AC Tune Up in Burlington

AC Tune Up BurlingtonRoutine maintenance is the best thing you can do for your central air conditioner. A simple AC tune up can make a huge difference in the performance of your system. Annual tune ups keep your air conditioner running efficiently and extend its overall lifespan. Most Heating and Air Conditioning companies have a checklist that their technicians follow to be sure that every part is as it should be. Some of the most important things to be checked are:

Evaporator Coil. The evaporator coil will be thoroughly cleaned and checked for problems. When the evaporator coil gets dirty (and it will over time), it cannot absorb heat and produce cool air as it should. Replacing your filters often will keep more dirt out, but some will still get through. The evaporator coil should be cleaned each year by a professional before the onset of hot weather.

Condensate Drains. The condensate drains will be checked to be sure they are allowing moisture to drain out. The emergency drain pan will be checked to be sure it is not getting any overflow from the primary drain pan. If the condensate drains are not working properly, your house could become overly humid or water could leak into floors and walls.

Electrical Components. All electrical wires will be checked to be sure none are disconnected. All other electrical components will be checked for proper voltage and operation. If electrical wires are loose or disconnected, it effects the starting of the air conditioner. It can cause breakers to repeatedly trip or fuses to go out. It can also be a safety issue.

Ductwork. All of the ductwork needs to be checked for blockages. Blockages cause low air flow from the unit out through the vents, causing your home to cool slower than it should. Blocked ducts also cause low air flow into the unit which can cause ice to build up on the evaporator coil. The ducts also need to be checked for leaks. Leaky ducts cause the cool air to leak out into the attic or even outside where it won’t do any good toward cooling your home. Any of these problems mean your air conditioner won’t be able to cool your home as well as it should.

Lubrication. All moving parts must be well lubricated for the air conditioner to work properly. This is something the technician will take care of during a routine tune up.

Blower. The blower needs to be cleaned and adjusted each year. If dirt and dust builds up in the blower, it won’t be able to take in enough air and may allow dirt and dust to get into the system and into your home.

Refrigerant. If the refrigerant level is low, the system will not be able to produce cool air. Part of a regular tune up should be to check the refrigerant level and refill it if necessary.

Yearly tune ups are a must for all central air conditioning systems. Alamance Oil Co. provides regular service to Burlington and the surrounding area. Have a technician from Alamance Oil Co. tune up your air conditioner before the weather gets hot.