Debunking Heating Oil Myths

Among the different heating fuels and energy sources for home heating, people seem to have some misgivings about oil. However, oil is still in use and not just because there are old homes that still exist with oil furnaces. New homeowners are choosing to build custom homes with oil heat because of its efficiency among other benefits. In many North Carolina towns like Madison, heating oil is increasing in popularity. So let’s dispel some of the common myths about heating oil. 

Myth: Heating Oil is Expensive. 

Truth: Heating oil may seem to cost more at the time of purchase, but a little bit of oil creates a large amount of heat. Oil is actually one of the most efficient sources of home heat. It may seem to cost more when you pay for a tank refill, but you’ll feel differently when you see how long that refill lasts. 

Myth: Heating Oil Pollutes the Environment.

Truth: Heating oil is actually very clean. It produces so little emissions that the Federal Clean Air Act doesn’t even regulate it. Not only does it burn clean, but heating oil leaks or spills won’t pollute groundwater or soil. 

Myth: Heating Oil is Not a Renewable Resource. 

Truth: Oil is becoming more renewable as technological advancements have moved toward making heating oil a blend of renewable and non-renewable fuel. In time heating oil will be completely renewable. 

Myth: Heating Oil Creates Soot in Your Home.

Truth: A properly operating oil furnace does not create soot. If you have soot coming from your vents or you find a residue on your surfaces, it means your furnace needs to be serviced. It could be as simple as replacing dirty filters or having your furnace thoroughly cleaned. 

Myth: Heating Oil is Dangerous. 

Truth: There is no need to worry about the safety of heating oil. It only burns at extremely high temperatures and only through the complex conversion system that oil furnaces use to make heating oil combustible. 

Myth: Heating Oil is Only Used in Old Houses. 

Truth: It may surprise you to know that new homes are being built with heating oil furnaces. It’s not an outdated heat source that you only find in older homes anymore. The efficiency of heating oil and the warm, radiant heat it produces are just a few of the reasons this type of heat is making a huge comeback. 

Madison Heating Oil Supplier Carolina Fuels Wants You to Know the Truth

Don’t let the myths about heating oil make you choose a less efficient heat source for your home or cause you to avoid purchasing a home you love because it has an oil furnace. You can rest assured that you can still be earth-conscious and use heating oil and that your home and family will be safe. Now that you know the truth about heating oil, choose a Madison Heating Oil supplier you can trust. Carolina Fuels supplies heating oil to Madison, NC, and the surrounding area. Experts are always available to honestly answer any questions you may have. 

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