Burlington Propane

Burlington PropanePropane provides versatile, affordable, and comfortable heating for your home. Burlington, NC propane heating systems are available as central, forced air or radiant. Not to mention, propane units can assist in lowering home energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Propane Furnaces

A high-efficiency home propane furnace can supply first-rate space heating for both small and large homes. The furnace’s design allows the system to be installed almost anywhere in your home. Since all of the air used for combustion is taken from outside the home, you will find that propane furnaces are more efficient than traditional draft furnaces. A high-efficiency propane furnace is rated from 90 and 98 percent efficient.

Radiant Floor Heating

A propane boiler heats water that is circulated through a floor tubing system. This delivers an even heat distribution. Since it provides more heat closer to the floor, these units may be more energy efficient than a conventional furnace system that uses ducts.

Fireplaces and Gas Log Inserts

Propane fireplaces offer homeowners a lot of versatility. They can be installed inside or outdoors and they are easier to install and more energy efficient than most wood-burning fireplaces. Propane fireplaces are also more environmentally friendly than the ones that burn wood. An added bonus is the attractive real flame that not only brings warmth to your home but also a nice ambiance to your living space. This could also increase your home’s value. Propane fireplaces are controlled with a switch or remote control. Some models can even operate during electrical power outages which provides your home with heat when you need it the most.

Hybrid Heating

A hybrid home heating system is a combination of an air source heat pump (ASHP) or ground source heat pump (GSHP) using a propane furnace. Also known as a duel-fuel system, it improves performance by using a propane furnace which is usually a high-efficiency system. When it is very cold outside, rather than use the heat pump’s electric secondary heat, this system kicks on.

Hearth Stoves

A freestanding propane stove produces radiant heat and gives aesthetic value to a room. Venting options make installation easy and flexible.

Space Heaters

Propane space heaters can be mounted on the wall or freestanding. They can include thermostats and blowers, and most will work during a power outage. Propane space heaters also produce fewer greenhouse gases than space heaters that use other fuel oils.

Alamance Oil provides propane delivery to the Burlington, Mebane, and Graham areas. We can also install most propane powered heating systems and units as well as repair them. Give us a call today at 336-226-9371 to speak with a heating specialist.