Eden, NC HVACYour HVAC system is a big-ticket item and, for you and your family, its proper installation and service is critically important. Not only is your investment at risk from poor service but your family’s health and safety may also be at risk. While some Eden HVAC contractors promise low rates and quick service, it’s important to do your homework. Unfortunately, a lower price sometimes means cutting corners. As HVAC professionals, we find that many common HVAC problems could have been prevented if a system were installed correctly to begin with.

Building Codes

If your system is not up to code, it’s a failure before it’s even been turned on. While it may seem obvious that the proper permits must be secured and current building codes observed when installing any HVAC system, some providers simply don’t stay informed. Inadequately ventilated gas furnaces or incorrectly-sized ducts, for example, are issues we see all too often. Building codes exist for a reason. When they’re not observed, safety, performance and efficiency issues commonly arise.

Safety Issues

Safety issues are common when these types of systems are improperly installed or inadequately considered as changes are made to a home. One example is the build-out of a basement around an existing gas furnace. Many furnaces are originally installed in basements that are unfinished. When a basement is later finished, walls are normally built around the furnace. Eventually, these basement furnaces are replaced with newer, higher-efficiency models, but additional ventilation is not provided to the surrounding space. This lack of air to the furnace can create a dangerous situation for the home’s inhabitants. It takes an excellent HVAC contractor in Eden to understand and anticipate these safety issues, and to make the proper adjustments to ensure your family’s safety.

Right Systems

Today’s HVAC systems have become much more robust and complex than traditional ones. Advancements in the HVAC industry have made it possible to go beyond just heating and cooling, and to address the quality of the air your family breathes. Air filtration systems and built-in humidifiers are just some ways to improve indoor air quality.

Therefore, it’s important to choose the right heating system for your home. But some bargain providers simply don’t have the experience or knowledge to help you make the correct choice. In addition to selecting the correctly-sized system, you will want to consider other factors as well. Be sure to work with an experienced HVAC expert like Carolina Fuels in Eden, NC to help you understand your options.

Heat Load Calculations

When your family’s needs change, your heating system should adjust to meet them. For example, if you add another bedroom or a home office to your home, the new space adds an additional load to your home’s heating and cooling system. Down the road, if you want your HVAC system replaced, you need to hire a provider to reassess your requirements, accounting for any changes that have been made to your home since the original system was installed. This is called a heat load calculation.

Unfortunately, the process is commonly overlooked. Some contractors, when replacing an HVAC system, will simply check the model number of the original system, and replace it with a newer version. To avoid future problems with the new system, make sure to reassess the family’s heating and cooling needs. Carolina Fuel’s highly experienced technicians will take care of all your Eden HVAC needs. Our qualified service and installation teams offer experienced installation, maintenance, and repair for most models of air conditioning systems. Contact us today at (336) 623-9741.