you need a refill unless you sign up for regular propane delivery in Greensboro with a supplier who offers price protection plans. When you agree to purchase a certain amount of propane you can lock in the current price so that a price spike won’t affect you. 

4. Get preferred customer benefits

With some companies, when you are a regular delivery customer you get additional perks. Sign up for a plan that includes HVAC maintenance and you’ll also enjoy other benefits, such as a propane discount, repair discounts, and credits toward new equipment. In the long term, sticking with one company for propane delivery in Greensboro will save you money. 

5. Propane refills won’t break your budget

Another advantage of committing to one delivery service is a monthly payment plan. You can spread the cost of your propane over the year and pay monthly so that one tank refill won’t seem so overwhelming to your budget. 


Enjoy These Benefits and More When You Make Berico Your Propane Supplier

1. Berico ensures you never run out of propane

Delivery schedules are carefully calculated based on your household usage and the projected weather for the season so that you will never run out. 

2. Comfort and Protection Service Agreements from Berico

Berico offers service plans that combine HVAC maintenance and propane delivery in one convenient bundle. 

3. Price Protection Plans

You can lock in your propane price with Berico when you agree to purchase a set amount each year. If prices go up, you still pay what you originally agreed on. 

4. Berico Customer Perks

When you sign up for a Comfort and Protection Service Agreement you get 20% diagnostic and repair fees, priority service, waived emergency or after-hours fees, bonus bucks toward new equipment, and more. 

5. EZ Pay Program

Berico offers monthly payment plans to make the cost of propane more budget-friendly. 


Make Berico your propane supplier today. Call (336) 273-8663 to request propane delivery or HVAC service

5 Benefits of Heating Oil

5 Benefits of Heating OilWith all the sources of energy for heating your home, it can be difficult to decide what’s the best one for you. Between natural gas, electricity, propane, and heating oil, you have some choices. There may be some limitations in availability. For example, natural gas is not always available in rural areas, but propane and heating oil can be delivered anywhere. If you prefer older homes, you may find that more of them have oil furnaces and tanks already in place. 

The good news is that any home can be equipped with a furnace and tank for heating oil in Burlington. Thinking of switching? House Hunting? Building a new home? Consider these 5 benefits of heating your home with oil. 

1. Efficiency

The number one goal for an energy source is efficiency. You want a heating fuel that will make the most heat while consuming the least amount of fuel. This is the very definition of efficiency, and heating oil achieves it. When comparing heating oil to other sources of energy for creating heat, a small amount of oil makes a significant amount of heat. It is more efficient than electricity, and it also outperforms natural gas and propane when you compare their heat output per gallon.

2. Safety

Heating oil is not explosive. It only burns via a complex system that oil furnaces use to convert the oil into heat. It is non-toxic and won’t pollute the soil or groundwater if it leaks or spills. It burns clean and does not pollute the air with any greenhouse gases.

3. Comfort

A major advantage of oil is that it burns hot, hotter than other fuels. This creates a cozy, radiating warmth that lasts longer, helping your home to feel comfortable and maintain its temperature each time the furnace runs. Not all energy sources create the same feeling of comfort in your home.

4. Monetary Savings

Because of its extreme efficiency, you can save money by heating your home with oil. The price of oil does fluctuate, but depending on your supplier, you may be able to purchase oil when the price is low and lock in that rate when you buy a certain amount. You should require fewer tank refills with heating oil because each tank will go a long way toward heating your home.

5. Availability

The availability of heating oil is another benefit. Some energy sources, such as natural gas, are not available everywhere. Rural areas and homes that are not in housing developments are often not set up with natural gas sources. Heating oil can be delivered anywhere. It can be stored on your property in an above-ground or underground tank.

Find Top Suppliers of Heating Oil in Burlington

If you’re interested in oil heat and looking for a reliable supplier, Alamance Oil delivers to Burlington and the surrounding area. When you’re an Alamance Oil customer you can enjoy competitive pricing, price lock plans, and combined furnace maintenance. An all-in-one home comfort company, Alamance Oil can also maintain your air conditioning system and provide other home comfort services. 


Call (336) 226-9371 today to talk to an expert at Alamance Oil about becoming a new customer of heating oil in Burlington. You can also schedule a fuel delivery here

Sustainable Living with Propane

burlington nc propane

Sustainable living is a bit of a buzz word lately. With the concerns of global warming becoming more urgent and warnings about the depletion of the earth’s natural resources; people are searching for solutions to these problems. One such solution is sustainable living, which refers to a way of life that minimizes the use of earth’s natural resources and a household’s monetary resources. Nicknames include “earth harmony living” and “net-zero living”. 

Propane can be a part of a sustainable lifestyle. Burlington NC propane is non-toxic, clean-burning, and emits no greenhouse gases. Here are some of the many ways propane can be used in the home. 

Home Heating

One of the largest energy users in your home is your HVAC system. A propane furnace is a highly efficient way to heat your home. You can lower your energy bill and enjoy a warmer, cozier home in the fall and winter. 

Water Heating

Propane water heaters are very efficient. Propane burns hotter than natural gas and heats water much faster than electricity. Your energy costs will be lower and your water heater will recover faster, helping to ensure you never run out of hot water. 


Propane ranges and grills make cooking with propane easy and efficient. Culinary experts believe propane cooks food more evenly and also faster. Grilling outside when the weather is warm can also reduce your home cooling costs during the spring and summer. Keep the heat outside and the cool air inside. 

Drying Clothes

Propane clothing dryers can dry your clothes in a fraction of the time that an electric dryer can. You’ll save both time and energy when you do laundry, which may be a few times a week or even daily for some households. Babies and children create a lot of laundry, as well as adults who work in certain industries. 


Mowers, blowers, weed eaters, hedge trimmers, edgers, and other lawn tools can run on propane. You can maintain your lawn without polluting the air with gas fumes. You’ll breathe easier while you work as well. 


Whether you want to be prepared for power outages or you need to work remotely where electricity is not available, a propane generator is an efficient and reliable option. When the power goes out for long periods you could lose everything in your refrigerator or freezer. But a generator can power your fridge and other appliances when you’re without electricity. 

Go Sustainable with Burlington NC Propane from Alamance Oil

Are you interested in living a sustainable lifestyle? If you believe in preserving the earth’s natural resources and saving money in the process, one way to get started is to switch to propane appliances in your home. Propane furnaces, ranges, clothes dryers, grills, water heaters, generators, lawn tools, and more can help you save money and make a lower impact on the environment. 

Looking for a Burlington, NC propane supplier? Alamance Oil is a top supplier of propane in Burlington and the surrounding area. Offering competitive prices, automatic delivery, and service plans, and price protection plans, saving money with sustainable living is easy. Call (336) 226-9371 today to find out how to get started as a propane customer or schedule a fuel delivery

6 Ways to Childproof your Heating Systems

6 Ways to Childproof your Heating SystemsThere are some heating systems out there than can be a safety risk when you have small children, especially in older homes. But there are some strategies you can try that have been created by other parents and homeowners just like you to protect both your children and your heating systems. Your propane supplier in Eden has gathered this list of ways to childproof your heating systems over many years of experience in the HVAC industry. 

Secure your floor vents/registers

Vents and registers in the floor are a bit of a challenge for parents with young children. Registers can be hot, toys and things can be dropped down into either one, and the vent covers can be lifted. Consider putting a layer of chicken wire underneath the vent covers to keep small objects out and then secure them with screws if possible. Sticky strips can sometimes work to secure vent covers. If the registers get too hot, use a barrier or screen to keep children from getting burned. 

Put a barrier around radiators

Radiators get hot to the touch and little ones are curious and explorative. Place screens or barriers around your radiators. You can purchase them, order them online, or if you rent you can ask your landlord to provide them (they are obligated to in some cases). 

Use plug covers for outlets

Outlets that are not being used can be protected using just basic plug covers. When a heater needs to be plugged in, there are plug covers that allow two cords to be plugged into an outlet with a cover over them. The cords can get out but the child cannot access the plug to pull it out. 

Purchase covers for baseboard heaters

Like radiators, baseboard heaters are also hot to the touch. Covers can be purchased or ordered that fit over the baseboards to let heat out but prevent burns. 

Use a fireplace screen

If you have a fireplace with either gas or wood logs, a secure fireplace screen can prevent children from getting too close to the fire. A baby gate or partition can also keep small children at a safe distance. 

Prevent access to furnace

If your furnace is in a closet, keep the door closed and secure. If your furnace is in the basement or any area of the home that a child can access, be sure never to leave a child unattended in that area or use some sort of barrier as the furnace itself can be hot to the touch. 

Carolina Fuels Wants you and your Family to be Safe this Winter

Your propane supplier in Eden, Carolina Fuels, wants the best for you and your family. 

If you have young children, please be aware of the potential danger your heating system may pose to them. Follow the above steps for to childproof your heating systems so that you can enjoy a cozy and safe winter. 

Call (336) 623-9741 today to speak with your propane supplier in Eden about safety precautions and child-proofing products.

HVAC Repair vs. Replace: 3 Reasons to Consider Either

HVAC Repair vs. Replace: 3 Reasons to Consider EitherAre you faced with the difficult decision of whether to repair or replace your HVAC system? There are a few factors to consider when your heating or cooling system is on the fritz. There are definite advantages to both options, and what’s best will depend on your individual situation. If your technician recommends replacement during a service appointment or routine HVAC maintenance in Madison, consider the following reasons for each option to help you make the right decision. 

Reasons to Repair Your HVAC System:

Save money in the short term

You may choose to repair your HVAC system rather than replace it if the cost of the repair is less than the cost of a new system. It’s important to keep in mind that if your system is old or there are signs that it needs to be replaced, you may be faced with more frequent repairs in the future. 

Faster resolution to the problem

A simple repair for which the technician already has the part required can be much faster than a full system replacement. Sometimes a system replacement requires new equipment to be ordered and the installation will take longer than a repair. 

Put off replacement to a more convenient time

Is now just not a good time for HVAC replacement? If life is too hectic or you’d rather wait for better weather to replace your system, repairing it, for now, maybe in your best interest. 

Reasons to Replace your HVAC System:

Save money in the long term

Replacing an old system may be more expensive now, but it will help you avoid costly repairs. Also, with inflation, new equipment will only get more expensive as time goes on. Replacing now could save you some money in the long term. 

Also, save money in the short term

Replacing your old system with a new high-efficiency HVAC system can result in immediate, noticeably lower energy bills. New systems are significantly more efficient than older systems and the monthly savings can help pay for the new system. 

Increase your home’s resale value

By upgrading your HVAC equipment you are investing in the value of your home. If you sell any time in the next few years, the fact that your HVAC system was recently replaced is a positive selling point.

Listen to your HVAC Company’s Advice 

A trustworthy HVAC company will make a recommendation on repair or replacement based on knowledge and experience. Any company that wants to establish a long term positive relationship with its customers will not try to push you into making a bad decision. Whether a technician is there because your system needed emergency repair or if it was just a routine appointment for HVAC maintenance in Madison, if there are warning signs that your system needs to be replaced, they will let you know.

Have your System Evaluated by Carolina Fuels

Think your HVAC system may be on its last legs? Call Carolina Fuels for HVAC maintenance in Madison and have a technician thoroughly inspect your system for signs of age. Call (336) 623-9741 today to schedule an inspection or request service here

How to Prep for a Propane Delivery

propane deliveryAs the weather gets colder you may find that you need a propane tank refill. When you need propane in Greensboro, you can call your supplier to schedule a delivery. But before they arrive, there are some preparations you, the homeowner, need to make for the delivery go fast and smooth. Follow this guide to prepare for your propane delivery. 

Clearly Mark Underground Tanks

Do you have a buried propane tank? If so, you should always have it marked for your own sake as well as that of the propane supplier. It can also be helpful for any other service you may need that would need to know where the tank is located before digging. Keep buried tanks visibly marked at all times and check to make sure the markings are still clear before your propane supplier arrives. 

Clear a Path to Your Propane Tank

Before your supplier arrives, make sure they have a clear path to the tank for easy access. That means moving any large items or other vehicles out of the way and making sure there is no yard waste or debris in the path. On the rare occasion that there is snow on the ground when you are expecting a delivery, clear a path in the snow to where the tank is located. Clearing snow off of your driveway would also be helpful. 

Remove Snow or Ice from your Tank 

On the rare occasion that it snows in the piedmont region of North Carolina, it’s a good idea to clear the snow off of your tank. The moisture can cause your tank to rust or make existing rust worse. Rust on the outside of your tank can eventually rust through to the inside of your tank, which can be a serious problem. Also, as the snow melts during the day and refreezes at night, ice can form on the tank and gas lines, which is not good for either. 

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

When your tank needs a refill it is also a good time for a furnace tune-up. If you schedule furnace maintenance whenever you get a propane delivery, you can make sure your furnace is in good working order as well. If your propane supplier also handles HVAC maintenance, you may be able to get both done during the same visit, saving you time and money. 

Berico is a Top Supplier of Propane in Greensboro

Looking for a propane supplier? Whether you need a refill or you’re interested in switching to propane for your home heat and other appliances, Berico supplies propane to Greensboro and the surrounding area. Berico is also a complete home comfort service, providing HVAC maintenance and repair as well as propane. Sign up for a Comfort and Protection Service Agreement and you can bundle both services into one convenient, affordable package. 

Call (336) 273-8663 today to schedule propane delivery and furnace maintenance or request service

How to Extend the Life of your Furnace with Maintenance

maintenanceAre you looking for ways to make sure your furnace stands the test of time? Maybe your furnace is brand new and you want to get as many years as possible out of it. Or perhaps your furnace is old and you’re hoping to make it last a few more years before replacing it. Whatever the reason, the key to a long life for your furnace is maintenance. Taking care of your heating system can also help you avoid frequent furnace repair in Greensboro, which saves you money. 

Professional Maintenance is the Single Most Important Factor in Furnace Lifespan

Your furnace is a machine, and like any machine with moving parts, it needs occasional maintenance. Maintenance entails inspecting, cleaning, lubricating, tightening, and replacing various parts of the furnace. 


  • A thorough inspection is done of your furnace and related parts that will reveal any potential problems such as parts that are beginning to wear out or faulty wires. If anything is amiss, it will be brought to your attention.  


  • The furnace parts will be cleaned to remove dust and soot that builds up over time. A dirty furnace may malfunction or simply work less efficiently. 

Filter Replacement

  • One of the most important parts of maintenance is replacing dirty filters. While this is something you can do on your own between service appointments, your technician will usually take care of this during a routine tune-up.  


  • Moving parts need proper lubrication to avoid premature wear or excessive friction that could lead to overheating. 


  • Sometimes bolts and wires may loosen as the furnace runs and vibrates. Maintenance includes tightening up any loose parts. 

Replacing worn parts

  • When parts show signs of wear and tear, it is best to replace them before they break completely and cause your furnace to malfunction. Any parts that are noticed during the inspection should be replaced as part of maintenance. 

Professional furnace repair in Greensboro is the best way to ensure your furnace is in good working order, which will help it last longer.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat, otherwise known as a programmable thermostat, allows you to preset certain temperatures for different times of the day and even control your thermostat from your smartphone. Not only will this save you money by reducing your energy usage, but it will give your thermostat a break from running constantly, which lengthens its lifespan. 

Be Sure you have Sufficient Insulation in your Home

Your furnace will last longer if it doesn’t have to work as hard to heat your home. One way to ease the burden on your furnace is to make sure you have good insulation in your home and that it is doing its job by keeping the cold air out and the warm air in. 

Add Years to your Furnace with Help from Berico

Your furnace can efficiently heat your home for many years with routine furnace repair in Greensboro by the experts at Berico. With a Comfort and Protection Service Agreement, you’ll get yearly maintenance, discounts on heating fuel and repairs, and even credits toward new equipment in the event that you need to replace your current furnace in the future. 

Call (336) 273-8663 today to schedule furnace maintenance or request service here

5 Reasons for your High Energy Bill and How to Lower it

5 Reasons for your High Energy Bill and How to Lower itIs your energy bill getting higher and higher each month? It’s a common problem and it can leave you wondering why. Stop wondering and get to the bottom of the issue so that you can correct it and get your energy bills down. From paying too much for propane delivery in Burlington to poor insulation, here are 5 reasons your energy bill is too high. 

You need a new propane supplier

Not all propane companies charge the same price for propane. If your supplier keeps raising prices or charging you extra fees, your bill will reflect that. It may be time to find propane delivery in Burlington that also offers fair prices, price-lock plans, and monthly payment options to make your propane more affordable. 

Your furnace needs maintenance

When was the last time your furnace had a tune-up? Your high energy bills could be the result of a dirty, worn-out furnace that is using more energy than it should be. All you need to do is schedule a maintenance appointment with your HVAC company and your furnace will be running at top efficiency. Your bill will be noticeably lower as a result. 

Your furnace is old

Is your furnace more than 15 or 20 years old? If so, you have a much less efficient furnace than the newer models available now. It may be time for an upgrade to a new heating system that uses less energy to keep your house warm and cozy. The money you will save on your energy bills will offset the cost of a new furnace.

You need better insulation

Sometimes the culprit in an energy audit is the insulation. When the existing insulation is insufficient, cold air leaks in and warm air leaks out. During the heating season, a lot of energy can be lost through the walls, floor, ceiling, windows, and doors. Consider adding or upgrading your insulation and sealing any cracks or gaps around doors and windows. 

You need to switch to propane

If you have electric heat, you can likely save money by switching to propane. Electricity is known to be one of the least efficient energy sources for home heat, and you’ll see it in your monthly power bill. Switching to propane for home heat is easy and the savings are worth it. 

Alamance Oil Can Help You Lower your Energy Bill

Whether you’re looking to switch to a new propane supplier or start using propane for the first time, Alamance Oil provides propane delivery in Burlington as well as complete HVAC maintenance and system replacement. Get a free home energy audit to determine the different areas where your home could be more efficient. 

Call (336) 226-9371 today to speak with the experts at Alamance Oil about propane delivery in Burlington and other services to help lower your energy bills.