Bill Payments Made Easy

With Automatic Bill Pay, you’ll never have to write a check, use a stamp, or make an extra trip to the mail box when you sign up. Each month, or each transaction, depending on your preference, your payment is automatically drafted from the checking, savings, or credit card account that you select.

How It Works

By logging into your online account you can elect to have your balance drafted on a schedule of your choice. As always, you’ll receive a statement or invoice so you are aware of your balance. Your choices may be:

1.) Draft on a select day of each month,

2.) Draft the day after service or delivery, or

3.) Draft the day before a transaction is due (with approved credit terms)

Benefits of Auto Pay

  • Never worry about paying your bill
  • Never worry about late fees
  • No need for stamps or mail services
  • We do all the work – worry free
  • All transactions are visible on your account at

Signing Up is Easy!

Simply click on the log-in buttons below (or go to and go to the “Payments” tab, then select Auto Bill Pay and follow the directions to enroll from there. Processing may take up to two weeks depending on banking confirmations. If there are any changes to your bank account or credit card, you will want to update accordingly online. For more information, you can reach us at: (336) 273-8663. (see Terms & Conditions HERE)

*IMPORTANT: If your application is not received two weeks prior to the date you are due to be billed, you still need to mail your payment in.

Auto Pay Enrollment

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Account Set Up

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