Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden

The Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden is known for some of its beautiful annual plantings and unique bronze sculptures found throughout. If you are looking for a relaxing retreat to get away from it all, then this garden is a great option. With 7.5-acres, there is plenty of room to stretch out and feel at home with nature. It is located at 1105 Hobbs Rd. Greensboro, NC 27410.

What to See at Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden?

There are many things to see when you visit this unique spot in Greensboro, NC. The wedding gazebo is a popular spot for some of those elegant spring weddings and provides a focal spot that many like to enjoy as they walk through the garden. The man-made re-circulating stream provides texture, sound, and movement that is relaxing and some say mesmerizing, and the sensory garden is a great way to engage in an interactive landscape experience.

In addition to the beautiful flowers and plants around the garden, visitors will have a chance to look at the various sculptures placed throughout the garden. These provide an artistic as well as historic flair to the garden.

Finally, make sure that you make a stop at the Paver Plaza. This is located near the entrance of the garden, and it offers a way for visitors to help support the garden by contributing and having their name added to the garden as well.

The Old Mill

The Old Mill was constructed in 2017 and is meant to be similar to the mill that David Caldwell operated at the same spot in the 1780s. This mill includes a free-standing water wheel that works in conjunction with the re-circulating stream that meanders throughout the garden.

The Alexander Mangum Memorial Garden

This is a unique area of the garden that was completed in April of 2020. If you need a place to rest as you walk through the garden or you want to sit down and take it all in, then this is the part of the garden where you should stop. This garden has two benches, a stone floor, and three sets of wind chimes to help you feel calm and relaxed. It’s an excellent spot to meditate, pray or just relax and enjoy the beauty.

Camberly’s Garden

Camberly’s Garden is inspired by the memory of Camberly Holiday, the daughter of a former Greensboro Mayor, Keith Holiday. It is there to honor the memory of children who have left us too early and can be a serene and comforting spot to everyone who visits and particularly those that have loved ones that have moved on too early.


This garden is open all throughout the year, making it a good spot to stop, no matter when you are in Greensboro. Check this out. Admission is free.

The Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden, located at 1105 Hobbs Rd. Greensboro, NC 27410, is the ideal place to get out in nature and explore the beauty of this wonderful area. Check it out and see why some consider this garden one of the most pleasant spots in Greensboro.

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