Conservators Center Burlington

The Conservators Center Burlington is located at 676 E Hughes Mill Rd. Burlington, NC 27217. This center allows you a way to get up close and personal with more than 20 species of animals, from lions and tigers to wolves, binturongs, foxes, and more, all in one place.


On your tour of the Conservators Center Burlington, you will be able to walk a ¾ mile path, along with one of their experienced tour guides, and gain a unique understanding of each species and why they are unique in our world. The main goal here is to help visitors reconnect with the wildlife, which makes each visit its own opportunity to gain a greater appreciation for the nature that surrounds us.


The Mission


The mission of this Center is to provide one of the best educational experiences to all visitors, with many opportunities to learn and experience nature in a new way. Industry best practices are developed and utilized at the center when caring for the animals to develop a holistic understanding of caring for animals in captivity. Extreme care is taken when visitors come into the park and for any of the educational experiences that are offered. Visitors of all ages will be able to interact, view, and experience the beautiful animals with confidence that the upmost care is being taken to ensure everyone’s safety. Read More



Tours Available


Visitors to the Conservators Center Burlington can choose between a public tour or a unique experience. These public tours are available on the weekends and specific holidays to give guests a truly remarkable experience with the wildlife found in the park. If you are looking for a more intimate experience for an anniversary or a birthday, then the private tour may be a better option.


The Photo Safari


The Photo Safari allows you a way to get some of the most breathtaking pictures of wild animals in America. This is a thrilling experience available to visitors 18 years or older, to go behind the scenes and get their own unique images of all the animals. This is a fun adventure, whether you are an experienced professional photographer or just a regular mobile phone amateur.


With this experience, you get to be in charge. You can set the pace while dictating the time you spend with each species. You will be with a trained professional the whole time, while having the opportunity to go off the traditional tour path to get one of a kind pictures.


Onsite Events


There are different events sponsored throughout the year to provide educational and fun opportunities for visitors of all ages. Some of the events that you can consider include:


  • Tree Toss: This is held in January and all unsold evergreen trees are given to the animals of the park for fun and entertainment.
  • Wild Hearts: This is a seasonal event during Valentine’s Weekend that allows couples to tour through the park in an intimate ride for two.
  • Wild Under the Stars: Spend some time at the park at night and look at many of the astronomical events that will come your way.


When you are looking for a truly remarkable experience that gets you up close and personal with some of the beautiful wildlife in our world, then check out the Conservators Center Burlington at 676 E Hughes Mill Rd. Burlington, NC 27217. More about Burlington