Becoming an HVAC Technician: What You Need to Know

HVAC technician photoAny job in the heating and cooling industry is a lucrative career. Becoming an HVAC technician is an ideal career choice for someone with a high school diploma and mechanical aptitude. Salaries are competitive for technicians in North Carolina, and the job market looks positive for the near future. If you are interested in a career with a reputable HVAC company in NC, here’s what you need to know.

Minimum Requirement is a High School Diploma or GED

It is necessary to have completed high school and received a diploma or a GED as a base requirement to consider training to be an HVAC technician. Math, chemistry, physics, shop, and computer classes all contribute to a solid background for learning how to repair and install heating and air conditioning systems.

Start Out as an HVAC Technician’s Assistant to Gain Experience

Before enrolling in a technical school or community college, it is wise to get some on the job experience first. Get a job as an assistant to an HVAC technician in order to see firsthand what the job of a technician truly entails. If you are still interested in training to be a technician after a few months on the job, it’s safe to say you should continue on with your education in the field.

Complete an Associate’s Degree or Certification

Once you’ve worked in the field a while and you are still interested in becoming a technician, enroll in a program at your local community college or technical school. Employers may offer financial assistance or tuition reimbursement for your schooling as long as you continue to work for the same HVAC company after completing your certification. You may even be able to find a paid apprenticeship program that will allow you to work and gain your certification or degree at the same time.

Get Your HVAC Technician License and Keep it Renewed

In order to work as an HVAC technician in North Carolina you are required to be licensed. You will have to pass a test to gain licensure, and it is your responsibility to renew your license periodically as necessary. You may have opportunities to complete training courses through the HVAC company you work for, as they are required to employ licensed technicians.

North Carolina is one of the Best States for HVAC Technicians

There’s always a need for HVAC technicians in North Carolina. With hot summers and chilly winters, it seems there’s always repairs, maintenance, and installation to do. Average salaries are competitive with the cost of living and rival the salaries of people with four year college degrees working in other fields.

If you are interested in becoming an HVAC technician and you wish to work for Alamance Oil or Berico, submit your resume online on the careers page. Whatever step in the process you are currently working toward, you may find just the right opportunity here.