Eden Historical Museum

The Eden Historical Museum at 656 Washington St. Eden, NC 27288 is a must-see place to visit when you are in this area of North Carolina. This museum tells us the history of Eden starting from the Prehistoric Era to the consolidation of Leaksville, Spray, and Draper into one city in 1967.


Visiting the Museum


The museum is open every Saturday between 10 AM and 4 PM. At certain times of the year, the Eden Historical Museum will open their doors for additional hours.


Admission prices for adults are $1 per visit. Children under the age of 12 are free with an adult, excluding those who visit in a group. Parking is found close to the museum to help make it easier for everyone.. More Places to Visit


Groups are encouraged to call ahead for special tours of the museum.


Written Historical Recollections


The Eden Historical Museum contains scans, copies, and retyped documents that tell the  historical account of the area around Eden, NC. Visitors to the museum may read these documents to learn more about the people, businesses, and special occasions that occurred in the area through out the last two-hundred years.


Visitors are encouraged to remember the time in which the documents were written. Even if the museum staff and volunteers retyped all the documents to help make them more readable, the nonstandard punctuations and spelling would remain.


Some of the written historical recollections available at the Eden Historical Museum and their website include:


  • Land of Eden Pageant 1947: The community put together a pageant called “The Land of Eden” in October of 1947. The Eden Historical Museum has several documents for this pageant including several pictures, the script, and the program for visitors to look through.


  • Luther Hartwell Hodges Biographical Sketch: Luther Hodges is often considered one of the most influential individuals in North Carolina in the 20th He spent most of his time in Leaksville and Spray and information about his life and work is available in the museum.


  • Miss Tri City and Miss Eden: Beginning during 1948, the JC’s sponsored a talent and beauty pageant that then led the winner to the Miss North Carolina Pageant. Information on these pageants is displayed at the museum.


The museum is expanding its exhibits and encourages guests to check back often to see new displays about the history of Eden, NC.


Visiting the Eden Historical Museum is a wonderful way to learn about this unique area of North Carolina and explore the events and people important to its history.  Visit the museum at 656 Washington St. Eden, NC 27288. Learn More