HVAC Safety Tips – Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe

Modern HVAC systems are capable of keeping indoor spaces incredibly comfortable. And, while these systems are very safe, it’s important that you operate all of your HVAC equipment in a safe manner to make sure no one is put at risk. This article is going to offer some fundamental advice to make sure everything about your HVAC experience is as safe as it is enjoyable.


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The Leading Threat is Carbon Monoxide

Without a doubt, the leading threat from an HVAC system for a homeowner is carbon monoxide poisoning. Because carbon monoxide doesn’t have a smell and can’t be seen with the naked eye, it can easily build up in a home without detection. And, if it does reach a great enough concentration, it can be fatal.


Fortunately, it’s easy to stay safe on this front by having a functioning CO detector in the home. As long as you have a detector that is in proper working order, you won’t have anything to worry about, and you will be notified – loudly – if there is a problem developing. Never ignore warnings from your CO detector and always call in qualified professionals to address the problem after you have gotten out of the house.


Don’t Attempt Repairs on Your Own

As tempting as it is to work on your HVAC system on your own to save some money, this just isn’t a good place to try out your DIY skills. There are too many things that can go wrong – some of them dangerous – if you try to fix your HVAC system by yourself. Even if you don’t get hurt, it’s unlikely that the repair will be completed correctly, and you’ll still need to call in a professional in the end.


There is one exception to this rule, however, and that is the air filter that serves your HVAC system. Most people can easily handle replacing their own air filters, and this is a task that should be completed regularly to make sure the system can breathe freely as it runs.


Maintain Open Space

Resist the temptation to crowd the area around your HVAC units with other items that you are storing. For instance, don’t pack things into a small space in your home where the furnace sits, as this could be a fire hazard, and could also harm the performance of the system as a whole. If you have an outdoor AC unit, you’ll also want to make sure the space around it is clear, so keep up with weeding tasks to prevent plants from growing into the unit and causing problems.


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