Why is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

When you hear your furnace kick on in the background while going about your normal life, you naturally expect to feel warm air blowing through the house a few moments later. If that doesn’t happen – and cold air comes out of the vents instead – you’ll immediately know that something is wrong. This article will take a look at some possible causes of your furnace failing to produce the warm air you need to stay comfortable all winter long.


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Faulty Ignition Leading to No Fire

There needs to be a flame within your furnace to heat the air that is being run through the system. If you don’t have a flame due to an ignition problem, you won’t have the warm air you expect while the furnace is on. Fortunately, this is a problem that is a pretty easy issue to fix for a professional technician, so if this is the only issue with the furnace, it could be back up and running rather quickly.


Problems with the Control Board

It is the job of the control board to act as the brain for the furnace and send out the right signals to trigger proper operation. That usually goes fine, but if something goes wrong with the control board, it could send out signals that aren’t in line with what the system should be doing. If a faulty control board is diagnosed by your technician, having it replaced is another pretty simple fix.


A Clogged Air Filter

One of your most important jobs as a homeowner is to make sure the air filter that serves your heating and cooling system is replaced regularly. Through ongoing use, the air filter is going to gradually clog up, and less and less air will be able to make it through the filter. That restricted airflow will make it harder to efficiently distribute heat around the home, and the furnace will struggle to keep up with what the thermostat is demanding. Swap out your air filter frequently to avoid running into this problem.


The Vents Are Closed

This isn’t an instance of a furnace blowing cold air, but it happens enough to warrant mentioning: Did you or someone else in the home close some or all of the vents recently? This is an easy mistake to make, and if you forget that the vents are closed, you won’t be getting the airflow or the warming that you expect. Of course, you won’t need a technician to come in to solve this problem – just get all of the vents opened back up and you should be all set.


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