Berico Heating & Air Conditioning Celebrates 92 Years

Berico Heating & Air Conditioning Celebrates 92 Years Providing Heating and Cooling Service and Fuel Delivery Throughout Guilford, Rockingham, and Alamance counties

Berico and partner companies, Carolina Fuels Inc. and Alamance Oil Co., together offer propane, home heating oil, kerosene, diesel fuel, gasoline, and lubricant products.

GREENSBORO, NC, February 6, 2016 — Some companies thrive in both good and bad economic times. Berico Heating & Air Conditioning, of Greensboro, NC, has been the author of a phenomenal success story, serving customers in the region since 1924. That is an incredible 92 years. When W.N. Berry founded Berry Coal Co., soon to become Berico Fuels, Inc., he declared their motto: “Always Dependable”. Living up to this motto has been crucial to their consistent growth. Berico has always hired the most highly trained individuals for their service team and insist on the importance of top-rated customer service.

W.N. Berry would be proud of the progress at Berico Heating & Air Conditioning. What started as a coal delivery company has become a multi-type fuel delivery service, providing reliable, top quality heating and cooling installations and service to its customers. In 1960, Berico management expanded into the commercial field through the development of Gateco Oil Company. Today, Gateco Oil Company transports heating oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, and gasoline products to businesses within a 100 mile radius of Greensboro.

In 1981, Berico partnered with S.H. Knight Oil Company Inc., and ultimately Carolina Propane, to form what is Carolina Fuels Inc. today. Carolina Fuels not only serves residential customers, they are also a strong supplier of fuel products to the farming community. Berico partnered with Alamance Oil Company of Burlington, NC, in 1990, providing both commercial and residential clients with home heating oil, propane, and diesel fuel. All it takes is a look at a customer testimonial to illustrate why Berico is still going strong.

Here is what Nancy McCoy, a verified customer, has to say about Berico: “I first used Berico in August of 2009 and am now entering my sixth year. I have always believed that it is better to prevent a problem than to solve one, and your technicians have done a “bang up” job of keeping my unit in excellent working order. They have caught a couple of components going bad and replaced them quickly. Therefore, I have never had to call you and tell you that I have problems with my heat or air. Your technicians are most skilled at their jobs and don’t mind me asking questions.”

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