Are Furnace Tune-Ups Necessary?

If we are being honest, you’d probably rather ignore your HVAC system most of the time. You want it to do what it is supposed to do, of course, but ideally, it will do that work in the background while you go on with your day-to-day life. With that said, it is important to pay your system some attention from time to time, as doing so will lead to far better results in the long run. Furnace tune-ups are the best way to care for your system to make sure it has the best possible chance of delivering a long and useful life in your home.


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The Simple Answer is Yes

While it might not be the answer that you are hoping to hear, yes, furnace tune-ups are a necessary and important part of owning this piece of equipment. Given the important role a furnace plays in keeping your home warm and comfortable all winter long, an annual tune-up is actually a pretty small step that can lead to big gains in longevity and performance.


When you provide your furnace with periodic care, you can expect it to last longer and run into fewer problems along the way. It’s better to have a scheduled service visit to tend to the furnace than to need to scramble in the middle of a cold snap when the unit stops running. And, given the cost associated with replacing your furnace entirely, getting the longest possible life out of the one you already own is critical.


Tune-Ups Are Affordable

It’s not free to have your furnace maintained by a professional team like the one at Berico, but the cost is modest compared to what you get in return. Not only will investing in an annual tune-up ensure that your furnace is ready to keep working for as long as possible, but it will also run more efficiently. And, when efficiency goes up, energy consumption goes down – meaning your utility bill shrinks. As you add up the savings from reduced energy consumption over time, you might find that these annual tune-ups are pretty much paying for themselves.


Warranty Issues

There are more than enough reasons to justify keeping furnace tune-ups on your to-do list as a homeowner. If you need one more, however, you might be able to look at your warranty. The coverage that comes with your furnace may depend on providing that furnace with annual maintenance, so check your documentation and you may find yet another reason to make an appointment for this kind of service right away.


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