Three Ways Furnace Repair Can Actually Save You Money

Photo of the amount of money you save with furnace repairWhat is the reason that you opt out of furnace maintenance? Is it the cost? If you live in Eden and think that furnace repair isn’t worth the money, think again. You may think your furnace is working just fine, simply because it comes on and it heats your home well enough each year. But there may be parts that are wearing out that could break unexpectedly and cause your furnace to quit. Dirt, dust, and soot build up over time and impede the efficiency of your furnace. Before you pass on a furnace tune-up, consider the top 3 ways furnace repair in Eden NC can actually save you money.

  1. Avoid emergency repairs. If it has ever happened to you, you never forget it. Your furnace goes out in the middle of the night and you wake up freezing. Of course it’s the middle of the night or a weekend, right? After hours fees apply and you end up paying more for repairs. A fall tune-up each year can prevent unexpected breakdowns. It is worth the small fee for preventative maintenance if it saves you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair or replacement fees.
  2. Improve furnace efficiency. When your furnace is repaired, clean, and in good working order it runs more efficiently. It doesn’t have to work as hard, it uses less heating fuel, and it keeps your home more comfortable so that you can keep the thermostat set lower. All of these things will save you significant money on heating costs.
  3. Discounts, rewards, and benefits. When you are on a maintenance plan with your heating and air conditioning company, you get extra benefits. A Comfort and Protection Service Agreement with Carolina Fuels brings with it heating fuel discounts, 20% off repairs and diagnostic fees, priority service, waived emergency and after-hours fees, and $50 in bonus bucks each year that you remain on the plan, which can be used toward new equipment.

Eden Furnace Repair Will Keep Saving You Money in the Long Run

Furnace maintenance will not only prevent breakdowns and improve furnace efficiency, it will extend the overall lifespan of your furnace. Your furnace will last years longer because it was kept clean and well-tuned. Call Carolina Fuels at (336) 623-9741 to save money with a Comfort and Protection Service Agreement today.


Comparing the Costs and Benefits of Heating Fuels in Burlington NC

A photo of a thermostatAre you trying to choose the best heating fuel for your home? If so, you are likely looking for the cheapest option. Price is a huge factor, but it is not the only factor to consider. To fully understand the costs and benefits of each, this comparison of heating fuels in Burlington may help.

Cost: Typically costs more than natural gas but less than heating oil. However, propane is more efficient than natural gas in that less is required to produce the same amount of heat. What is lost in price is made up for in efficiency.
Benefits: Propane is a clean burning fuel. It is non-toxic and is not considered to be a greenhouse gas.

Heating Oil
Cost: Heating oil tends to be higher in price, but it is also very efficient. Heating oil produces more heat per gallon than propane.
Benefits: It exists in liquid form. Oil furnaces are the cleanest burning option in home heating.

Natural Gas
Cost: Natural gas is often the least expensive option, but it is the least efficient option as well. More natural gas is required to heat your home than propane or heating oil.
Benefits: Easy to access if your home is located near gas lines. No delivery needed.
Cons: Natural gas is a greenhouse gas when released into the environment.

Propane and Heating Oil are the Most Efficient Heating Fuels in Burlington NC
If your top priority is efficiency, which typically translates to being the least expensive option, propane or heating oil wins over natural gas. And if you do not have access to natural gas lines, these two fuels provide an excellent alternative. Ask the experts at Alamance Oil to help you decide which of these efficient home heating fuels would be best for your home. New customers benefit from free tank swap outs and maintenance agreements that include fuel delivery discounts. Call Alamance Oil at (336) 226-9371.


5 Reasons Now is a Great Time for Furnace Repair

Cold inside your home photoThe holiday season is upon us with the mildly cool nights of autumn becoming colder and colder. Is your furnace ready for the winter temperatures? The only way to be sure is to schedule maintenance for your furnace. The best time of year for furnace repair is upon us. Here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. It’s not extremely cold yet. Don’t wait until the weather is freezing in Greensboro for furnace repair. Be proactive and schedule a tune-up before you need to turn your heat on full blast. This way you’re not stuck freezing on a particularly cold night waiting on a repairman.
2. HVAC companies are less busy. Right now, Berico, your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) company will have time allotted for maintenance appointments. Once the weather is consistently colder they will be busy responding to emergency heating repair customers.
3. Prevent future problems. If you want to avoid unexpected furnace problems in the coldest part of winter, have your furnace tuned up now. This way you never have to worry that your furnace will fail, that you will wake up freezing in the middle of the night, or that you will arrive home to a cold house.
4. Save money. By scheduling Greensboro furnace repair before peak winter season, you can lower your energy costs over the cold weather months. And by preventing unexpected breakdowns, you avoid paying emergency fees to have a service call after hours.
5. Get propane or heating oil refilled. It’s also a great time to have your propane or heating oil tank refilled if your furnace uses either of these fuels. Better to start the season full than to suddenly run out on a cold day or night.

To prepare your furnace for winter, schedule furnace repair in the Greensboro NC area now with Berico Heating and Air Conditioning. Call (336) 273-8663 or schedule online.


How to Avoid the Horror Stories of Furnace Repair

You may have heard horror stories about furnace repair from friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. about the terrible times they have had with HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) companies. You probably made a mental note to avoid the company they spoke of, hoping you would never have to go through such an ordeal. But how can you avoid the horror stories when you have furnace trouble? Follow these suggestions to make sure you are hiring a reliable company for Burlington furnace repair.

  • Check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Before hiring any company, check their status with the BBB. Ratings of A+ through F (just like school grades) are given to businesses based on various criteria regarding customer service. You want an A+ business working on your furnace.
  • Read reviews. Check other review sites such as Angie’s List where customers review and rate companies they have hired.
  • Ask questions. When having repairs done, don’t be afraid to ask questions. A knowledgeable technician should be able to explain the problems and the repairs that need to be done to your furnace in a way that leaves you feeling confident about the results.
  • Be proactive with furnace repair. Don’t wait until your furnace breaks down on a cold winter day to call for repair. When you’re in an emergency situation you don’t have enough time to do the necessary research; you just want to get it repaired as fast as possible so that you can be warm again. Schedule furnace maintenance in early fall to make sure your system is in good condition.
  • Don’t accept a free tune-up. If a free tune-up seems too good to be true, it probably is. Some companies use this gimmick to look for supposed “problems” that need to be repaired so that they can get money out of the deal. Look for a reasonably priced tune-up.

Photo of a happy family with a working furnace and fireplace

Alamance Oil has an A+ Rating with the BBB and Received the Super Service Award from Angie’s List. Avoid the horror stories. Call Alamance Oil at (336) 226-9371 to get reliable, affordable Burlington furnace repair.


5 Propane Safety Tips

Burlington propane tanks photo

Series of propane tanks

Propane, when handled properly, is a safe fuel for household use. However, as with any kind of fuel, it is flammable, which is how it heats your home and cooks your food, among other uses. Propane is clean burning and environmentally safe. And it exists in vapor form, meaning it cannot be ingested. As safe as propane is, you can make sure that you and your family are using propane safely by following these 5 propane safety tips from the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).

  1. Store propane tanks outside of the home. This includes cylinder propane tanks for stoves and ovens and any tank over one pound. Never use a propane grill inside the home.
  2. Handle propane fueled equipment properly. Use caution when handling propane and propane fueled equipment. Always follow manufacturer instructions for use.
  3. Have all propane equipment inspected regularly. If your propane tank is leased from your supplier and you receive regular deliveries, your supplier is most likely performing inspections with each refill. If you have any doubts about this, contact your Burlington propane supplier and ask. Alamance Oils performs regular inspections on every leased tank.
  4. If you smell gas in the home, leave immediately. The smell of gas in your home may indicate a leak, which is an extremely unsafe situation for you and your family. Leave the home and call your local fire department.
  5. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for lighting a pilot. If you need to light the pilot for your propane furnace, follow the exact instructions provided by the manufacturer. Failure to do so could end in serious injury.

Burlington Propane Supplier Alamance Oil Delivers Propane Safely and Maintains Safe Equipment

You can count on Alamance Oil to be your safe Burlington propane supplier. Alamance Oil uses cautious delivery practices and inspects your tank and equipment regularly to ensure proper operation. The safety of your family and home is of utmost importance.

To request a safety inspection of your propane tank and equipment, contact Alamance Oil at (336)226-9371.


Is Your Furnace Ready for Winter?

furnace repair companies Greensboro

Ask yourself this question and really think about your answer. Preparing your furnace for winter is just as important, if not more so, than the other steps you take to prepare your home for the coming cold weather months.

If you answered: “I’m not sure about my furnace.”

A tune-up may be in order. Yearly furnace maintenance is necessary to keep your furnace running smoothly and efficiently. Preventative maintenance involves inspection, thorough cleaning, and repair of any worn out parts. If you are not currently having maintenance performed each year by one of the most well-established and reputable furnace repair companies in Greensboro NC, you are probably unaware of the true condition of your furnace. Berico will let you know if your furnace is running at only partial efficiency, which wastes energy and money.

If you answered: “Yes, I’m Confident about the Condition of My Furnace.”

Can you really be certain of that fact? It ran well enough last year right? So why wouldn’t it do the same this year? Because as your furnace runs during a cold winter season, dust and soot build up inside of it. Parts wear out and need to be lubricated or replaced. Wires can get loose, screws need tightened, and fins need to be combed straight. You wouldn’t drive your car around, putting thousands of miles on it without any kind of service. Your furnace is a machine as well, with moving parts that wear out after a long winter of constant running and a hot summer sitting dormant.

If you answered: “No, My Furnace is in Need of Repair.”

It’s time to schedule a tune-up at the very least, or perhaps even a furnace replacement. If you are sure your furnace is not ready for winter, contact your heating expert for an evaluation of your furnace’s condition.

The Best Furnace Repair Company in Greensboro to Whip Your Furnace into Shape for Winter

Are you interested in keeping your home warm and cozy this winter? Do you want to save money on your heating costs this winter as well? Maintenance will help your furnace run more efficiently, which saves you money and keeps your home feeling cozier on cold days.

To schedule maintenance with Berico, call (336)496-1447.


The Importance of Fall Furnace Maintenance

furnace maintenance GreensboroIs your furnace ready for winter? Do you want to lower your heating costs this season? Having furnace maintenance in Greensboro NC performed by the expert HVAC technicians at Berico this fall season will get your furnace running efficiently before winter and lower your heating costs. If you’ve never had maintenance on your furnace, it is likely way overdue.

You may have some questions about furnace maintenance such as:

Why does my furnace need regular maintenance?

A furnace, much like a car, requires periodic service to run smoothly. Furnaces get dirty, parts wear out, lubricants dry up, and electrical wiring corrodes. These are just a few of the reasons your furnace needs regular tune-ups.

How often does my furnace need maintenance?

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) technicians recommend scheduling a tune-up every year. A long winter of constant running and a summer of sitting dormant takes its toll on your furnace.

What does maintaining my furnace entail?

Typical furnace maintenance includes inspecting, cleaning, lubricating, and replacing the various parts of your furnace. Inspection reveals any worn out parts or areas of concern. Worn out parts will be replaced and any loose parts will be tightened up. Moving parts will be lubricated to prevent future wear. Dirt, dust, and soot that build up in your furnace will be cleaned out. Electrical connections and voltages are checked. Filters are replaced.

When should I schedule an appointment for maintenance?

The best time to schedule furnace maintenance is late summer or early fall. You want your maintenance completed well before the cool weather sets in so that your furnace will be ready as soon as you need it. And in late summer and early fall, technicians are less busy and scheduling is more flexible.

What are the benefits of furnace maintenance?

One of the biggest benefits of furnace maintenance is energy savings. When your furnace is well maintained and running properly, it uses less energy, which saves you money each month throughout the heating season. Another benefit is the peace of mind you will have knowing that your furnace is in good shape and will work reliably to keep you and your family warm through the cold winter days and nights.

To schedule furnace maintenance in Greensboro, call Berico at (336) 496-1447.


Autumn Leaves Are Falling, Be Sure to Maintain your Furnace

Furnace Maintenance in EdenEach fall, as the autumn leaves begin to turn beautiful colors, it should remind you that it’s time for annual furnace maintenance in Eden. Early fall or even late summer is the best time to schedule maintenance. You want to have it done before the cold weather sets in and HVAC companies get busy answering emergency repair calls.

Benjamin Franklin once said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This famous saying, though first spoken hundreds of years ago, absolutely applies to furnace maintenance today. Preventative maintenance, which is a very affordable expense, will save you from costly emergency repairs. Maintaining your furnace each year will keep it running smoothly, which prevents more serious problems. An important part of maintenance is inspection, which will bring to light any potential issues that could lead to future breakdowns, such as worn out parts, loose screws, corroded wires, or refrigerant leaks. If your furnace breaks down completely, it’s possible that it will require a more expensive repair or even replacement. Proper furnace maintenance in Eden will extend the life of your equipment.

Regular Furnace Maintenance in Eden Will Lower Your Energy Bill

An important aspect of furnace maintenance is cleaning. When dirt, dust, and soot build up in your furnace, it lowers the energy efficiency. When your furnace is running less efficiently, it uses more energy and your bill gradually increases. A thorough cleaning of your system will restore efficiency and lower your energy bill.

Improve Air Quality in your Home with Furnace Maintenance

An additional benefit to furnace maintenance is improved air quality. The dust, dirt, and soot that gradually build up in your system and ductwork pollutes the air in your home. Dust is a common allergen which can irritate respiratory issues from allergies to asthma. Soot build-up can cause increased carbon monoxide production, which is dangerous to people and pets. Fall furnace maintenance will help you and your family breathe easier all year.

To schedule fall furnace maintenance in Eden call Berico at (336)623-9741.


Furnace Repairs in Greensboro, NC: Getting Set for the Cold Weather

furnacetuneupAll equipment benefits from annual maintenance and inspections to keep it running smoothly and to prevent expensive repairs – your furnace is no different. Annual service, which is recommended in the fall, includes running diagnostic tests to ensure all the components of your furnace are running smoothly, conducting safety inspections including testing for carbon monoxide, and checking the condition of all mechanical and electrical components to ensure they are working properly.

Another important reason to have annual maintenance check is duct work. Replacing duct work is expensive and with the annual maintenance technicians provide inspection of the duct work throughout your home. Duct work can accumulate debris, which can restrict airflow or cause excess allergens to be distributed throughout your home. Additionally, since most ductwork is located under the house, inspection is required to ensure there are no tears or damage that would cause airflow to be reduced.

In addition to the annual maintenance performed by the technicians, there are some things you can do on your own to ensure your furnace is working as efficiently as possible. Your Berico technician can tell you how often you should replace your air filters. A dirty filter can cause your furnace unit to work harder, which means it will take longer to heat your home and places more strain on the unit to heat your home. Of course, if your unit is working harder, then your energy costs increases, as well.

Don’t forget about the thermostat. The thermostat tells your furnace or HVAC unit how much heat it should be providing. A faulty thermostat can result in either too much heat or not enough heat in your home. While some units may need to be replaced, sometimes dust can cause the thermostats to malfunction, as well. Cleaning the thermostat is pretty easy. Simply use a small paintbrush to gently wipe off any dust or debris that has accumulated on the thermostat components.

For your annual maintenance and furnace repairs in Greensboro NC, Berico Fuels in Greensboro, NC offers a Silver Plan for your annual maintenance needs. The Silver Plan include 20% off all repairs and diagnostic fees, priority service for annual contract holders, no after-hours charges and $50 Bonus Bucks – Loyalty Credit.

Customers may order filters at filterfetch.com and use the Berico code of C4Q2 for free shipping and discounted pricing.

Remember, fall is the best time to have your furnace in Greensboro checked to ensure that you stay warm and cozy this winter! Call us today at 336-496-2509.

Photo Credit: farmersalmanac.com


How to Prepare Your Home Furnace for Winter

furnace repair EdenAs fall approaches and the cool breezes start to blow, it’s time to prepare your home for winter. Preparing your home for winter will help you to save energy, lower your utility bills, and keep your home cozy on cold days.

  1. Seal up your home. There may be places where cold air can seep into your home, often around windows and doors. Seal up any cracks around window frames and door frames and check the weather stripping around your exterior doors to make sure there are no gaps.
  2. Change your filters. You should change your filters often during the heating season to keep dust and allergens from circulating through your furnace, ductwork, and around your home. If it’s been more than a month since you’ve last replaced your filters, fall is a good time to do so.
  3. Check your ducts. Leaky ducts can allow warm air to seep out and cold air to seep in. Seal up any obvious leaks or hire a professional to inspect your ducts for any weak spots. Ductwork should also be properly insulated.
  4. Schedule furnace maintenance. Fall is the best time to schedule furnace repair in Eden. Yearly maintenance and repair will keep your furnace running smoothly and efficiently throughout the cold winter months.
  5. Replace your furnace, if necessary. If your furnace is getting old or has been requiring frequent repairs, it may be time to replace it. Fall is the best time to replace your furnace if you are worried it won’t last through another winter. Avoid a chilly situation by having the replacement done before the cold weather sets in.

Fall Furnace Repair in Eden is an Important Step in Preparing your Home for Winter

When it comes to getting your home ready for winter, your goal should be to keep your home warm and cozy as energy-efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible. Furnace maintenance is the best way to keep your furnace running efficiently and avoid problems.

To schedule furnace repair, call Berico at (336)623-9741.