Will Upgrading My Furnace Save Money?

When you think about upgrading the HVAC equipment in your home, you don’t think about saving money – you think about spending it. This is a project that comes with a cost, of course, and that cost might be the primary thing holding you back from having the job done. But what if it was possible that a furnace upgrade might actually be a money saver in the end? This article will address just that possibility.


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How It Could Work

At first, the prospect of saving money by spending a significant amount of money seems a bit off. How could spending thousands on a new furnace wind up being a financial win for you in the long run? The key word in this entire discussion is efficiency. A new furnace is almost certainly going to be considerably more efficient than an old one, and when the efficiency of your furnace goes up, the cost of running it goes down.


With a new furnace installed and running in your home, you’ll find that you are spending less money each month on energy to power the furnace. Of course, you aren’t going to make up the cost of the new furnace in just a single month – not even close – but every month that goes by with a lower bill will be another little bit that you have essentially made up against the original cost of the equipment.


Exactly how much money you save month after month is going to depend on a range of different factors including the size of your home, the cost of energy, and what temperature you set your thermostat for during the winter.


The Potential for More Savings

It’s not only the efficiency boost that is going to allow you to save money in this situation, but you can also save by avoiding needing to pay for furnace repairs that might have come up with your old unit. If you don’t upgrade and you keep using the old furnace in your home, there are likely to be repair projects that come up from time to time, and the cost of those services can also be considered in the math that you are doing here. Pretty soon, when you combine the energy savings and the avoidance of extra repair costs, it might start to be pretty clear that purchasing an upgraded furnace is a smart choice.


In some cases, Burlington heating repair will be the right option for your HVAC system, while simply upgrading to a new unit will be the right choice in other cases. Only by working with the pros at Berico will you be able to confidently determine how you should proceed – so call now to get started!