5 Tips on How to Avoid Extra Fuel Charges

5 tips on how to avoid extra fuel charges - heating oil in madison, ncAre you looking for ways to save money on propane and heating oil in Madison, NC? One of the best ways to save money is to avoid extra fuel charges that can sometimes get tacked on for various reasons. Here are 5 tips on how to avoid extra fuel charges. 

1. Order before you run out

It is never a good idea to let your tank get completely empty because it can actually cause damage to the fuel lines and other parts of your heating equipment. If your tank is completely empty when your supplier comes for delivery, you may be subject to extra fees that come with necessary inspection and possible repair any parts that may have been affected. 

2. Set up automatic deliveries

The best way to avoid running out of heating fuel is to sign up for an automatic delivery plan with your supplier. Companies that provide propane and heating oil in Madison, NC can calculate your potential heating fuel consumption based on the size of your home, the weather, and the number of appliances in your household that will use the fuel. Your supplier will ensure you never run out by refilling your tank on a regular schedule. Automatic delivery plans not only help you avoid fees, they may come with fuel discounts. 

3. Buy fuel in the offseason

If you’re not on an automatic delivery plan, the best time to buy fuel is in the offseason. Having your tank refilled in the spring, summer, or early fall could save you money because heating fuels are not in as high demand as they are during late fall and winter. High demand leads to higher prices. 

4. Conserve fuel

Another way to avoid extra fees and high fuel prices is to conserve fuel in the first place. There are many ways to use less heating fuel in your home, such as:

  • Make sure you have sufficient insulation in your home and that there are no leaks or gaps that need to be sealed up to prevent cold air from entering the home. 
  • Schedule furnace maintenance to keep your furnace operating a peak efficiency, using the minimum amount of heating fuel to keep your home at the desired temperature. 
  • Set your thermostat to a lower temperature when you’re away from home or at night when everyone is sleeping. Install a programmable thermostat to make it easier to keep temperatures under control. 
  • By using less fuel in general you can keep your heating fuel costs low.

5. Lock in your propane price

Take advantage of price lock programs if they are available. You can save money and avoid rate spikes by purchasing your fuel before you need it when prices are low. The only disadvantage is that if fuel prices dip below your locked-in rate, you will still pay the rate you agreed to when you made your purchase. 

Avoid Extra Fuel Charges with Carolina Fuels

Fuel prices and fees are predominantly controlled by your supplier. The key to avoiding extra fuel charges is choosing a supplier of propane or heating oil in Madison, NC that values customer satisfaction above all else. Call Carolina Fuels today at (336) 623-9741 to find out how you can save money on heating fuel this winter and in the future.