How Long Does 500 Gallons of Propane Last for a Home?

gas stove litWhen driving your vehicle, you probably have a pretty good idea of how long your available fuel will last. Based on how much you drive, the size of your tank, the efficiency of your vehicle, etc., you’ll get familiar with how often you need to stop at the gas station to refill. The story is different with the propane tank that serves your home, however. If it gets filled up with 500 gallons, how long is that going to last? This article will take a closer look.


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A Disappointing Answer

It would be nice to be able to tell you that 500 gallons of propane is going to last your home for exactly six months, or some such number. Life just isn’t that simple, however, and there is no way to be so definite. First of all, it’s important to clarify exactly how much propane you are working with when your tank is full.


Yes, you might have a 500-gallon tank on your property. That doesn’t mean it holds 500 gallons when it is filled up. Because it’s necessary to leave some open space in the tank for gas expansion as a safety measure, your tank is only going to be filled up to 80%. Those with a 500-gallon tank will then be left with 400 gallons, and the math works the same way for other tank sizes.


With that much gas available, you should get a few months of service in an “average” home, but the range is so wide that it’s hard to nail that down with any degree of confidence. Factors that will directly impact propane consumption include how many appliances use this fuel, the size of your home, the weather conditions, and on and on.


Learning Your Patterns

The only useful bit of information on propane usage is going to come from your history. Rather than looking to others for a guess, just monitor the rate at which you use your propane during various times of the year. Pretty soon, an obvious pattern will emerge, and you’ll have a strong understanding of how fast those 500 (or 400) gallons are going to disappear.


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