Homeowners Associations and HVAC Systems

Living in a neighborhood or residential community that is governed by a homeowners association (HOA) has its advantages. The HOA establishes and upholds specific rules and regulations that residents in the neighborhood must uphold. The main purpose of an HOA is to preserve the value of the homes in the neighborhood.


Can your homeowners association control the type of heating and cooling systems you use in your home? Yes, in many cases it can. This means that any HVAC equipment you install in your home or on your property must meet the HOA guidelines for your neighborhood. Before you call your Burlington furnace repair service, here are some of the specific ways that your HOA may dictate the type of HVAC equipment you can have.


Air Conditioning Systems

The number one rule that HOAs tend to have about air conditioners is that window units are forbidden. Because of the way they extend outward from the window, it is decidedly unattractive. Some HOAs may allow them in windows of the home that are in the back or less visible. Contact your HOA if you have questions about window AC units.


Another typical HOA regulation on air conditioners pertains to the outdoor unit. The HOA may dictate where, how many, and what type (noise can be a factor) of outdoor units you can have for your central air conditioning. Again, contact your HOA or review the bylaws before having any new HVAC equipment installed to make sure you are keeping within your neighborhood’s regulations.


Heating Systems 

Most central air furnaces are primarily contained inside of the home but may have an outdoor unit as well. Ductless mini split systems connect to an outdoor unit and your HOA may regulate where the outdoor unit can be installed.


Another consideration with heating systems is fuel. If your neighborhood has natural gas lines supplying the homes, you likely won’t have anything to worry about. However, if you wish to have a propane or heating oil furnace, your HOA may have regulations regarding the placement and size of the fuel tank. Contact your HOA or carefully review the bylaws to be sure of the neighborhood regulations before choosing a type of heating fuel or switching fuels.


HVAC Systems and HOA for Attached Communities

If you live in a patio home, townhome, or some other type of residential community where the homes are attached in some way, your HVAC system may be shared with other units. Before any repairs or maintenance can be done, you may need to contact your HOA to make sure it is within the regulations. You may not even have the freedom to hire your own HVAC company for Burlington furnace repair if you live in a multi-unit residence.


Berico Will Work with Your Homeowners Association 

If you need repair or replacement of any HVAC equipment, Berico will work within the limitations of your homeowners association. Berico technicians are familiar with many of the typical HOA bylaws and will help you ensure that any equipment installed meets your neighborhood requirements.


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