Mold Prevention with Greensboro HVAC Maintenance

Mold Prevention in GreensboroMold is a health problem, especially for people who are sensitive to it. Sneezing, watery eyes and even wheezing and shortness of breath can occur for people who are allergic to mold. Inside of your home, your bathroom showers need to be properly ventilated, along with the kitchen area to prevent the growth of mold. Damp, humid areas are usual locations for mold growth, and a controlled humidity level in your home can help to prevent mold from growing. At Alamance Oil, Berico Heating and Cooling and Carolina Fuels, we have a variety of ways that you can lower your exposure to mold and prevent the growth of it, including Heating and Cooling maintenance to keep your system clean, free of leaks and working properly. According to, there are four elements relating to your HVAC system that can contribute to mold growth:

“Mold requires four ingredients for growth: organic nutrients, moisture, a surface to grow on and darkness. Most HVAC systems have many areas where all four ingredients occur in abundance. If all four ingredients are present in sufficient quantities, mold will thrive. Take away or limit at least one, and mold will not be a problem.”

An heating and cooling system must be installed correctly and maintained regularly to provide the best resistance to mold growth. At Berico Fuels, our certified technicians take the time to correctly position the HVAC system and all of the parts to ensure the healthiest indoor air quality for your home. Here are few steps that are recommended to further prevent mold growth in your home or business:

“Although there are many steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of mold growing in HVAC systems, the four most effective design measures are sloping the drain pan under cooling coils, installing cleanable surfaces within air handlers and ductwork, providing accessibility to critical areas of the system and installing ultraviolet light fixtures in the supply air.”

Condensate drain pans are important

Your HVAC condensate drain pan actually plays a major role in the ability to fight mold growth. It needs to be sloped so that the condensation from the HVAC system can be carried away from the system, not creating collective pools of standing water. In Greensboro, furnace and air conditioning maintenance programs ensure that your system will be inspected regularly so that condensation from the coils of your heating and cooling system are not being trapped, leading to excess moisture and the presence of mold.

Components need to be easily accessible

To properly clean and inspect HVAC systems, all of the parts need to be located in an easily accessible location. At Berico Fuels, Alamance Oil and Carolina Fuels, we install HVAC systems in locations that will be easy for technicians to service your system and provide comprehensive cleaning and repairs. Removable panels and hinged doors also increase accessibility of HVAC systems, allowing service technicians to thoroughly clean and inspect all areas of the heating and cooling system during maintenance visits.

Call Berico Fuels at 336-273-8663 for all of your Greensboro HVAC maintenance needs. We provide expert installation and repair services to help you keep mold out of your home or business. Breathe healthier this year.

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