10 Reasons to Choose Propane

Whether you’re choosing a home heating fuel, home energy source, grilling fuel, camping fuel, commercial fuel, fireplace fuel, or even a temporary fuel option, propane can do any and all of these jobs. From a premier propane supplier in Eden, here are 10 reasons to choose propane.

1. Efficient

Propane is highly efficient. It burns extremely hot which creates a warm, radiant heat for home comfort. It’s also ideal for water heaters as it allows the hot water to recover much faster than electric water heaters. 

2. Portable

Propane is transported as a liquid in tanks, making it possible to deliver to any location. From large whole-household tanks to small cylinders used for grilling, the portability of propane is one of its biggest advantages. 

3. Available

In rural areas where other energy sources may not be available, propane can still be delivered. It only requires a tank to be placed somewhere on your property, either above the ground or buried underneath the ground. 

4. Versatile

Propane can be used for so much more than just home heat. It can be used for cooking inside and outside, heating water, drying clothes, heating pools, and hot tubs, fueling fireplaces, heating campers, and more. 

5. Affordable

Propane is comparable to other energy sources in price, but it gives you more bang for your buck than some of the others. There are ways to save on propane refills with your propane supplier in Eden, such as automatic deliveries, price lock plans, and maintenance packages. 

6. Safe

There is no risk of explosion or fire with propane, as it requires extremely hot temperatures and a complex system to be converted from a liquid into a gas so that it can create the necessary heat and energy to operate appliances. 

7. Clean

Propane burns clean is non-toxic and doesn’t release any greenhouse gases. You can rest assured that your energy source is sustainable. 

8. Made in America

90% of propane that is used in the United States is processed right here in the country. 

9. Plentiful

There is plenty of propane available and it will continue to be so. It is gradually replacing gasoline consumption in commercial vehicles, which will increase production due to supply and demand.

10. Still Works When the Power Goes Out

If you lose power for whatever reason (weather, a fallen tree, an accident) you’ll still have heat, hot water, and the use of any other appliances that run on propane. Propane can also power a generator to offer temporary electricity when needed. 

Looking for a Propane Supplier in Eden?

Carolina Fuels provides affordable, reliable propane delivery services to Eden and the surrounding area. Wherever you live, propane can most likely be brought to you. Save money with the price lock plan, automatic deliveries, and a Comfort and Protection Service Agreement. An added benefit to choosing Carolina Fuels as your propane supplier in Eden is that you have an HVAC specialist at your disposal as well to keep your furnace and air conditioning system working properly and efficiently.

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