Commercial HVAC Repair: How to Reduce What You Spend

Running a successful business involves a lot of things, but one of those is to spend as little as possible on expenses that can drag down your overall profits at the end of the year. Things like repairs on your commercial HVAC system are inevitable costs, but if you can keep those costs down, you’ll have a better chance to succeed in your industry.


This article is going to highlight some of the simple ways you can reduce your spending on commercial heating and air repairs. One of the best tips you can receive, of course, is to turn to Berico for these kinds of projects, so you always get fair prices and reliable service. Call today to schedule an appointment.


A Simple Answer

There is one surefire way to spend less money on your commercial HVAC system month after month – have regular maintenance performed. This is a classic example of a situation where you need to spend money to save money. By investing in ongoing maintenance for your system, you can avoid the kinds of costly breakdowns that will cause your repair bills to soar.


Why do repairs cost so much more than maintenance? There are a couple of reasons. First, when a repair is needed, that likely means something has broken, and has to be replaced. So, not only are you paying for the labor, but also for a new part or parts. Maintenance allows for a longer useful life from the parts you already have, saving money with each passing day. Also, when repair issues come up, they usually have to be handled quickly, and it can cost more for that kind of rushed service. With maintenance, you schedule it well in advance and know exactly how much it is going to cost.


A Long List of Possible Problems

There are many different ways a commercial heater or air conditioner can run into trouble. Some of the potential issues include things like electrical problems, motor failures, leaks in the refrigerant lines, and more. If any one of these problems arises, it’s sure to be rather costly for your business to fix. And, if it causes you to be closed for a period of time, you’ll lose even more money as a result.


Ongoing maintenance isn’t just about caring for the parts in the system that need to be cleaned, although that is important. It also provides the technician a chance to “look under the hood” and see if any problems are developing that need to be tended to right away before a bigger problem develops. In the end, you’ll be far better off having commercial HVAC maintenance performed periodically, and you can shift your attention to managing other parts of the business as a result.


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