Brandi Simmons

Berico recently installed a new unit at our home. Berico offered several financing options for us and the approval process took 30 seconds. We were very impressed with the professionalism, honesty, dedication, and personal touch of the whole work crew of our job.

Robert Dixon

Our technicial did a good job of servicing our two systems for summer. He helped teach us-once again- how to make changes in the thermostat, which we need to do before travelling. Thanks. RB

David Deasy

Every visit by Berico is a pleasure. The technicians are friendly, knowledgable and honest. I appreciate the time they take to explain things.

David Deasy

Replaced a gas furnace that was original to house built in 1986. Replaced Air Conditioning Unit that was installed in 2001. Installation was smooth, completed on schedule, and I am very satisfied with the price as well as the installation work performed.

Nancy McCoy

I first used Berico in August of 2009 and am now entering my 6th year. I have always believed that it is better to prevent a problem than to solve one, and your technician have done a “bang up” job of keeping my unit in excellent working order.

Joshua A.

I recommend Comfort & Protection Service Plans to everyone! When my oil furnace needed to replace its heat exchanger and some additional parts, being on a plan saved me $1,095.