Nicky Smith

We are a very unique customer for Berico. We use them to maintain our seven air conditioners for our commercial data center with hundreds of servers, routers and switches. Their techs are always careful in our data center and take extra caution to make sure they don’t disturb any of the servers. Second, Berico provides us same day delivery of off-road use diesel fuel for our 200 gallon 250KW diesel generator to support our data center in the event of power failures. While we have not had to use the generator in more than 8 years it is tested and run every friday. Thank you Berio for the great customer service. As a service company ourselves we see the value in good customer relationships and local service.

Will Merritt

Class Act! Our company works with Berico on an ongoing basis, and they are an absolute pleasure to work with! From our experience with them, I would highly recommend there services to anyone. They always put the customer first. A heating and ac company you can trust.

Suzanne Miller

There isn’t a nicer group of people to deal with. The service was done with a very polite maintenance man . He was quick , polite and very friendly, and very efficient. I would recommend them to anyone. I also want to mention how polite the office staff was.

Ann Somers

I just can’t say enough about the good service and friendly folks at Berico. Keep up the good work! I like your Sharing the Warmth program too. It is a great way to get help to our neighbors, even those we don’t know.

Daniel Klecka

Signed up for the Annual maintenance service after hearing for a commercial on the radio for them. Everyone I have dealt with has always been nice and professional. Had an issue where I needed a new capacitor on my heat pump unit – no big deal. Well, that capacitor failed just over a year later and they still replaced it under warranty. Everyone always shows up on time or will call if they are going to be a little later than planned. I would recommend them.

GWayne Woody

Replaced a gas furnace that was original to house built in 1986. Replaced Air Conditioning Unit that was installed in 2001. Installation was smooth, completed on schedule, and I am very satisfied with the price as well as the installation work performed. Entire crew was friendly and totally professional.

Tim Moore

This is an outstanding company, they are always on time every time and do what they say they will do. I highly recommend them!

William Benge

My system uses a ridiculous amount of oil and last year, I ran out regularly. Becky at Carolina made sure to keep an eye out for us and followed up regularly to ensure we were in good shape. They worked with us on our payments and were just really good to us. This year we started with Rod Jones coming out to service our furnace. He went above and beyond to make sure our system was in great working order and what our possible issues were regarding the our massive amounts of oil consumption. He explained the entire furnace system and how it works. Very Knowledgeable. OUTSTANDING!

Norma Wilkins

Gentlemen came out and installed new tank and were very professional. They completed the job in a good amount of time and cleaned up behind themselves. Would highly recommend to others!

Brandi Simmons

Berico recently installed a new unit at our home. Berico offered several financing options for us and the approval process took 30 seconds. We were very impressed with the professionalism, honesty, dedication, and personal touch of the whole work crew of our job……from Mitch to Derek, Eddie, Oscar, and the rest of the crew that came out to the job. All of them were on time for the appointments and brought all the necessary tools, material, paperwork, etc. they needed in order to get the job done. I feel they went above and beyond to help and assure the job was done to perfection. I cannot leave out the staff in the office…..they were attentive, answered all questions we had, scheduled the appts, and sent a follow up thank you gift which is so important and will go a long way with our family. We have and will keep referring Berico Heating & Air to all of our friends, family, and community members. Thank you again. Brandi Simmons