5 Benefits of Heating Oil

5 Benefits of Heating OilWith all the sources of energy for heating your home, it can be difficult to decide what’s the best one for you. Between natural gas, electricity, propane, and heating oil, you have some choices. There may be some limitations in availability. For example, natural gas is not always available in rural areas, but propane and heating oil can be delivered anywhere. If you prefer older homes, you may find that more of them have oil furnaces and tanks already in place. 

The good news is that any home can be equipped with a furnace and tank for heating oil in Burlington. Thinking of switching? House Hunting? Building a new home? Consider these 5 benefits of heating your home with oil. 

1. Efficiency

The number one goal for an energy source is efficiency. You want a heating fuel that will make the most heat while consuming the least amount of fuel. This is the very definition of efficiency, and heating oil achieves it. When comparing heating oil to other sources of energy for creating heat, a small amount of oil makes a significant amount of heat. It is more efficient than electricity, and it also outperforms natural gas and propane when you compare their heat output per gallon.

2. Safety

Heating oil is not explosive. It only burns via a complex system that oil furnaces use to convert the oil into heat. It is non-toxic and won’t pollute the soil or groundwater if it leaks or spills. It burns clean and does not pollute the air with any greenhouse gases.

3. Comfort

A major advantage of oil is that it burns hot, hotter than other fuels. This creates a cozy, radiating warmth that lasts longer, helping your home to feel comfortable and maintain its temperature each time the furnace runs. Not all energy sources create the same feeling of comfort in your home.

4. Monetary Savings

Because of its extreme efficiency, you can save money by heating your home with oil. The price of oil does fluctuate, but depending on your supplier, you may be able to purchase oil when the price is low and lock in that rate when you buy a certain amount. You should require fewer tank refills with heating oil because each tank will go a long way toward heating your home.

5. Availability

The availability of heating oil is another benefit. Some energy sources, such as natural gas, are not available everywhere. Rural areas and homes that are not in housing developments are often not set up with natural gas sources. Heating oil can be delivered anywhere. It can be stored on your property in an above-ground or underground tank.

Find Top Suppliers of Heating Oil in Burlington

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