Air Conditioner Replacement in Greensboro

Air Conditioner Replacement GreensboroIf you are a homeowner, most likely you have central air conditioning. And if you have central air conditioning, you’ve probably had to have it repaired at least a time or two, depending on how long you’ve owned your home. If you live in a region such as Greensboro that has hot summers, air conditioning is a necessity. And if the hot season is 4 or 5 months long, energy costs can be significant. If you want to lower your energy costs, consider replacing your air conditioner.

How old is your air conditioner? If the answer is 8 years or more, then you will probably benefit from air conditioner replacement in Greensboro. Technological advances in air conditioner design have made new systems much more energy efficient than older systems. Even an air conditioner that is 5 years old is not going to run as efficiently as a brand new system would. And as air conditioners age they lose efficiency. If you keep your system well maintained it will run better than if you do nothing, but even a well maintained older system will not run as well as a new system.

When it comes to energy efficiency, all air conditioners are given a SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The minimum SEER rating used to be 10, but the federal government recently upped it to 13. Most contractors won’t install any systems that rate less than a 13. A good SEER rating is 16 or higher. A great SEER rating is over 20. Of course the higher the SEER rating, the more expensive the system. But don’t let that deter you from purchasing a better system. The higher the SEER rating, the more money you will save on your energy bill. In fact, the money you save on energy will pay for a new system in a few short years.

Has your energy bill been getting higher and higher each month? This is a sign of poor performance by your air conditioner. Look back at your records; is your bill higher this summer than it was last summer? Unless the weather has been significantly hotter this season than last, most likely your air conditioner isn’t running as well as it was. A tune-up could help, but may only be a short-term fix.

Certain makes and models of air conditioners have the best SEER ratings and have also been given good reviews for reliability. You can do your own research to see what homeowners are saying about their air conditioners. Or you can ask a professional heating and air conditioning company what they recommend. HVAC companies that repair and install air conditioners know which makes and models are the best because they work with them every day.

Berico Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving the Greensboro area since 1924. Berico technicians have the experience necessary to recommend the best air conditioner for your home, and they can install it correctly. Don’t continue to lose money because your air conditioner doesn’t run as efficiently as it should; replace it sooner rather than later.