Carolina Fuels Acquires Kallam Oil Company

Reidsville, NC

October 17, 2017

Carolina Fuels is merging with Kallam Oil Company, a leading provider of heating oil, propane, and commercial fuels in Madison, NC, marking yet another acquisition by Berico Fuels. Carolina Fuels, a division of Berico Fuels, supplies residential and commercial fuel, propane, and HVAC services to customers in Rockingham County, and the surrounding area. This merger with Kallam Oil marks the fifth acquisition for Berico Fuels since January 2016. With each transaction, Berico expands their customer base and service area, making it more convenient for residents and businesses to receive services.

A well-respected company, Carolina Fuels offers a full range of residential and commercial services including heating oil and propane delivery, as well as heating and air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance, fleet fueling, and other commercial fuel services. The Carolina Fuels executives have always admired Kallam Oil for its excellent reputation in the community and is proud to continue the stellar service that Kallam customers have come to expect.

The Carolina Fuels staff welcomes Kallam Oil customers with service specials such as $0.05 per gallon discount on the first residential oil or kerosene delivery and $35 off the first furnace or AC tune-up or HVAC repair service. Berico’s complete home comfort care services are now available to Kallam Oil customers as well as potential new customers in the area.

As the company grows, Berico Fuels continues to uphold their commitment to excellence in service and quality in the industry. Berico’s owner, Will Berry said, “Berico is actively looking for opportunities that will help us grow and provide customers with the best services possible.”

Affordable Services Available to New and Existing Customers

Berico is an all-in-one home comfort provider. They offer “Keep-Fill & E-Z Payment” programs to ease the burden for our fuel customers.  Going above and beyond heating fuel and propane delivery, with heating and cooling system installation, maintenance, and repair, Berico also combines home comfort into one complete package, called the Comfort and Protection Service Agreement. Berico’s services also include agricultural fuels, fleet fueling for commercial businesses that require diesel, gasoline, and kerosene delivery, as well as motor oil and lubricants. Home comfort services even extend to maintenance and installation of household equipment like gas logs and generators.

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