Safety Tips for Using a Backup Power Generator

A power outage can be frustrating, and in some cases even dangerous. But what’s even more dangerous is incorrect use of a generator. If you have a generator to use as a backup power source or you’re thinking of getting one, safety should be your most important consideration. Follow these generator safety tips and you can rest assured your home or business will always have power when needed.

Regular Generator Maintenance is Key for Safe Operation

If you lose power, you need to know your generator is up to the task. Regular maintenance will keep your generator is good working order so it will be ready to kick in when you need it to. Generator malfunction can pose many dangers from electrocution to fire. Schedule routine maintenance with your supplier to keep your generator running safely and efficiently.

Get a Generator that Produces Enough Amps for Your Essentials

In an emergency power outage, there are certain electrical items that you may need more than others. Determine what you want to be able to run off the generator and add up the power requirements for these, typically found labeled on the device itself. Add up the wattage of any lightbulbs you want to use. Divide watts by volts to determine the total amperage you need. Then purchase a generator that can produce at least 3 times the amps you need because generators lose efficiency over time. If you are unsure about what size generator you need, seek help from your supplier.

To Avoid Electrocution, Do Not Use a Generator in Rain or Wet Conditions

You may be wondering how you can have backup power during a thunderstorm if you can’t use your generator in the rain. You can use it, but make sure it is sitting on a dry surface under some sort of canopy to keep the rain off. Be sure there is plenty of ventilation around it. Never touch the generator with wet hands. Electrocution is one of the biggest dangers when using a generator, so be safe and keep it dry.

For Proper Ventilation, Never Use a Generator Indoors

Generators run on propane or gas, which produces carbon monoxide when burned. Carbon monoxide is harmful when inhaled and can cause severe health issues, even death. Only run a generator outside with proper ventilation. Even a garage with an open door will not provide enough ventilation; all four sides of the generator should be open to the air.

Safe Fueling Practices Reduce Fire Risk

Only use the type of fuel that your generator requires. Store fuel in the proper safety containers. Allow the generator to cool before refueling, as spilled fuel on a hot surface can ignite. Store fuel in outbuildings, never inside the living areas of the home.

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