Furnace and Air Conditioner Replacement Cost

Having to replace a furnace or air conditioner is not something that most homeowners look forward to, but it’s a reality of life at one point or another. Eventually, your current HVAC system will simply be able to go no further, and you will need to bring in a new unit. How much is that going to cost? This article will look closely at that question.


Of course, it’s worth considering Greensboro AC repair before going for a full replacement, so get in touch with Berico as soon as possible to see what options are available. The experienced Berico team can be trusted to provide honest, knowledgeable advice so you can make the best possible decision for your needs.


It’s a Wide Range

This might be the answer that you were expecting to find, and it’s the only one we can really give in good faith – the cost to replace your furnace or air conditioner is going to range wildly based on a number of factors (more on those factors later). You might need to pay only a few thousand dollars to have this work completed in some cases, while other cases will dictate spending upwards of $10,000.


Don’t just base your expectations on what you find randomly on the internet. Instead, you should contact a trusted HVAC contractor like Berico to help you understand exactly how much the project will cost in your situation. Getting exact information will make it much easier to make a wise choice on how to move forward.


The Cost Factors

So, what is it that will determine how much you wind up paying for the replacement of a furnace or air conditioner? It starts with the size of your home. The bigger your house, the larger the equipment that you will need to heat or cool the space. So, someone with a 4,000-square-foot house is going to need a bigger, more expensive system than someone with a 2,000-square-foot home. Additionally, it can be costlier to have a furnace or air conditioner replaced if you are replacing a very old unit and some additional plumbing might be required to account for the new system.


Using the Right Partner

It would be a mistake to opt strictly for the lowest available price when you have your furnace or air conditioner replaced. If you base your decision only on which contractor gives you a rock-bottom price, you might end up working with a team that really isn’t up to the challenge. Given the important role that this equipment will be playing in your house, it’s better to spend the money necessary to work with proven experts. You still want to get fair value for your money, of course, but be sure to check the qualifications of your contractor to confirm that you aren’t asking for trouble.  How long have they been in business and for example how many reviews do you find about them online?  These simple questions can save you a lot of potential problems down the road.


Is Greensboro furnace repair right for your needs, or do you need to have your furnace or air conditioner replaced? That’s a question that is tricky to answer on your own, but it will be much easier when Berico is on your side. Take a moment today to reach out to the Berico team and get started on this project.