Is Propane Still Cheaper than Electricity?

Series of propane tanks

For the average property – whether it is a residential or commercial property – energy bills are one of the largest monthly expenses. With that in mind, using the most affordable energy source is an important step toward keeping costs low. Traditionally, propane has been more affordable than using electricity, but is that still the case? Take a closer look below.


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Propane is an Affordable Energy Source

When it comes to energy costs, it’s tricky to say that one form of energy is “always” cheaper than another, because prices are constantly changing based on supply and demand, regulations, global conditions, and more. Knowing what type of energy is cheaper at any given moment would require staying up to date on the energy market in your local area.


With all of that said, propane does remain an excellent form of affordable, clean energy. If you want to keep your monthly utility bills down as low as possible, using propane appliances is a great way to go. For example, by opting for propane as opposed to electricity for your water heater, you should find that you spend significantly less over the course of a year to heat your water.


Other Motivations to use Propane

Yes, propane comes with a modest price tag compared to some other types of energy, but that alone shouldn’t be your only motivation for using this fuel. Fortunately, there are plenty of other reasons to go in this direction, including the following –


  • Kind to the earth. As one of the cleanest-burning fuels available, propane is a great pick if you would like to do your part to protect the planet. After all, much of our electrical energy is provided by coal burning power plants; so when you use propane instead of electricity, you are making an important difference.


  • The electrical grid is known to go down from time to time, often due to weather events. That won’t have such an impact on your life if you are relying on propane more than electricity for key functions around your home.


  • Durable appliances. Using propane-powered appliances is a good choice because of the long-lasting nature of those pieces of equipment. As compared to electric appliances, you may get several more years out of a propane unit. Of course, those extra years translate directly into financial savings, as you will be able to wait that much longer before investing in a new appliance for your home.


The Right Supplier

There is a lot to love about propane, to be sure, but that’s only if you have a trustworthy supplier on your side to keep your tank full. That supplier is Berico. With a history that stretches back generations and a reputation for excellent service and fair prices, Berico will make your experience using propane a good one. Reach out to their team today to schedule a delivery or to ask any questions you may have.