Saving money on your heating bills

save on heating billsHaving a comfortable temperature in your home can be difficult to do if you are worried about saving money on your utility bills. There are actually many different ways that you can attain optimal results, by just using your thermostat. Below are some great tips for having a comfortable temperature in your home, conserving energy and saving money.

During the cold months, think about setting your thermostat about two to three degrees cooler than you usually set it. If you keep your thermostat at 74, then turn it back to 72 or 71. This allows you to obtain a comfortable temperature, but it also provides significant savings on your energy bill. Now if your HVAC system is outdated, then you should think about investing in a new, high-efficiency HVAC system, as this will allow you to maximize your savings while ensuring that your home is as comfortable as possible.

Always make sure that you change your filters once a month or once every three months, depending on the type of filters you use and your HVAC system. The air filter keeps debris from traveling into your HVAC system. This ensures efficient heating and cooling operation. If your filter is dirty, this will slow down air flow which makes the furnace work harder to heat your home. This, in turn, can increase your energy bills. Not sure how often you should change your air filter? Berico offers a free energy audit to help you with that question and any others you may have.

You should also take some of the strain off of your heating and air conditioning system. Open all the closed air vents and registers in your home. Keep all doors open. These few actions actually helps increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. It also greatly improves the comfort level in your home. When your heat runs, it forces air throughout the entire home. If you have closed vents or registers, there is added strain on your unit which causes more wear and tear. This shortens the lifespan of your heating system and increases your operating cost.

Products such as attic tents, specialty filters, and programmable thermostats can all help you save money and are well worth the initial investment.

Lastly, if you are worried that your heating and air conditioning system is not operating at the best possible efficiency, you should contact Berico. We will send out a highly trained technician to perform a free energy audit to analyze your home system’s efficiency.