6 Remarkable Facts You Should Know About Propane

propane delivery service in greensboroThinking of switching your household over to propane? You may be aware of some of the benefits already. But there are some great things about propane that you may not be aware of. Consider these 6 facts about Greensboro propane and get ready to reap all the benefits.

  1. Propane is easy on the environment. It burns clean and emits no greenhouse gases. It is non-toxic and is not harmful to soil or water if leaked. And the fumes will not cause harm if inhaled. Read more on the environmental effects of propane here.
  2. It is versatile. Propane can be used to heat your home, fuel cooking equipment, heat water, fuel fireplaces, heat pools and hot tubs, fuel clothes dryers, and run generators.
  3. Propane is safe. It has a narrow range of flammability. It requires a very specific percentage of propane vapor in the mix of air to be flammable. Too little or too much and it won’t ignite. Plus, it evaporates quickly if spilled.
  4. It’s economical. The versatility and efficiency of propane makes it a good value for household use. For fleet fueling it is often more economical than gasoline and tax incentives for use of clean burning fuels add to the savings.
  5. Propane is naturally odorless. The smell of propane is commercially added to make it detectable if a leak occurs.
  6. It is easy to transport. Propane can be delivered to rural areas where natural gas lines do not reach. Your supplier can provide you with a tank that can be installed above ground or underground.

Greensboro Propane Customers Enjoy Added Benefits

Berico supplies affordable propane toGreensboro and the surrounding area. In addition, Berico customers can take advantage of propane discounts when combined with furnace maintenance, discounts on repairs, 24-7 service, and more. Berico offers free tank swap outs for new customers. Call (336) 273-8663 to gain all the benefits of switching to propane.