How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning System for Your Home

Are you in need of air conditioning installation in Reidsville? Adding air conditioning to your home or building is a smart decision that will provide you with comfort throughout the year, especially during hot North Carolina summers. But to stay comfortable you need the right air conditioning system. There are a few factors to take into consideration when purchasing an air conditioner.

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Size: The size of your air conditioning system is crucial to comfort. Bigger is not always better. A system that is too big can be just as much of a problem as a system that is too small. An air conditioner that’s too small will fail to cool sufficiently on hot days. An oversized air conditioner will cycle on and off too much, leading to excess indoor humidity. The sizing depends on the number of square feet that need to be cooled. Your HVAC contractor can do the math for you and recommend an appropriately sized system.

Efficiency: The next most important factor to consider is the energy efficiency of the air conditioner you want to install. Air conditioners are assigned a SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating. Aim for something around 16 or higher for optimum efficiency and go no lower than 13. A system with a higher SEER may cost more up front, but you will save more in the long run on your energy bill. You may even be eligible for tax incentives when you purchase an efficient air conditioning system.

Features: Different models come with different features which help to achieve maximum comfort and improve efficiency. Multi-zone cooling, variable speed blower, large coils, and high temperature rating are just some of the features available that can save you money and keep your home or workplace more comfortable.

Warranty: Each make and model will come with its own warranty. Some are longer than others and cover more parts and other inclusions. It pays to take the time to consider the warranty that comes with each model you are considering since repairs and certainly replacement can be pricey outside of warranty coverage.

Air Conditioning Installation in Reidsville is Fast and Reliable

Carolina Fuels can recommend the best system for your home or place of business and install it quickly and correctly. Proper installation is essential for optimum comfort and efficiency and will extend the life of your air conditioning unit. Call today for a free estimate: (336) 623-9741.