Reliable Propane Delivery in Burlington

New-prop-tank-Berico-clipped-300x114-300x114 Are you looking for propane delivery in Burlington? Maybe you need a new supplier or you need to find one for the first time. There are typically a few different choices in your area, but how do you decide which company to work with? You want reliable service that is also affordable and convenient. If you use propane for home heating, reliable propane delivery is important. If you use propane for water heating and cooking as well, reliable service is crucial. When you have propane delivery service you can count on, you never have to worry about running out.

Look for a reputable local propane supplier

When you ask people in your area about propane delivery, you will most likely hear one or a few names over and over. This is a good indication of a reputable business. Satisfied customers are the best testament to quality customer service. The company names you hear from friends and neighbors are a great starting point for your search. But it is wise to do more research before making a decision.

Check for proper licensing and safety standards

A propane supplier has to be licensed in the state where they conduct business. Find proof of licensing or request it from the business before you sign on. Also ask about safety standards and be sure the company is adhering to all safety regulations. You can ask for proof of this and even check with the state public service commission to get more information about a business’s safety history.

Find out about their customer service background

Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) are great resources for researching customer service history for a business. Angie’s List has reviews and ratings from real customers. The BBB gives each business a rating based on customer complaints and the resolution of these complaints by the business. Don’t discount a company based on just a few negative reviews or a few customer complaints. It is impossible to please everyone. If you see complaints, focus on the resolution of the issue and how it was handled.

Alamance Oil is a propane supplier and HVAC expert in one

When it comes to finding a reliable local propane supplier, Alamance Oil is a name you will surely hear. Besides propane delivery in Burlington, we are also an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) service. You are sure to appreciate the convenience of a propane supplier that can also repair and maintain your furnace and air conditioner. Our knowledge of HVAC systems allows us to better fulfill your propane needs. We are better able to predict the amount of propane you will use and time our deliveries accordingly. We offer service plans that combine propane delivery with furnace maintenance that are convenient and save you money. An all-in-one home comfort service like Alamance Oil gives you peace of mind, knowing that you and your family will always be comfortable and safe in your home. Contact us or call 336-226-9371 to get started with a propane delivery and maintenance plan.

Auto-Fill and Payment Plan Programs

At Alamance Oil we have an auto fill program that ensures your you never run out of fuel. Furthermore, we have an EZ-Pay budget program that splits your anticipated fuel bill across 12 months. By making all scheduled payments and reconciling any small differences in the 12th month, we will issue a 5 Cent/Gallon Discount on all Propane delivered throughout your plan. Convenience is important and we want all our customers to have an a great experience when it comes to propane and heating and air Services.

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