5 Commonly Asked Questions About Propane

Thinking of using propane for home heating in Eden this winter? If you’ve never used propane before you probably have questions about it. Here are 5 commonly asked questions about propane that should help you decide if it’s the right choice for your home. 

  1. What is Propane? Propane is a by-product of natural gas and petroleum (crude oil) that is typically manufactured at oil refineries. It is a highly versatile fuel that can be used to heat homes and supply energy to stoves, ovens, clothing dryers, water heaters, and more.  
  2. Is Propane Safe? Propane is an extremely safe way to heat your home. Propane is typically stored in liquid form in a tank outside your home, either above or below the ground. It has an odor that resembles rotten eggs that will alert you if there is a leak. Propane tanks and equipment are designed with special features to ensure the highest level of safety.  
  3. Will Propane Harm the Environment? After the safety of home and family, people often consider the environment when thinking about heating fuels. Propane is non-toxic, clean-burning, and will not harm the environment. When it burns it does not release any greenhouse gases. You can rest assured that propane is environmentally friendly.  
  4. Is Propane More or Less Expensive than Other Fuels? Homeowners want to know that they are making an affordable choice for home heating. Propane home heating in Eden can seem to be more expensive than natural gas when you compare pricing directly, but there have been times when natural gas was more costly. Propane also burns more efficiently than natural gas, so you use less, thus saving money. In addition to price, consider the other benefits of propane, like its versatility (it can power other appliances such as dryers and water heaters, which is more efficient than electric) and the fact that it can be delivered to places where natural gas is not available. 
  5. How Will I Know if My Tank is Getting Low? Running out of propane is a valid concern, but it’s completely avoidable. If you’re not sure how much propane is in your tank, have Carolina Fuels check the level and refill it if necessary. Then sign up for regular propane deliveries that will ensure you never run out. 

Switching to Propane Home Heating in Eden is Easy 

Now that some of your questions are answered, you should know that switching to propane is easy if you choose to go that route. A propane tank can be installed on any property, as long as you own your home and land. The tank can be above or below ground, whichever you prefer. If you are simply switching from another propane supplier to Carolina Fuels, the tank swap is free. Regularly scheduled deliveries are convenient and can include complete HVAC maintenance as well for both your furnace and your air conditioner. If you have additional questions about propane home heating in Eden, call (336) 313-0466.