Residential Heating Oil Tank Maintenance Tips

If you have a heating oil tank on your property, it’s essential that the tank is maintained properly over time. As the years add up, wear and tear can take a toll on the tank, and it could become a safety concern at some point. Knowing what maintenance points are important will help you avoid any trouble in the future.


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Know the Risks

While it might seem like a pretty stable system, and it is in many ways, there are some problems that can come up with a heating oil tank. One potential issue is when contaminants make their way into the tank and degrade the quality of the fuel that is added. If it doesn’t seem like you are getting great performance from your system despite the rest of the equipment being in good condition, a contamination of the tank might be to blame.


An older tank could also develop a leak if it is not maintained correctly over time. This would obviously create a messy, dangerous situation that you would prefer to avoid, if at all possible. Considering the modest requirements to maintain your tank, it’s more than worth it to pay attention to this matter and make sure your tank doesn’t degrade to a point where it becomes a problem.


Basic Maintenance Points

As a homeowner, there are some basic things you can do on your own to check on the condition of your heating oil tank. As a starting point, get into the habit of looking for leaks regularly – perhaps once a month or so. This is as easy as just visually inspecting the exterior of the tank, as well as any valves and the lines that are connected to the tank if it is an above ground take.  It should only take a few moments to look over the tank carefully and doing so could enable you to catch a small little leak before it has the chance to turn into a bigger problem.  If your tank is below ground, you will need a professional to do an inspection.


The other key point to check on, for a tank that is positioned above ground, is the support that holds up the tank. Sometimes, these legs will lose strength over time, or they will slightly shift out of position. It should go without saying that you don’t want the tank to fall down while filled with oil, so inspecting the status of the legs from time to time should be on your list.


Have It Checked

There is only so much you can do on your own when it comes to maintaining your heating oil tank. For everything else, turn to the professionals at Berico to have the tank maintained and checked for any issues. Of course, that same team will be able to perform the necessary repairs should any problems be located, and they can also recommend a replacement tank if yours is past the point of reasonable repair. Get in touch with Berico today to learn more.