Which is Cleaner, Natural Gas or Propane?

To the general public, natural gas and propane seem like pretty much the same thing. If you aren’t familiar with the differences, you might believe that these are just two different names for the same fuel – but that is not the case. Natural gas and propane are two very different products, and as such, one is a cleaner option than the other. This article will get to the bottom of the matter and clarify any confusion.


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Propane is the Cleaner Choice

As you look into this matter, you’ll find that both propane and natural gas are considered to be clean burning fuels. As compared to some of the other types of fuels that are used to power various pieces of equipment, both propane and natural gas are rather clean options.


With that said, propane is a cleaner fuel than natural gas when burned. As natural gas burns, it lets off methane as a byproduct. Propane, on the other hand, releases nearly zero greenhouse gas, making it kinder to the environment and a great choice for anyone who wants to power their home while taking their impact on nature into consideration.


Many Other Factors to Note

So, if clean burning is your only focus, propane is already a great pick. But there are even more factors to take into consideration that tip the scales even more dramatically toward propane.


For instance, propane delivery is easier and safer than moving natural gas through underground pipes. Propane can be delivered safely on trucks by professionals like the team at Berico. Proper safety procedures need to be followed when using propane, of course, but it is a very safe product overall.


With natural gas, a pipeline must be used to deliver the product. From a main pipeline, smaller lines will branch out to deliver the gas to homes or businesses. The infrastructure of natural gas lines limits who is able to use this product, and while uncommon, the threat of a pipeline explosion along a natural gas line is always a concern.


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