How Often Should a Propane Furnace Be Cleaned?

Propane is an excellent fuel to keep a home warm throughout the winter months. If you have a propane furnace, you can likely speak to how well it performs throughout the cold season – but it can only maintain that level of performance if it is cleaned regularly. So, how often should a propane furnace be cleaned? That question, and more, will be answered below.


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Why Does a Furnace Need Cleaning?

There are a variety of components that need to work properly for a propane furnace to do its job day after day. Over time, those components are going to need attention, or they won’t be able to continue to play their role within the system. And, if even one component can’t get the job done, the whole system may come to a halt.


The basic accumulation of dirt and debris is reason enough to have your furnace cleaned regularly. When your furnace is cleaned, the surfaces will be freshened up and everything will be able to work better than it did before. Also, it is during this time that the technician can notice any wear and tear that has developed, and parts may need to be replaced before they fail.


A Standard Interval

As a good rule of thumb, consider having your propane furnace cleaned once per year. An annual cleaning is enough for most systems to remain in good working condition well into the future. Berico is proud to offer annual maintenance plans that make it easy and affordable for customers to keep their systems working nicely. If you’d like to know more about the Comfort and Protection Service Plans that are available, please contact Berico directly for more information.


Watch for This Sign

It’s a good idea to have your propane furnace maintained annually to stay ahead of the game and keep it in good working order. In addition to taking that step, it’s also smart to watch for signs that your furnace might need some attention from a professional. One such sign is energy bills that are rising without explanation. You probably know roughly how much you have to spend each month to heat your home during the winter – if that bill starts to go up and the underlying rates for propane haven’t changed, it’s possible that your system is running less efficiently and burning more fuel to get the same results.


It’s easy enough to keep up with regular propane furnace cleaning when you have Berico on your side. Make your first appointment today and you can look forward to a full winter of reliable heating performance to keep your whole family comfortable. Berico can’t wait to serve you.