Advances in Diesel Fuel in Greensboro

Advances in diesel fuel over the last few years, offers a more powerful, cleaner and economical alternatives to consumers, commercial vehicles, and non-road equipment.

Although diesel engines built in the 1980s emitted high levels of soot, advances in diesel fuel and technology have reduced particulate emissions by ninety-eight percent in the last decade. While ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel helped reduce these emissions, advances in diesel engine designs and emissions control technology have helped to virtually eliminate particulate emissions in today’s diesel fuel vehicles, equipment and trucks.

Diesel Fuel Re-Invented

When diesel fuel was first introduced, exposure to diesel fuel could result in asthma and respiratory illnesses. Plus, the emissions from diesel engines back then lead to damaged crops, trees and vegetation. Of course, this makes one wonder why choose diesel fuel if it was harmful? Because diesel fuel has always been the most efficient and powerful fuel. Diesel fuel offers a better combustion of fuel to create a more powerful mechanical energy. The downside was damage to the environment and risks associated with exposures.

However, today’s diesel fuel contains ninety-seven percent less sulfur (also known as ultra-low sulfur diesel or ULSD). This cut emissions by ten percent alone. Lowering the sulfur content also lead to advances in engine design.

Diesel fuel and engines have always provided more efficiency and power than alternatives like gasoline, natural gas, and propane. Because of the power and efficiency offered by diesel fuel and engines, it has always been the first choice for commercial vehicles and equipment. With the advances in diesel engines, it is now the dominant choice for commercial and off road equipment. New technologies like improving the combustion chamber configuration and turbocharging have made diesel engines run even more powerfully today.

With the advances in engine design and the ability to utilize ultra-low sulfur diesel, new exhaust treatments became available. This included new filtration systems known as diesel particulate filters. Utilizing new technologies in post-combustion and catalytic converters, diesel equipment and trucks are now able to trap the diesel particulates thus eliminating the harmful effects of the old diesel models.

Plus, it’s not just for the commercial industry anymore. With the advances of diesel fuel and engines, diesel cars are as efficient to run as most of the hybrid automobiles but with more horsepower and torque. While it may be true that a gasoline powered automobile is cheaper than a diesel powered one, diesel powered cars are a cheaper alternative to the hybrids. It is also feasible that consumers save more through higher gas mileage with a diesel fuel car than a gasoline powered vehicle to pay the difference.

In short, diesel fuel offers clean emissions with great fuel economy for today’s commercial equipment. Berico Fuels carry a variety of commercial fuels, including low sulfur diesel fuel in Greensboro for off road vehicles and #2 heating oil for home and business heating systems.

We also offer fleet fueling in Greensboro (we fuel the tanks of your vehicle fleet at a convenient time for you). Fleet fueling affords you a higher yield of productivity by keeping your work force on the job, not at the pump. Give us a call today at (336) 226-9371 for your diesel fuel needs.