Are Propane Tanks Dangerous?

It’s only natural to be a little curious about a large tank of propane sitting on your property. Is this actually a safe situation? Fortunately, as the article below will highlight, propane is impressively safe, and you have nothing to worry about when you treat your tank properly and work with a qualified propane supplier.


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A Misplaced Fear

As stated in the introduction, propane is quite safe, which is why it has become such a popular energy source for a range of purposes. But that doesn’t stop some people from developing a fear of the use of propane tanks, which can seem dangerous if you don’t know enough about how they operate. If all you know about a propane tank is that it contains compressed gas, you might think that an explosion of that tank is a distinct possibility. And to be fair, it would be if not for the many safety features designed into these systems.


Propane tanks are designed to be safe and to avoid the possibility of an explosion. Specifically, they include a pressure relief valve that can jump into action and relieve the pressure that might be building up in the tank before an explosion could occur. Most likely, you’ll never even find yourself in a position where the pressure relief valve will be forced into action – but it’s there if it is required, as a backup plan to make sure an explosion does not occur.


Doing Your Part

You can rest assured that opting for propane as an energy source is an effective, and safe, way to go. The propane industry has developed many safety regulations and systems over the years, and as a result, harmful incidents are exceedingly rare. With that said, there are some steps you can take to avoid creating a dangerous situation on your property.


  • Care for your tank. Keeping your propane tank in good condition is one of the best ways to stay far away from the possibility of an incident. Working with Berico to have the tank inspected regularly is a great starting point for this kind of safety.


  • Don’t do anything risky. You don’t want to have an open flame close to your propane tank, and you don’t want to discharge a firearm in proximity to the tank, either. Basically, be responsible when around a propane tank or any other stored fuel source.


  • Note any changes. If you see that something has changed about your tank, or that the performance of the tank seems off in some way, don’t wait around and put off dealing with the problem. This is a perfect situation to bring in Berico to have a look at the tank and determine if it is safe to use, or if a repair or replacement is required.


There is no reason for any safety concerns to dissuade you from using propane as an affordable, reliable fuel source on your property. Reach out to Berico today to learn more.