Burlington Air Conditioners Contribute to Better Concentration at School

Burlington Air ConditionersWant to concentrate better and alleviate watery, itchy eyes? By using your well-maintained Burlington air conditioner, you can reduce allergens and humidity levels, improving the indoor air quality. Studies have shown that students who are in schools with improved ventilation and air conditioners tend to have better test scores and higher concentration levels. If it makes a difference to the kids in school then certainly it’s important to children and adults at home and in the workplace.

Improve Performance Levels of Students with Air Conditioning

With high efficiency air conditioners, school children are healthier and able to concentrate better. The United States Environmental Protection Agency evaluated Indoor Air Quality & Student Performance among schools in the U.S., and found that schools with air conditioning showed fewer absentee rates as well:

“Early studies in schools have found that air conditioning is associated with lower absentee rates or improved performance, and that schools with humidification systems are also associated with lower absentee rates.”

Alamance Oil specializes in Burlington air conditioner maintenance, installation, and repairs for commercial and residential customers. The ventilation layout and efficiency is important not only for schools, where classrooms need adequate ventilation to maintain indoor air quality but also for businesses and homes.

HVAC Maintenance Can Positively Impact the Health of Students in Schools

Just as old carpeting needs to be replaced to help with reducing dust allergens, HVAC systems require annual maintenance to keep the air healthier and cleaner. At Alamance Oil, we provide AC system maintenance and expert repairs to keep the indoor air quality at a healthy level. In schools, this is a necessary part of general operation, to help children breathe clean air and stay healthy at school:

“A review of building investigation reports also suggests significant benefits to health and performance from good HVAC maintenance. Presumably, these benefits result because properly maintained HVAC systems can provide consistently good thermal and ventilation control while also reducing the risk of biological contamination. Overall, the evidence suggests that good housekeeping designed to control surface dust plus care and maintenance of the HVAC system, including provisions for good filtration performance, are important aspects of school operating protocols designed to improve student health and performance.”

Indoor Air Quality Can Affect Mental Function

Increase productivity, health and concentration with a high performance Burlington air conditioner at school, work and home. Studies have shown that efficient air conditioners will circulate cleaner air, reduce dust and improve ventilation at schools, allowing school children to learn in a healthy indoor environment. Poor indoor air quality has the opposite effect on student’s performance, as mentioned in the Indoor Air Quality & Student Performance report by the EPA:

“Evidence continues to emerge showing that poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can cause illness requiring absence from school, and can cause acute health symptoms that decrease performance while at school. In addition, recent data suggest that poor IAQ may directly reduce a person’s ability to perform specific mental tasks requiring concentration, calculation, or memory.”

Keep your indoor air quality healthy with regular maintenance and repairs. Contact Alamance Oil for all of your HVAC needs, including installations, Burlington air conditioner repairs, replacements systems and maintenance: 336-226-9371.

(Source: Indoor Air Quality & Student Performance, neisd.net, August 2003)