Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation in GreensboroIf you are considering a new AC, the estimate and installation process should be an important aspect when considering an air conditioner. At Berico, we provide a variety of air conditioning systems and can schedule a free estimate at your convenience. Below are some items to consider when selecting a new HVAC system:

Is the system sized properly for your home’s heating or cooling demands and have you had a load calculation performed?
What is the seasonal efficiency of the new system you are considering and how can this save you money?
What type of warranty does a new system offer?
What is the reputation of the company performing the installation and will they be there if something goes wrong?
What options are you given when quoted the job? (More efficient thermostat? Multiple unit options, etc?)

Air conditioning is a necessity for everyone during the hot North Carolina summers. Whether you are working in an office setting or relaxing inside your home, keeping cool is a priority, especially when the outside temperatures are in the 90s. When it comes to considering a new heating or cooling system, Berico’s installation department wants to help you get the correct unit, designed for your comfort.

From service, to free estimates, our “Always Dependable” motto stands strong. We look to answer and provide all the questions mentioned above in order to exceed our customers satisfaction. We work diligently to provide each customer with honest feedback toward their heating or cooling systems in an effort to make sure they are as comfortable as possible.

On each new system estimate our comfort specialists perform a load calculation to ensure each customer’s home is properly sized. This allows us to provide the customer with a variety of options that are properly fitted to the customer’s home and demands. Not properly sizing a home can lead to high energy or fuel bills, inefficient HVAC systems, and shortened life of the systems.

If cost of a new system is a concern, we have a variety of financing options to offer to our customers. Don’t let the cost of a new system scare you. Many customers have recovered the cost of their new air conditioning or furnaces over a short period of time simply by upgrading to a more efficient system.

After you have decided on the air conditioning system in Greensboro that is right for you, we will come out and perform the installation. If you are not sure which option is best for you, our comfort specialist is here to help you throughout the installation process with any questions you have. We will be able to provide you with support and assistance in making the best decision for your home or office. Furthermore, we offer a variety of service plans that help you maintain all new systems, which is often requirement to maintain your warranty. If you are looking for a reliable company that can perform air conditioning installation for your home or office, contact Berico today.